Thursday, October 11, 2007

The strategy revealed

Check out MDL - Click on Strategists debate faith-based school funding with Bernard Lord, Joy MacPhail and Martha Hall Findlay.

Now that the dust has settled, anyone who was taken in by the FB-funding issue is going to feel somewhat manipulated when they watch this video.

Duff talks about fears of Muslims and immigration as an undercurrent in Ontario.

Joy MacPhail - All Canadians were poorly served by Ontarioans and their malaise.

What is Martha trying to say? That the discussion was positive? That they might consider it?
Joy calls her up on it.

Duff brings up the push for elimination of funding for Catholic Schools.

Bernard Lord calls it an 'inconsistency' in Ontario.

In the previous clip ("A discussion of the future of the Ontario PC Party"), Peter Shurman says he never liked the term 'Faith-Based funding'. He prefers 'Inclusive Public Education'.

More at Daimnation! - Warren the K reveals his secrets.

What a bunch of lemmings.

It was a hollow victory, Dalton. Very hollow.


Anonymous said...

Yep Welcome to the Lemming nation known as Ontario

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Joy MacPhail said on Mike Duffy that she is worried about Ontario. I think she has reason to be.

Hunter said...

Too bad MDL was a day too late. I feel sorry for the Catholics, they have a much better school system, they are in the black, but the public schools are in the red. Expect to see the public schools win this battle, they need the Catholic taxpayers money.

Lemon said...

Jo got a piece appearing on this in the morning. Am just editing the video.
Martha got blowed up real big by tiny Dipper Joy

Crabgräss said...

Anyone who actually changed their mind over Tory's position on this issue is not politically engaged. These are the people who read the headlines, develop an impression on that basis, and then head to the polls, half of them changing their minds on their way.

Ontario voters aren't nearly the lemmings that their Alberta counterparts are. Provincially, it's more a single party state (pardon that word) than Ontario, and federally, it's nothing short of comical. Twenty-eight seats, twenty-eight Conservatives. They're the kings of lemmingtude. Would you not have to make the same charge there?

Jim Pettit said...

People weren't taken in by FB-schools. They just said no to religion.

Anonymous said...

Yup! The Muslim fear was the "Elephant in the room" in this election, and it was a big fear.

Kingston said...

Lets try and be realistic folks, the majority of voters, actually the vast majority of voters have better things to do with their day then be political junkies (yes i know i just slammed us all)and live busy and hectic lives. They do make decisions based on 30 seconds sound bites and Font size 40 headlines in the major daily papers. If someone can find a way to get these people engaged in supervising and guiding any government vice just voting then we will go along way to fixing our sputtering electoral system. For example I have a lot of friends that know that I follow the game closely and I was fielding calls the night before the election asking me what the heck was up and if I could explain MMP to them.
Crabgrass, You can refer to the voters of AB as lemmings, I lived there for six years and I can tell you they still have not forgiven NEP and the Liberals for the economical devastation that it caused. Remember my friend it is a generational process and the young people thrown out of work in the early eighties due to NEP are now the main voting middle class taxpayers.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Jo got a piece appearing on this in the morning. Am just editing the video.

What do you mean?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

People weren't taken in by FB-schools. They just said no to religion.

Yes. Religion, and Islam in particular.

It would have been better framed as an issue of specialty schools, such as they have in Alberta.

Lemon said...

Jo - got the video of Martha up

Ruth said...

I was shocked to hear them say on The Agenda, on TVO last night that the Catholic schools were public and anyone could go. They should be when they take public funding, but they aren't. You have to be baptized Catholic to attend the elementary schools. The teachers have to be Catholic also.

Anonymous said...

Joy McPhail is one to advise anyone - when the NDP/McPhail were the leaders in BC - look what happened - a financial mess. Look what happened when the NDP ran Ontario - rest my case.

Also, she should mind her own business - we don't tell other provinces how to vote or what to do.

There was the same uproar in Ontario when Davis brought in the Roman Catholic separate school. He lost the next election. People were so angry - and Muslims weren't an issue then. Davis gave into the pressures of Cardinal Carter about getting the Catholic vote. I know people who never voted Conservative again after that.

Can Joy McPhail not talk without screaming? What a nutbar.

I don't want to pay for someone's elses religious beliefs - it's not my responsibility - that goes to the clergy and families.

Torian said...


totally agree.

I went to look at york region's catholic school board and it specifically stated that the child had to have a baptismal certificate in order to be registered. Barring that, an allowance may be made if both the parents had baptismal certificates, but not the child.

So tax dollars are indeed already going to fund religious NOT PUBLIC schools in Ontario- at least in York Region.

Ruth said...

My neice tried to register her daughter in the Catholic elementary in Goderich, Ontario and couldn't. I told her to argue that they were publically funded. They still had to have the baptism record from the Catholic church. This is not right. Either don't take the public funding, or allow anyone to go to that school.

Crabgräss said...

Kingston, yes, I know and have heard all about that - my wife is from Calgary, and her family (like a zillion others there) is oil, oil, oil.

Trudeau bad. Liberals bad. It's like a religion there.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Jo - got the video of Martha up

Thanks! Check this out folks. It just made my day.

Anonymous said...

In my region you don't have to be Catholic to attend Catholic school. They'll take any child.

Also,it's ok for teachers who send their kids to Catholic school to teach in the public system but the opposite isn't the case.

Why is that?

Catholic schools can also claim charity status which allows them to raise megamillions through lotteries.