Thursday, April 05, 2007

Corner Stores request apology

Late last night I received a heads-up from John Perenack of Room 40 Communications, regarding a press release issued yesterday by Dave Bryans who is the President of Ontario Convenience Stores Association. This morning I scoured MSM for a reference to this story and have yet to find a single report.

The letter asks Premier Dalton McGuinty to apologize for his recent remarks suggesting that corner stores cannot be trusted to handle the sale of Ontario wine and beer. Bryans states:

It's not often that a Premier unfairly questions the credibility of an entire industry and its 140,000 workers...

There are many levels of legitimate outrage to be examined here. First of all, McGuinty is tarring an entire industry and all related workers with the same brush; painting them as irresponsible and trustworthy just because of the few that were involved in the Lottogate fraud.

If the Premier had made a similar sweeping generalization about everyone belonging to a particular religious faith or culture, he might very well have found himself facing discrimination and hate-speech charges.

And in the case of Lottogate, it appears that the OLG has to take some responsibility for the scandal with its apparent enabling culture of 'nose-holding' and looking the other way.

Bryans also points out that the industry is handling the sale of other age-related products in a very responsible manner, and that alcohol is actually already being sold in certain situations:

In fact, you can buy alcohol at convenience stores in over 200 locations throughout Ontario through the LCBO's agency store model. At each of these locations, conscientious convenience store clerks sell beer, wine and spirits at standards that meet or exceed those of the LCBO itself.

(BTW, OPSEU is not very happy about that!!!)

Ottawa Suns' Geoff Matthews (Lunacy drives you to drink) points out this morning that things are tough enough in the convenience store business these days without the Premier questioning the credibility of each and every corner store worker in the province.

I think Dalton McGuinty owes these folks an apology.

Politically, it would be the smart thing to do, because these 140,000 workers have families and friends who will likely be very motivated to get out and vote this fall.

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Update: Warren Kinsella's name was mentioned in the Legislature today. I actually heard the comment while watching QP and was wondering how Warren would react. Well, wonder no more. (H/T National Newswatch)

It now seems that "Tory Nobody" John Yakabuski and "Big Baby" Howard Hampton are both in Kinsella's crosshairs.

Friday Update: Globe reports that OLG's Security Chief is stepping down.


Sara said...

we used to stand in front of the beer store and offer someone $10 to buy us beer, they always did it.... so who did you say can't be trusted?
Funny restaurants can be trusted. And we bought from them at the back door.

Swift said...

If somebody has gat the money and wants a product, somebody will take the money and deliver the product. This is reality, the left lives in fantasy (some of the right do too.)

Anonymous said...

When Dolton McLiar isn't saying something ignorant, he's saying something meaningless - if an apology did pass his lips it would be worth its weight in gold. Yup, just that much.

Sandy said...

Thanks Joanne -- I put up another post. I think ST has a good point,but I thought I would keep the opposite point of view just for fun. :)

Have a good Easter Long Weekend and say hi to J and S. I have company coming so I will not have a chance to do a post (my computer is right in the living room) but will check on my favourite blogs and my comments from time to time.

I want to leave my post on my grandfather as an Easter memorial.

vicki said...

Joanne...this is a very interesting discussion...but did you know many 'convenience stores' in Norhtern Ontario sell booze. We can get our gas,booze,milk and bread,lottery tickets and mail all in one convenient stop. Did we divide into 2 provinces recently? that mean McGuinty is not our Premier?...or that he is totally out of touch?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Vicki - Ha! That's funny. I think that's one of the points in the letter sent to the Premier; that it is already happening in rural and remote areas, so why not everywhere?

The unions of course would like to see that ended.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

BTW, Vicki, you asked if we divided the province recently? It's always been that way - 416 and the rest of us!

liberal supporter said...

Northern Ontario has different rules for all kinds of things, there was no "drive clean" either. Mainly because the big cities are smaller, further between and the smaller centres will often have to do everything. The LCBO section of a convenience store, like the post office section can be sectioned off for when they are closed, and whoever works in there has to be acceptable to LCBO/post office.

What do the police think about the number of liquor outlets increasing about 10-20 fold?

If one store does, they all will feel the need to. Will they need licenses like the restaurants?

Neo Conservative said...

Here's another McGuinty boondoggle... whaddaya figure the Liberal graft and waste is... on a four billion dollar project?

"- TORONTO -- The Ontario government has agreed to pay 44 per cent above market rates to buy electricity from idled nuclear reactors on Lake Huron that will be refurbished, the provincial auditor says in a report unveiled today."


Sheena said...

No. Stinky cheese should NOT be tossed out. Jesus people. Quit stereotyping right wingers as turnip truck faller outers and recognize the beauty of a ripe 'n' runny raw milk artisanal offering.

Chuckercanuck said...


I'm thrilled to see you take this issue up with such force. Really, people in Ontario have to wake up - this is part of the, as you said, nannyfication of our society. And it is a total insult to the industry.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Chucker, thanks. Imagine working at a convenience store and knowing that the Premier of your province thinks that you can't be trusted? I would be very upset.

Anonymous said...

Coming from McAsswipe the biggest theiving liar in Ontario this is a joke.