Thursday, October 04, 2007

How well is our public Ontario Health Care system working for you?

Obviously not too well for these folks - Cancer patients taking Ontario Liberal government to Supreme Court to sue for Cancer Treatment.

Memories of autism.

So, not only are we getting lousy health care, but we'll have to fund law suits against ourselves for enabling the McGuinty government to give us another kick in the butt by voting them in again.

We here in Ontario are in serious denial!


Anonymous said...

Meh. Better healthcare means more money has to be spent. I suppose John Tory has a hidden source of money that all previous governments all over Canada have missed.

I vote conservative as a rule, but to pretend that one party vs another has a better answer on healthcare is a lie and an election ploy.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Throwing money at a problem is not always the best solution. Sometimes it requires thinking outside the box; such as allowing private facilities to deliver necessary health care that cannot be provided in a timely fashion by the public system, all the while using one's public health card - an idea introduced by John Tory but shot down by the fear-mongers.

Hence the court challenge.

Matt said...

Combined with the PC Party's plan to allow bring in Public Private PArtnerships (PPP) - to allow Ontarian's to receive free health care at private clinics - this doctor strategy is key to seriously addressing the wait times crisis in this province.

Richard said...

I still can't believe the crap service we get here in Ontario for $3500 per person.

I say privatize the whole mess, and let the taxes cover our private insurance premiums.

I don't know what the average premium is in the US, I do know that my sister's family of 4 in Oregon isn't paying anywhere near 15K.

Roy Eappen said...

Every other OECD country with socialized medicine has a parallel private system. Ontario should have that as well.

Anonymous said...

I have friends and neighbours close to retirement age moving out of our small town to be closer to the US border. Why? So when they need healthcare and can't get the service they need in Ontario they can make a trip to the States. It's a good plan because when you get sick you'll do anything to get better....even pay for whatever it takes to get well.

Joanne- the Liberals are all about throwing money at just about everything that usually winds us costing taxpayers more for less.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Joanne- the Liberals are all about throwing money at just about everything that usually winds us costing taxpayers more for less.

And yet it's looking like another Fiberal Majority Government.

Sandy said...

Having just experienced our hospital system, it's a mess. If I could move out west I would. But family are in Ontario. The nursing shortage is unbelievable -- which means the nurses that are in hospitals are overworked and not in a very good mood most of the time. You feel like you are "bothering" them when you need their assistant. And, that is sad.

Anonymous said...

I had an appointment to see a specialist last month. The doctor was seeing patients in our hospital's ER. He was alternating his patients with those arriving at ER. I was there almost 3 hours, the appointment took less than 20minutes. We have a doctor shortage with more than 4000 folks without a doctor.

This is WAY WORSE than four years ago.

The Liberals have NOT improved things one bit!!!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

So why is everyone voting Liberal?

Ruth said...

Why is everybody voting Liberal?

Because the Liberals are good at scaring everyone into thinking that the Conservatives want Private Health care and we will have to pay. The ads on t.v. are lying.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

The ads on t.v. are lying..

That's right. And yet they get away with it.

tori said...


the irony is that we are already paying! Thru the nose and getting no results!

what is the point of having "free" healthcare if we can't access it???

Joanne (True Blue) said...

what is the point of having "free" healthcare

And it's hardly 'free' anyway. We pay dearly for it.

Anonymous said...

Health industry unions and bureaucracy get all the new 'health' spending, it's not about care.

They're a wealthy group of educated powerful people and there's thousands of them, just like teacher's, buy them and you've bought yourself an election.