Friday, September 14, 2007

Caledonia #2 - Update

900 CHML is reporting that the Caledonia construction site where a homebuilder was seriously injured is now being treated as a crime scene by police.

CHML also reports that the native protesters are claiming that they didn't start the fight, which ended with 52-year-old Sam Gualtieri being rushed by ambulance to a hospital that ironically couldn't even handle him because there was no room. Lots of background in previous posts.

According to the Spectator, Gualtieri's condition is still very serious:

Gualtieri's family reported this morning that a CAT scan showed no brain damage. But the 52-year-old man has a badly broken nose and bruised skull and is still unable to communicate.

Doctors are still trying to determine what other injuries he may have suffered.

More details will be posted as they become available.

Star - Homeowner injured in confrontation with Indians. The updated story reports that Gualtieri's brother wants perpetrators charged with attempted murder:

“When the one nephew found him unconscious, the individual had just finished striking him again . . . beating him over the head, when he was already unconscious,” Joe Gualtieri said.

“When he’s unconscious, do you still have to prove a point? To prove a point that you have a problem with the government?”

Spectator - Six Nations Confederacy Chiefs Condemn Violence. (with photo of injured man)

Globe - Tory Blasts McGuinty on Caledonia.

A Step to the Right - Details, Pictures on Caledonia Beating.

CTV - Homebuilder hurt in clash on Caledonia site. Hurt? That could very well be the understatement of the year.


Anonymous said...

If arrests aren't forthcoming QUICKLY, you can bet McGuinty's going to have to wear this one...

Tony said...

I just tuned into Adler on line.

Charles Adler is doing a segment on the Caledonia issue on his show today. I just caught the tail end of the first interview where the Ben Chin incident involving an interview with Mr. Mike Quattrociocchi and CHCH was being discussed.

If you miss it, you can catch it here: on audiovault at 1:00pm

Anonymous said...

Let me see ... anyone who owns a house in the disputed area bordering the Grand River (6Km on either side from Lake Erie to Fergus) can expect indian thugs to come in with baseball bats , beat you senseless because it is their right ... and leave with impunity ... oh ... that you so much Dalton !

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks, Tony. There was some discussion on a previous thread about Adler. I'll have to check that out.

OMMAG said...

Figures ... someone's got to get murdered by these lowlife before the OPP steps up to the plate!!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

before the OPP steps up to the plate!!

Personally, I think they are acting on orders from much higher.

Anonymous said...

Thats what he gets. Settlers like to talk tough but when they actually get face to face, they take a beating and whine about it. He needs to man up and take his beating. The rest of y'all northern settlers need to shut the fukk up and quit whining as well.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Anon, I'll let that stand although I usually don't allow vulgarity. Could you please elaborate? Thanks.

liberal supporter said...

Settlers like to talk tough but when they actually get face to face, they take a beating and whine about it. He needs to man up and take his beating.

You need to "man up" and use a handle.

You need to understand that the "settler" could be the toughest guy in the world, but if your punks sneak up on him and then hit him from behind with a board, you can easily knock him down.

And beating a guy after he's unconscious? Yeah, real tough. Real manly.

Your punks like to talk tough too, but look at them running away now. Bunch of chickens. Certainly not men.

You know, I have a lot of sympathy for native issues. I say if it is proven that the entire Haldimand tract was not properly sold, we'll have to give it back. Or pay reasonable compensation.

But talk brave, fool. Your punks and thugs don't really want that, do you? You're not in this for native rights at all. You're just in this to terrorize the community, both settler and native, and run the native community like your own little fiefdom. You're not chiefs, not elected, not hereditary. You're usurpers. Frauds. Punks. Gangsters.

Yes, your punks are just gangsters. Like the Crips in Toronto. Except your punks are retarded. Do you ever hear about the Crips killing any outsiders? They don't, at least not deliberately.

But your retarded thugs attacked an Italian. You ever hear of the Mafia? The guy you nearly killed has absolutely nothing to do with organized crime, but the mobsters do watch the members of their community, just as you watch yours. They don't want you attacking Italians, because one day it might be one of the Mafia out with his family that you attack. Better to get it out of the way now.

They will be coming for you. You think the OPP was bad under Mike Harris? One guy killed, and it was a terrible mistake. This is different. You just declared war. It won't be the OPP, who not only uphold but also follow the law, coming for your punks. And it won't be simple beatings that you can "man up" and take.

Talk tough all you want, punk, while you still can. A better plan would be to run. Fast.

Anonymous said...

Hell has frozen over; everything that LS has stated here I agree with. Very well spoken.

LS, this one is for you -


Joanne (True Blue) said...


cathy said...

Canada is now a diverse society comprisiing of people from diffenrent walks of life who has come to Canada and worked and contributed to society, like the Gulitieri family. The immigrants, whose home is now Canada, has embraced it and are now an equal member of our society. They work and pay taxes and contribute to Canada.

It is time for the native people to move on!!! How much more money or tax breaks are necessary to even the slate. It's hard working families like the Gualieri's that help support all the grants and tax exepmtion's that are given to Natives like sales tax, University costs, incentives for native youths to attend high school at least 50% of the time and numerous others. We, the citizens of Canada, are very proud to just that. Most Canadians feel that we can't undue what ever has been done hundreds of years ago. Every race on the planet can come up with injustices that has been done in the past. Enough is Enough!!! We need to MOVE ON!!
The law of the land is the law of the land and we all have to abide by it. Can you imagine the caous if we did not have traffic lights telling us when to stop and when to go!!! Our communities will turn into a "bad traffic jam" if we don't repair those stop signs immediatley!!!
The law of the land has to be inforced.
Tresspassing is illegal. Aggravated assault is illegal. Disobeying a judge's order is illegal.
Tampering with property is illegal.
Extortion is illegal.
Resisting arrest is illegal.

The list goes on!! Until things are settleled, the law of the land HAS to be enforced or it will lead to citizens taking matters in their own hands and that is not a good direction to go.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

or it will lead to citizens taking matters in their own hands and that is not a good direction to go.

That's right, Cathy. Both sides are frustrated, and we see little leadership at either the Federal or Provincial level as far as Caledonia goes.

Anonymous said...

Thugs don't have to obey the law in Ontario now.


While the thugs must belong to an officially recognized 'minority' in order to beat people senseless at their leisure, that restriction will be lifted in due course too.

Perhaps we'll see biker gangs going around collecting 'tax' from homeowners who want to avoid 'accidents' on their property...

cathy said...

Canada has paid for land over and over and over again by way of grants and tax expemtions. You can't hand over land that has already owned by a 3rd party.

But a thought, if land is granted as part of land claims made against the government of Canada, would we the citizens of Canada no longer have to support the natives by way of tax exemptions and grants??? Will the be responsible for their own welfare. Will they have to pay for University costs? Will they have to support their own infrastucture within their reserve?? If they want nothing to do with Canada, they should also stop taking the money we hand out to them. These are all questions that is worth some thought. They might not be in such a hurry to reclaim the land. Everything comes at a cost.

bluetech said...

Thanks, LS.
You vented for a lot of us.

Möbius said...

Well said, LS.