Saturday, September 15, 2007

Record: Rule of law breaking down

Today's editorial in the Record (Six Nations Can't Dictate Laws) is worth the price of the whole year's subscription. I humbly apologize to the Record for ever suggesting that they might be a Liberal pawn:

The rule of Canadian law is breaking down in the Grand River valley. And Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is letting it break piece by piece in a vast region of the province more than 800,000 people call home.

The Record goes on to list the incidents of increasing tensions between natives and homebuilders; including the brutal beating of Sam Gualtieri.

Earlier this week, Waterloo regional Chairman Ken Seiling said there was no basis in provincial law for the Six Nations to be approving development. In addition, he indicated the region would not seek Six Nations permits for any of its own projects. The violence in Caledonia two days ago underscored the grave limitations and potential hazards of this view.

Sounds like a recipe for an explosion, as the Record's editorial cartoon implies.

The editorial calls the Six Nations' demand for a development fee "blackmail and a precursor to anarchy".

The provincial government of Dalton McGuinty has made it clear that while it theoretically supports Ontario's property laws and system of land deeds, it will not get directly involved in these disputes. In the eyes of the premier and the government, a developer confronted by a Six Nations occupation should call police. But the recent history of the Six Nations occupation of the Douglas Creek subdivision in Caledonia shows how feeble a public protector the Ontario Provincial Police can be in a native dispute.

When confronted on the campaign trail, McGuinty's response is to say 'tsk-tsk' and blame the feds.

The Record counters:

The bottom line lesson couldn't be more obvious: In a dispute between natives and a non-native landowner, the police might maintain civil order and public peace. (Then again, as many Caledonia residents will attest, the police might not.) However, the police cannot be relied upon to defend the rights of landowners enshrined in Ontario law.

Premier McGuinty is correct that the federal government should be more active and assertive in resolving claims being advanced by the Six Nations. But as a politician again seeking the support and confidence of Ontario voters, McGuinty has a duty to perform, election or no election. Ontario law as it stands must be clearly understood and consistently enforced. After all, every Ontarian deserves the protection of that law.

A few days ago I predicted that this would be the tipping point of the election.

We'll see if I'm right.

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Related: Did you know that property rights are not enshrined in our gift from Trudeau? He messed with everything else except this. (Spectator - Debate needed on property rights):

Under Canadian law, the government can legally take your property without paying you a dime.

Star - Premier shares blame; beaten man's kin says:

Joe Gualtieri held up photos of his brother's bloodied face and said, "I would like the premier to look at these pictures and tell me that he's protecting my family."

Expositor - Homebuilder says activist unwelcome at construction site:

"For the first time in a long time in my life I'm scared. I don't want people to get hurt and I'm afraid they will."

Mike Quattrociocchi, Brantford homebuilder

I agree. The last thing anyone needs is for more gasoline to be thrown on this fire.


Anonymous said...

McGuinty has spent the last 4 years trying to "hang" Mike Harris over the Ipperwash issue , and in part because of this perceived favourable bias to the "indians" , it as embolden the hot heads.

One would need to be a complete idiot not to recognize the OPP have been "neutered" by McGuinty . The OPP are supposed to enforce the laws of Ontario , yet whenever "indians" are involved they stand back and do nothing.

I will not be surprised if no charges are laid in the latest Caledonia incident , however , if 6 "whites" had beaten one "indian" I expect charges would have been laid within the hour.

Of course the MSM , including the Record are silent about this issue.

By the way ... the Record is Liberal mouthpiece ... the only reason they are complaining is because their ox (KW- Region) has is about to be gored by the "indians"!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

By the way ... the Record is Liberal mouthpiece

I found today's edition to be one of the most non-partisan in a long time. Coincidentally, rumour has it that a senior editor has taken the weekend off...

Anonymous said...

Even a blind dog pisses on the odd fire hydrant.

So the Record got it right for once, big deal. It is still a Liberal rag. If the Natives don't mention Kitchener-Waterloo Mc Guinty gets a pass.

Let's see what kind of follow-up we get from the Record. My bet is tepid at best.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

O.K. Anon. Let's observe their credibility on this. I'm certainly not going to sit here and defend their past - ahem - record.