Sunday, September 02, 2007

Move over Al Gore

Good grief! I may have to find another religion - BBC.

And speaking of planting trees, it's now starting to make some kind of sense why Dalton is so intent on continuing to fund Catholic-only education.


wayward son said...
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Joanne (True Blue) said...

W.S. - Try again please using same sarcasm, but a less objectionable label. Thanks.

wayward son said...

“In his main homily the Pope urged young Catholics to take better care of the planet.”

What an (bleep).

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should find a new Pope?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

The carbon offset thingy is bugging me. Of course the more liberal Catholics would love this. Or maybe it's a big PR job to win over the youth.

Gabby in QC said...

Joanne, don't forget that the detractors of the papacy often point out that popes are NOT infallible, that being as human as the rest of us, they can be mistaken.

I'd start worrying ONLY if/when he starts making public appearances with Al Gore or David Suzuki ...

x2para said...

I thought Al Gore was the pope and Suzuki was one of his arch-BS-ops, as for the carbon offset thing, that scam is bigger than bre-X ever was.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the CNE Airshow went on as usual just like the CNE Auto Race in July .
This is now the 4th year since I questioned the Mayor and the Health Department over their hypocracy to bring in "Idle" by-laws for cars and also spend million of our tax dollars claiming that 3000 people ayaer in Toronto die of smog related illnesses.

The Global Warming issue is a hoax to bring in a new Tax and now
Jack Layton is trying to link Pollution to Global Warming.
Al Gore had such a sellected audiance of simpletons that his Movie needed pictures and Charts that were explained while Al spoke very slowly so they didn't miss anything.

I still remember the Duck-n-Cover cartoon shown to us in the classroom where we were to believe
that hiding under our wooden desk and covering our heads would protect us from a Nuclear blast that can melt steel and vapourize Humans in a mere second .

Now that the flawed Science from NASA has been exposed and Gore's film is now a paper-weight , his followers are now saying that even if the Science is wrong we still need to stop Global Warming and reduce GHG's.

I the "Truth" doesn't matter now and we should spend the money anyway.
This is like the tinFoil hat people that insist it's worth it to wear it because when we find out there aren't any Motherships
in orbit reading our minds it will be because the tin-hats worked and they merely left in anger.

Gore's plan is to fabricate a crisis that he knows won't happen and then present himself as the White Knight that rescues us , this way he can claim he saved the Planet when the Polar bears are still around and the Ice caps don't melt.

liberal supporter said...

The science is now wrong?

Sez who?

It would be great if it is wrong! Gosh, I would like to see some links though. Last I checked there are thousands of scientists who think the earth is warming, and that it is likely that humans are causing about half of it.