Monday, April 09, 2007

Brief Time-Out

Just a little note here to say that I have to take some time to concentrate on urgent family affairs.

No disasters - Just real life interfering again.

Please feel free to use this thread for any issues that you would like to discuss. Thanks.


Steph said...

Maybe you should put ads on your page. Then if you made enough money you could consider blogging to be part of "real life" too!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

lol!!! I tried that once, but I didn't care for the ads that were coming up.

Someday I'll get my own domain and then I'll have more control over advertising. Blogger is very picky about that stuff. ;)

Neo Conservative said...

Nothing makes me crazier these days than "political correctness".

"Leading Seaman Faye Turney has told how she "felt like a traitor" when she was forced to write "confession" letters shown on Iranian television."

I'm guessing the £100,000 she's reportedly taking for her story, eases the sting somewhat. Who is going to be genuinely surprised if Ms. Turney is also invalided out of the Navy on grounds of some kind of pensionable disability?

None of the people involved, including Tony Blair, seems to have the slightest concept of honour or duty.

And, especially on the 90th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, that's a crying shame.


Chuckercanuck said...

how much cash can you make with those ads?

PGP said...

Any one notice how the other lefty hot buttons being pressed buy the MSM are drowning out coverage of the Anti-Sealing shriekers?
Anyway here is a poll at Angus Reid:
Angus Poll!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

how much cash can you make with those ads?

Good question. It would be interesting to have a high-profile blogger that uses ads give us a little info here. I wonder if it's worthwhile.

Brian in Calgary said...

Thanks, pgp, for the link to the poll. I voted NO. I would have liked to vote "HECK NO, NOW DON'T ASK SUCH STUPID QUESTIONS!!!!!" but it was not an option. Sigh.

Red Tory said...

What are the "other lefty hot buttons being pressed buy [sic] the MSM"?

PGP said...

What Lefty Hot Buttons?
Can't you tell when your being manipulated? Why am I talking to a ghost??

Red Tory said...

What an oddly delusional person you are.