Friday, October 19, 2007

Use this as your personal rant - Updated again

(Breaking News update at end of post)

I'm going to be very busy the next few days, so posting will be light if any. I will update anything earth-shaking.

So feel free to use this post as a place to rant, or offer tips, or anything you like.

I only ask that there be no personal attacks and no vulgarity. Otherwise the Comment Moderation Police will be called in.

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Discussion suggestions
: In Friday's Post - One Sales Tax on Table. I don't like the idea of more taxes on haircuts, electricity, shoes, etc. And what's stopping Dalton from doing this?

Also in Post - Recognize fetus, victim's family pleads. Actually, that should read victims' family.

Majority support Fetal Protection - CFRA.

And - City can't afford Pilates lessons by Councillor Karen Stintz. Free Pilates and Yoga lessons? No wonder Toronto is in trouble! Councillor Stintz also points out what a choke-hold the unions have on the city finances.

Oh, and speaking of unions ... Heh.

Star - Poll finds (among other things) that "Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion is the least popular opposition leader in more than 20 years."

Record - Province rejects Six Nations' demands for fees:
It's a move that the confederacy's traditional government says "can only be seen as an attempt to incite violence and raise doubt and more confusion in the minds of their own people and ours here at Six Nations."
Spectator - Developer calls for more protection.

11:30 AM - Natives occupy Brantford building site.

Ruby Montour, spokesman for the group, made an announcement warning all home buyers and developers that their patents and titles would not be recognized and that homeowners should make sure they check their insurance policies.

It's your move, Dalton.

The Black Rod - Memo to Grand Chief: The 12 Steps. (H/T to reader Swift)

New poll!


Möbius said...

Acckkk! Phfftt!

Kingston said...

Did Mom go out and leave us unsupervised. You call the girls, I will find the key to the liquor cabinet. Partyyyyyyyyyyyyy..LMAO

Möbius said...


Anonymous said...

Populist juvenile reductionism sucks! Seriously.

Populist drivel(Jack Layton, Al Gore) hasn't been well recorded throughout history because ultimately it's meaningless, but it's recorded now. Future generations will see the dawn of the electronic age as the beginning of something. Something that will probably reflect poorly on the generations alive today. Meh.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Did Mom go out and leave us unsupervised.

I have the baby monitor on...

molarmauler said...


Swift said...

Well you may be to busy to keep up with the world there is one thing you shouldn't miss. Dr Roy has links to three Aislin cartoons in his recent post.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

lol! Thanks, Swift! That was great. I love the cat & canary one.

mike said...

Red Tory and his cabal over the line?

Commenter "chester" posted a rather innocuous comment on Red Tory alluding to Liberal misfortunes,

and was called a child molester (and told to die of cancer) by the commenters. Far from suggesting it was over the line, Red Tory himself joined in with the "Chester the molester" comments.

Today's tolerant, progressive left here:

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Mike, I try to ignore them.

Sandy said...

"It's your move Dalton." Not likely. The man has no ___. You can add whatever adjective you want.

I sure feel sorry for anyone who "used" to own property in the Caledonia/Brantford area. The PM has to get property rights in the Constitution.

MadMacs of Bytown said...

Friday's leftovers-

Hospital had to send man to Montreal for surgery

ER waits stretch past 15 hours

Committee OKs $3.1M to hire 38 paramedics
("The councillors are irate that the problem -- which is costing taxpayers $4 million a year in lost man-hours and is lengthening emergency response times -- has existed for years, is getting worse, and that there's no provincial government plan in place to deal with it.").

Meanwhile, priority is given to-
-Girl, 16, hurt 'surfing' on car roof
-Pranks put lives at risk: official
Five more schools forced into lockdown after gun-call hoaxes
"At least eight paramedic vehicles -- five of them equipped to transport patients -- and 13 staff members spent almost an hour responding to yesterday's calls"

liberal suppotrer said...

Today's tolerant, progressive left

Yes, biff is back in all his glory, complete with faux indignation and manufactured outrage. After an ongoing campaign to derail threads at RT's over the past year, he is now recognized quickly and dispatched.

You have to read between the lines though. In the thread in question, a blatant untrue statement on the BT site was exposed. It has now been removed from the BT site.

biff of course did not once address the topic, but was vigorously trying to change the channel.
He did attract a lot of attention, but failed to derail the discussion. It must have been a high priority of someone to get this spin out. But it failed.

At the end of the thread, he changed his screen name from "chester", a pedophile who was captured in Las Vegas 6 days ago, to "mike".

"mike" even says he would disagree but doesn't want to be labeled a pedophile. The sock puppet "admin" then calls him "mike the molester". Apparently it's ok for biff to do this, but not for "today's left".

So is mike your real name, or is it chester? I think it is neither, and will continue to refer to you as biff.

And congratulations, biff, this is probably the first comment you have ever made that joanne did not summarily delete. So you are actually capable of not swearing. You simply willfully choose to.

Apologies joanne, but I will not allow a troll to try and continue his petty flame war by spewing his hypocritical and dishonest tattle tales all over the place.

I certainly hope he is simply a freelancer and not one of the BTs undercover. Since your site has BT instrumentation, it would make them look very bad if the tracking proves it is in fact one of yours and they did nothing about it. Contrast that with Mr. Taylor's immediate response when the BT site banner was seen as inaccurate.

Be wary, this biff person is not helping you.

Möbius said...

"certainly hope he is simply a freelancer and not one of the BTs undercover. Since your site has BT instrumentation, it would make them look very bad if the tracking proves it is in fact one of yours and they did nothing about it. Contrast that with Mr. Taylor's immediate response when the BT site banner was seen as inaccurate."

What the hell are you going on about?

Lord Omar said...

LS is old
And his brain is addled... pay him no mind!
Throw him to the lions! hahahahahaha

Möbius said...

I'm not sure any more about the spelling of hahahhahaha! anymore.

Möbius said...

And, by the way, kids, don't do drugs!

It makes you a poor grammar-checker.

Sheena said...

"Fetal Protection"?

Does that mean free condoms to the unborn?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

The PM has to get property rights in the Constitution.

Absolutely. I think most Canadians would be shocked to find out that there are no property rights in enshrined in the Charter.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks, Macmacs. Just one of your regular old Fridays, I guess.

Comment moderation is on for a while. Having some computer issues. I hope to have this settled soon.

Swift said...

When real life stops interfering with blogging you should take a look at if you don't already know about it.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Swift, thanks for the no-nonsense tip.

Tough love. Right on.

liberal supporter said...

What the hell are you going on about?

And, by the way, kids, don't do drugs!

It makes you a poor grammar-checker.

Is that why your reading comprehension is off?

The Omar variation puts it in all caps, but the conventional spelling is:


Joanne (True Blue) said...

L.S. - You should get a copyright on that.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Swift, I hope you're reading this right now. Jeff Allan is interviewing Aaron Detlor of the HDI. You can listen live.

liberal supporter said...

Hahahaha! ©

Joanne (True Blue) said...

L.S. - Perfect. ;)

Swift said...

I wasn't looking at your blog at the right time yesterday. What was the interview about?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Swift, it was a very interesting interview with the lawyer for the HDI, Aaron Detlor. Jeff had invited him right into the studio and they were taking questions from the listeners.

Detlor is quite incensed that Provincial Government has rejected their demand for fees in any future developments. (Link is on main post).

He is trying to keep things calm and business-like, but implied that tensions could increase if the Province doesn't agree with their permit plan.

Interesting to see their side of things. Everyone agreed that Dalton McGuinty is MIA on this one.

Do we actually have a Premier?

Swift said...

He's an actor as well as a lawyer then. If he did his homework he knows that much of the Haldimand tract was legitimately sold long ago.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Swift, I'm not sure exactly what Aaron Detlor believes in his heart of hearts. I find it difficult to understand how he could be so educated and still refuse to accept view of our provincial government, Canadian law and Canadian history.

On the other hand, the natives see themselves as a separate nation. Their history books tell a different story, and their laws are different from ours.

I don't see any hope for a middle ground with such divergent world-views.