Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Your Ontario Tax dollars - Hard at work

It seems that the Ontario opposition parties are a tad upset that $500,000 has been spent to help tell Canadians to Flick Off!

Yes, Ontario. You have paid to be told to Go Flick Yourself.

Perhaps you would like to mention that to Dalton in October's election.

* * * *

Thursday Update:

Christina Blizzard calls this a Brilliant flickin' idea. Actually she makes a good point. This is what the Ontario Liberal government thinks about our youth; that we can only reach them by using innuendo and potty talk. It really is an incredible example of Liberal arrogance when you think about it.

Lorrie Goldstein tells us of more idiocy emanating from Queen's Park - Canada's Dumbest Politician. Can you guess who?

ChuckerCanuk has waded into the scary world of Ontario politics with this gem! Anyone from really should check it out.

And as much as it pains me to do this, I must direct your attention to Red Tory's recent post on this subject - Flicking Stupid. (What's flicking scary is how much we are agreeing lately!)

From the Western Standard's Shotgun - Check out this pic!

Angry has another angle - The Cost to Flick Off.

Good point here - "Have we lost the ability to be creative without appealing to the absolute lowest levels of communication? If so, let's leave the lights on. Perhaps this culture is not worth saving." Well said.


Right from Hamilton said...

They should just sell T=Shirts and other apparel to fund the stickers and website. Half my School would buy a "Flick Off" T-Shirt.

Mac said...

Amusing slogan but why does the government need to dump money on this? Would this be a public service (ie: free) announcement?

Ben in Ontario said...

Half a million dollars for a slogan that isn't even original . . . as we read here yesterday, Richard Branson has been sporting a tee shirt with that charming slogan on it and I doubt if he got it from the Government of Ontario.

x2para said...

Gov't and rich elites all think were semi-retarded or something; its the same as when they tell us we can save money by turning down the air conditioner down a degree or two. I guess they figure we're just too stupid to figure that out ourselves

Owen in Ottawa said...

Better? :)

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks, Owen. So Roots is supporting this too..