Saturday, September 22, 2007

'Don't call again, we can't help you.'

Is this Canada or Mexico?

The National Post has an even more chilling description of the unbelievable nightmare that Caledonia residents David Brown and Dana Chatwell have had to endure.

The couple has now launched a $10-million lawsuit against the provincial government and the Ontario Provincial Police.


Swift said...

The National Post story comes as no surprise to anybody who was at the March for Freedom. Mary-Lou LaPratte from Ipperwash described an even worse situation that has been ongoing for YEARS. The blogs CaladoniaWakeupCall, VoiceofCanada, and IpperwashWakeupCall have tons of information on what has been going on in Caladonia and Ipperwash. If you live in Ontario, you could be next to enjoy the benefits of two tier policing.

Lycan Stark said...

You're absolutley right Joanne. What kind of a joke country do we live in where this is even allowed to occur and there is no general outrage among the public?

Absolutley disgraceful. The OPP and the Government work for us, the people, and they are not doing their jobs. They are breaching their trust. Worse, if the part about the camera is true, the OPP is even breaking the law by retaliating against this law abiding couple who are challenging the OPP's neglect and incompetence. Somwhere there must be a record or warrant of some kind allowing the OPP to conduct this kind of surveillance. If not, they should be charged and held criminally responsible.

I'm all for settling these land claims. We should pay one final settlement for everything outstanding, get rid of the archaic reservations, and treat them like Canadians in every respect - equal rights and responsibility before the law. And any unrest after this similar to this level of sedition should be squashed. I'm tired of this shit.

Anonymous said...

Here's one I bet folks don't know about. In a town near me, the heritage and tourism departments wanted to sink a old boat just off the shoreline between Bayfield and Goderich, to enhance the already interesting diving experience that can be had in this area.

Everything was set to go. Support from all levels of gov't, a boat donated, events scheduled, publicity organized.

All very public and accounted in local papers.

At the 11th hour the local first nations band claimed the shoreline as their own and as such were not consulted or involved in the project. A fuss was created, leaving the town to back off the project. Money/effort wasted.

What help has the province been in this instance? Good question. It's been off the radar locally and not a mention by any of the 6 candidates in this election.

Anonymous said...

Lock them up already!

Anonymous said...

This is what should have been discussed during the debate. I have to admit I did not see the debate. Was it mentioned at all? Or did they all pretend there was no problem in Ontario?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Was it mentioned at all? Or did they all pretend there was no problem in Ontario?

No, Caledonia was never raised.

In a wrap-up following the debate, they explained that they didn't feel that the Caledonia issue lent itself very well to a debate forum.

I beg to differ. It would have kept people from falling asleep anyway.

spike said...

i wish the couple sucess in there lawsuit but it will be stonwalled by mcliar and company. a class action suit on behalf of all ontario taxpayers might be more effective but then again find a judge in this province that would grant that course.

Anonymous said...

this is the same Ontario where it is illegal to buy a 6-pack of beer in a grocery store

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Anon at 06:03:00. Good one! And unfortunately true.

Yes, Dalton told the Mom & Pop stores they couldn't be trusted with that.

Anonymous said...

Joanne...who are 'they' that you mentioned in the post debate wrap up?
Media, organisers,the party leaders?
No wonder it's a boring election campaign...everyone is wearing blinders, and those who aren't are handing them out.
repeat after me:
"There is no problem in Ontario.
there is no problem in ontariario...."
ahhh la la land!!!

SouthernOntarioan said...

Its worse than you know Joanne.

Two-tier justice has always been the norm in Ontario, but anyone who complained about it was ignored or insulted.

Where I lived, native groups would steal cars, drive them into reserves and the police would say 'we can't do anything'. Native groups in Walpole Island and elsewhere also have a well-documented history of human (aka sex slave) trafficking. Something the police have long done nothing about.

But that never bothered most people. In fact, when rural 'hicks' opposed the expansion of native reserves it was often attributed to those 'racist bigots' out in the 'boonies'.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

who are 'they' that you mentioned in the post debate wrap up?.

Media organizers. How close a tie they have with various parties is for you to surmise.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

S.O. - I don't know how rational people in Ontario can deny that there is a two tier system in Ontario.

Having said that, I must qualify my statement by saying that I watched a CH TV show tonight that interviewed two First Nations people that are often in the news these days. Their world view is so far apart from ours that I really do fear for the future of our province and country. I don't see how the two views can continue to co-exist.

SouthernOntarioan said...

In a rural region where I used to live, the local native groups tried to claim a huge chunk of prime farming land. The landowners responded that the only way they would leave their homes was kicking and screaming.

The provincial government of the time decided that it would politically disasterous to have images of law-abiding citizens dragged from their homes by police on the six o'clock news.

Suing the government and OPP is a smart move, but they should have included the native groups as well. The ones who are actually denying them access to their land.

One thing I must state, native groups in areas such as BC are much much different than those in Ontario. One major difference is that native groups often claim Crown lands instead of private land (or offer to as compensation) to avoid this messy business. Very smart and classy in my opinion.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

they should have included the native groups as well. The ones who are actually denying them access to their land.

The natives feel it's their land.

Yeah, it sounds like Ontario is the only one with such problems. BC seems to have a better approach; whether it's due to the way the natives handle things there or the government.

Möbius said...

"spike said...
i wish the couple sucess in there lawsuit but it will be stonwalled by mcliar and company."

Spike, this couple is suing the government, i.e., the taxpayer, meaning you and I will pay if they win. I hope their point is made, but I'm not keen to pay for McGuinty's mistakes.