Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Will Afghan mission vote force an election?

The Star reports that the Liberals are putting forward a motion demanding Canada's withdrawal of troops by February 2009 (H/T National Newswatch).

If this motion is passed next week, Canada will have to serve notice to Nato immediately. If the government makes this a confidence vote, we may be into an election, depending on how the other two opposition parties vote.

It would seem that the latest poll has emboldened the Liberals.

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Thursday Update: The Ottawa Citizen reports that the government has decided not to consider the Liberal motion a vote of confidence.


PGP said...

The Liberals believing that their own vapour is perfume is what will get them! Let it happen I say!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

PGP - How can the Dippers an Bloc vote against this motion? They can't.

The Conservative government will continue to be highjacked like this (as with the Kyoto motion).

I agree with you. Let it happen!

richard said...

Let's go. Have you seen the new Dion ad. They're bragging about him accomplishing - who knows what.
I can see the average viewer saying, "if he fixed it why does he think it's still a problem ... who is that guy anyway, oh, yeah< I heard somewhere that he's not a leader ..."

Anonymous said...

I've been lukewarm about having yet another election...but I'm getting tired of the Lib way of thinking they are still 'government'...
Let's git 'er done! Bring on the majority!
Just heard about an Ontario riding where the Lib candidate has been charged with fraud.

Tom said...

Does anyone have a picture of Coderre marching in that parade with the Hezoballa ? Seems that should be the rallying call.
I'm sure the Libs know that the pollster is not that realible and their bank account my dictate what can of fight they can put up.
But like you I'm ready for the fight...

Roy Eappen said...

Grit fundraising has not been going well. How can they even affiord an election. they don't have candidates in many ridings.( Is that why they picked May)?

Anonymous said...

This just shows that Kinsella, Bourque and Heard are right. Force an election now and get Dion out.

Chuckercanuck said...

it was to be a confidence motion, I'd say.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Is that why they picked May)?

That's right. And she counts towards their one third female candidate stats.

Luke said...

I agree there really isn't any way the opposition parties can vote against this motion. Also, I don't see how the Conservatives are going to let it pass?

I also say this is another Liberals ploy to try and hoodwink the minority Parliament. If we don't make it a confidence motion, it passes. If we do, they get to go to the voters painting us as unsympathetic in light of the recent deaths in Afghanistan. Apalling exploitation of those sacrifices I say.

Bring on an election, and those English-language debates!

biff said...

One scenario is for the Libs to not vote for it, demanding an earlier pull out date.

Otherwise I agree with folks here,

this is a big game of chicken.

We'll find out what the internals were saying soon.

biff said...

Sorry, I meant NDP above.

Anonymous said...

Let's dance.

Mr. Harper picked a good hill to take a stand on.

Anyone with women in their life should be for freedom in Afghanistan!!!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Biff, that's a scenario I hadn't thought of - that the NDP could say they're against it, because it isn't strong.

That could allow them to save face, and thereby keep this parliament going.

Still, if Dion was the mastermind behind this one, I'll have to give him a little credit here for political cunning (not integrity; but strategy).

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Carolyn Gardner has sent me an email about having trouble posting comments on this blog. Is anyone else having difficulties? If so, please send me an email at the addy on my profile. Thanks.

This is the comment that Carolyn would like to add:

I would have no objection whatsoever if PM Stephen Harper walked over to the GG's over this and dissolved Parliament right then and there.

I think the Afghanistan mission is extremely important for Canada.

Thank you, Carolyn.