Friday, April 27, 2007

WHO'S out of touch?

Lotto-gate, 'Corner Store Trust'-gate, Colle-gate, 'FLICK-OFF'-gate...

The Ontario majority Liberal government is having to spend a lot of bothersome effort trying to divert public attention away from these pesky nuisances.

Accountability? Who needs that when you have a majority? You just vote down any attempt to be examined for questionable actions.

The public? They're so self-absorbed they don't even care what you do right, Dalton?

The first rule of politics for the McGuinty government is when confronted with an attack, fling back any mud you can grab. Anyone watching Oral Questions in the Ontario Legislature yesterday would know what I'm referring to. The government refuses to be accountable to the opposition and therefore by extension to the taxpayers.

But I always thought that being in charge of the public purse is a sacred trust - That it should be respected; not used as a party coffer.

However, I digress. In today's Sun Christiana Blizzard relates how she was told by former CityTV reporter-turned Liberal media strategist Ben Chin that she was "out of touch" as was radio host Bill Carroll and the entire CFRB audience; the overwhelming majority of whom felt that Minister Broten should resign. Chin later apologized and said that he meant that John Tory was out of touch.

Well here's a wake-up call, Ben. You can add a lot of MSM pundits and bloggers across the whole political spectrum to that list of folks who are out of touch. Also the National Post. I'm sure there are others.

So who's really out of touch? I'll let you decide. I'm just a dumb taxpayer who probably can't be trusted.

* * * *

Update: From the Globe - John Tory's worst day at Queen's Park ("Tories in Uproar over Grants").

Ontario, do you care???

And under the headline of 'How low can you go?' we have this.

Oh-oh. SDA has picked up on it. (Now your goose is cooked, Dalton!)

Y2Kyoto: The Moron is the Message. Heh.


Roy Eappen said...

liberal arrogance seems rooted in Ontario. It is a standar feature of both the federal and provincila. party. The optics for dalton are very bad and worsening daily. I credit the people of Ontario with enough intelligence to realize when they are being robbed. Dalton be4tter get ready to return to practicing law with his brothers.

PGP said...

Out of Touch! In Liberalese = Not the party line!
But how very diplomatic of flack to refrain from using some of the other
common linguistic abuses/code like :
American Style
Bush like
Extreme Right Wing
Or my favorite - "Un-Canadian"

These people are like members of a cult who cannot tolerate examination in the light of day!
The LIBcult !

Matt said...

Thanks for the link Joanne. I've emailed Minister Colle tyo complain about his suggestions of racism and CC'd the following:
Jim Watson, My MPP
John Tory, PC Leader
Howard Hampton, NDP Leader
Dalton McGuinty, Liberal Leader
Frank Klees, PC Critic
Paul Ferreira, NDP Critic

I'm debating publishing it. I might wait until I get an official reply, if I publish at all. So far only John Tory's office has replied requesting more information.

Sandy said...

Good post Joanne. Somehow Ontarians seem not to be paying attention. I hope people wake up before October. Heaven help us if these guys are rewarded for their sleaze.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Good for you, Matt.

If you receive a reply from anyone, please let me know. Thanks.