Friday, September 07, 2007

Ontario Liberals - The Party of Intolerance

I wonder what Warren Kinsella is thinking this morning about the editorial from the national paper that frequently hosts his column?

Warren, how low can you go? Keep going buddy. Ontario will catch on.

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Lots more discussion on this topic, such as that from National Post Chairman David Asper, Sandy at Shotgun linking to a piece by Allan Cutler at Step to the Right, and Sandy again here. (That Sandy is one busy lady!)

This is worth a look too. The truth about evolution in Ontario curriculum.

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: I think I've found the solution to this faith-based funding problem - In order to help fund their private schools, all any minority religious group really need do is to ask for a little donation to set up cricket in the curriculum...

Now let's move on to bigger problems.

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Great post here by James Bow - Not exactly on our side, but something to think about.


Anonymous said...

It worked against Stockwell Day...why wouldn't he try it again?Ontario is the perfect province for this kind of 'open-minded' intolerance.(Too open minded and your brains fall out!)

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks for your input, Vicki. I wonder how large the brain of a lemming is. Hopefully, most of the Ontario voters have human brains.

Nicol DuMoulin said...

I find it really sad that the Liberals will fight yet another election based on 'evil evangelicals'.

How sad. How pathetic.

All jokes and political points aside...

I don't know how these people sleep with themselves at night.

I really don't.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Nicol, you'll get no argument from me on that point.

BTW, for anyone who noticed that there was originally a spelling error in the title of this post, I can only blame my lack of a morning coffee due to fasting requirements for some lab work.

Barbara said...

I am totally disgusted by all things liberal and progressive. They constantly use the word tolerance when it means someone else has to be tolerant towards their believes and livestyle. It seems to work one way only. Look at the current outrage from the left regarding Mulroney. They are so outraged that someone would pick on a dead person - how mean! Refer to someone as a dog - how rude! You don't want homosexuality taught to your child in kindergarten - how intolerant! You don't think natives should be breaking the law - how racist! But they can ridicule somebody's core beliefs and that's just fine. It makes me SICK!
Thanks for the opportunity to rant Joanne

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks for the opportunity to rant Joanne

That's why I'm here.

Amanda said...

I'm actually finding it to be a low down dirty shame that Warren is so so so deep into Dalton's pockets.

I like and almost look forward to reading Warren's musings when it's not election time for someone he's supporting. He's thoughtful, critical, and insightful.
When he's writing during or in the run-up to an election and he's got a dog in the hunt like Dalton or Chretien, he turns into an unreadable, blinded and unwaveringly biased and one-sided pundit and seems to lose all critical thinking abilities.
He just puts down his opponent with insults and mockery and keeps kicking and kicking and kicking until it gets to a point where it's boring.
I'll have no need to read Warren's blog until after the election because I already know what he'll say.

SouthernOntarioan said...

I've been wondering about that too. It was Martin's rants (and ads!) about those evil Christian viewpoints that for me was and still is the most important issue in choosing who to support.

Anna Keightley said...

Your idea about "let's move on." Excellent one.

Can John Tory get back to the original campaign issue -- leadership accountability? Ontarions need access to the financial ledgers, provided for by new legislation.

There's no other way to follow the tax dollars as they get assigned to vested interest groups. My concern along with other citizens' is Tory's mention of a possible commission to be done by former premier Bill Davis on FB-schooling slated for sometime in the far future.

And the cost of this commission? Taxpayers need to know, frankly.

Real issues: toxicity levels in our Ontario environment and food-chain, manufacturing job losses in Ontario and overall slagging econoy, and thirdly, realizable tax cuts for Ontario citizens after decades of rising rates.

We've all got to think hard about moving on to these little items.

Anonymous said...

At least Tory bought the controversy early, like Harper with SSM. But he does have to get on with campaigning and not get sucked into kinsella/mcguinty's games.

I like what i saw today, that JT's latest line of attack is how continuing down the Liberal road will lead us into have-not status, because Ontario takes it's big-brother role in confederation pretty seriously.

Sandy said...

Joanne -- My husband laughed when I read that "Sandy is one busy lady." Lucky for me I only had to write the one post myself. Allan Cutler did the other one. LOL

But,you know, if there is a federal election following this Ontario one, I don't know how much "back" time I'll have (as in sitting up straight at the computer for hours at a time).

But, luckily the PM put that option off for the time being. He obviously doesn't want us supporters to burn out just yet.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I don't know how much "back" time I'll have (as in sitting up straight at the computer for hours at a time).

Boy, I think I need lessons in sitting up straight, Sandy. My posture at the computer is terrible.

Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation to you Joanne and others, neither Warren Kinsella or the faith-based school issue is even close to being on the radar in my region.

I have heard that even Kinsella himself is a tab hypocritical when he craps all over John Tory for his creationism trip-up. When Warren had a choice for his child's education he picked a faith-based choice. That means that his kid learns all about Adam and Eve.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks, Anon.

I have heard that even Kinsella himself is a tab hypocritical when he craps all over John Tory for his creationism trip-up. When Warren had a choice for his child's education he picked a faith-based choice. That means that his kid learns all about Adam and Eve.

Yes, I understand that his child goes to a Catholic school. I also know that he is concerned about justice for Jewish people.

Must be a real predicament for him.

Rosie said...

Liberals are so open-minded their brains fall out? Give me a break. That is so cliche and lame. This is a non-partisan issue, as you can see there are many Tory supporters denouncing this as well. Fortunately (for the Liberals) it does provide some ammunition, and Tory's PR guys should have known this was shaky ground to begin with. Its the fear that creationism will replace evolution in science class, when evolution "theory" have been tried and tested in the laboratory setting, using scientific methods. I don't remember being indoctrinated in high school that the Adam and Eve story is wrong. Only that the evidence for evolution is overwhelming and at the time (I was a Christian back then) I didn't have any cognitive dissonance juxtaposing the creationist story with the scientific evidence. Plenty of academics are devout but accept the science behind evolution. I don't understand why this is such a black and white and divisive issue.

Secondly, the idea of separate schools for every religion is a socialist nightmare. I am quite surprised that more of you aren't against this idea. Its not very "conservative" to be building hundreds of new schools when the ones we have are already underfunded. Really, what was he thinking?

Finally, even if I WERE religious, I would want my child exposed to diversity. Letting my child out into the harsh world after being sheltered in a religious setting surrounded by people who think exactly the same for 12 years might not, in my opinion, prepare them for real world. You will get young adults from every religion that are completely intolerant to alternate points of view and I don't think its good for society as a whole.

I want to make it clear that Christianity, taught in the setting of a "World religions" class, would not bother me a bit. I would want my child to learn about all the religions so that they could make up their minds themselves. I learned a lot about religion in my art history classes as well.

oh-and its not just the "evil evangelicals" that scare us progressives, its all types of extremists, including muslims and otherwise that would like society to function according to their own narrow and unbendable view.

There are my disgusting progressive liberal views for ya!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

There are my disgusting progressive liberal views for ya!

And you're always welcome to vent them here, Rosie. ;)

Möbius said...

Anon says: "At least Tory bought the controversy early, like Harper with SSM."

Except Harper had to deal with SSM to get elected. Tory invented a solution to a problem we didn't know we had.