Thursday, September 27, 2007

"That's not true"

If a Premier who is rumoured to have not kept his word tells a voter that what he (the voter) says isn't true, does that mean that he's calling that citizen is a liar?- Globe:

Ontario Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty shifted his campaign strategy yesterday by ramping up his attack on his archrival, warning voters of a return to Mike-Harris-style health cuts if the Progressive Conservatives win the election.

But as Mr. McGuinty touted improvements his party made to health care during a campaign stop at an Ottawa hospital, he was rebuffed by a terminally ill cancer patient who accused the Liberals for not financing certain cancer drugs.

Mike Brady, 63, refused to shake Mr. McGuinty's extended hand, telling him he has cancer and "you're not helping any."

"That's not true," Mr. McGuinty replied, before continuing his tour of the hospital.

So was the cancer patient lying, Dalton? Or were you?

More at the Star.

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Update: Blogging Tories are raging over this one!

Jack's Newswatch (from last night): McShifty screwed up today!

Choice for Childcare
: Ontario politicians are letting people die while fighting over religious schools.

And Matt is fuming about the sad state of Ontario health care in general, and especially regarding Samantha.

This is a great article - Star: McGuinty has a rough day. It touches on the hospital incident and then lists all the other problems Dalton had yesterday:

Meanwhile, senior cabinet minister Monte Kwinter, who is Jewish, told the North York Mirror he would not be a "hypocrite" and publicly oppose Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory's proposal to fund faith-based schools.

Kwinter, whose six grandchildren are in faith-based schools, was the only member of the Liberal caucus to vote with the former Conservative government for a tax credit for faith-based schools. "Constituents in my riding supported it, and I'm their representative so I supported it," he told the Mirror.

"Certainly I would be a hypocrite to say that suddenly I don't think it's something that should be done," Kwinter said.

When asked about the division in his party on the issue, McGuinty said: "Monte has been very consistent throughout ... and I appreciate that and I respect that."


Raphael Alexander said...

I think he meant it in a Luke Skywalker kind of way when he realized Darth was his dad: That's not true! It can't be true! Noooooooooooooo...

Barbara said...

what a heartless bugger McGuinty is! Just imagine the howls of outrage if Tory had acted this way. Imagine if ANY politician treated Kinsella's family that way. This doesn't just show what kind of politician McGuinty is, but the kind of man he is. He does not deserve anybody's trust or vote.

Matt said...

how health care is not the number one issue of this campaign is really astounding.

Remember The Simpson's episode when Lisa Simpson lost faith in democracy? Well I still have faith in democracy, but not necessarily in the voters.

Anonymous said...

As much as I don't like the faith based funding, I'm thinking that 4 more years of McGuinty is worse than starting to talk about letting private schools under the public umbrella.

I'll be voting Tory. Actually, I have a friend who was going to vote Liberal until he saw their new ad comparing Tory to Harris. He remembered that Harris, while he made unpopular changes, did what he said he would do. Friend actually liked that the Liberals reminded him of that so he's voting Tory also.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Barbara, speaking of Kinsella, I wonder who put this bee in Dalton's bonnet (from the Globe link):

Later in the evening at a Liberal barbecue rally in Ottawa, Mr. McGuinty mentioned Mr. Brady by name, even though he had never asked his name at the hospital.

What a sham of a politician. That's calling 'covering your butt'.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Friend actually liked that the Liberals reminded him of that so he's voting Tory also.

Beautiful!! Poetic justice. I said all along we should be so lucky to have another 'Harris' running.

But hey. That's great. Anything but Liberal.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Matt, yeah. It makes me wonder if we're not all just a bit more racist and biased than we let onto be. Quebec is going through this too with their 'reasonable accommodation' debate.

Perhaps we should be doing that here because I think a lot of unhealthy resentment and prejudice is starting to surface.

Anonymous said...

You people are kidding yourselves - Harris type policies ARE influencing Tory - for example, the faith base plan was developed by Klees - a Harris government guy. Ekert, his strategist, was Harris' finance minister for a while and a Harris worshiper... and it goes on.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 6:30 - SO WHAT!! Welcome to the new millennium and the world of inclusion.

Don't look now but John Tory's coming out ok in all of this. That's why you're spinning so fast.