Monday, April 23, 2007

What does the LPC REALLY think about Liz?

From this morning's Globe (H/T National Newswatch):

“Environment is the only issue,” said one of the leader's key strategists, who asked not to be identified.

“It is exploding in the public's imagination. We need people to know Stéphane understands the issue … [now] the Green Party Leader says he should be prime minister. We are getting our shit together…part of it is Elizabeth May.”

Double heh.

* * * *

Update: Speaking of bathroom talk, check this out. And to think that I actually used to like Sheryl Crow. Sad.

Tuesday Update: We've been had, folks! Turns out little Sheryl made a funny.

I wonder if that was before or after she couldn't find a public washroom with toilet paper? H/T to Dust My Broom (All I wanna do is wipe my bum).


Anonymous said...

Did they miss the polls this w/e that indicate the environment issues are not huge to Canadians, and that Suzuki does not speak for 'most Canadians'?
They are a deluded bunch.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Exactly. I believe you are referring to this and this.

mamie said...

Suzuki believes that ordinary Canadians want carbon taxes. How out of touch is that with ordinary Canadians who scream now every time the price of gas goes up a cent and who feel that as Canadians they are taxed to death? I think, however, that ordinary Canadians are willing to make many voluntary green changes and are working to do their part. Ordinary Canadians will not be reacting well to any more guilt trips laid on them about not doing enough. I as an ordinary Canadian am waiting to hear about the government's "reasonable environmental plan that won't destroy the economy" (Baird). I think that is what most ordinary Canadians want.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

David Suzuki is full of what the anonymous Liberal strategist says they are trying to get together.

RGM said...

I raised an eyebrow when I saw the comment involving May. It really makes you wonder what was in the ellipsis that was removed in order to have the statement come out as such. I'm sure it wasn't of Fisk-ian proportions, but there's probably some important words in the middle that got chopped.

If they really want to believe that "environment is the only issue" they're sadly deluded. The Liberals used to stand for a number of issues that people could get behind, why they're hitching themselves to a one-trick pony that Canadians only care half-heartedly about is bizarre.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Good point about the ellipsis.

Could it be that Jane Taber actually wrote this to toss us poor Blogging Tories a little bone?

Anonymous said...

Joanne...I followed that Sheryl Crow link.The BBC page is all about the doom and gloom over the climate...but if you follow links to the 'comments' you find a different theme! Glad to see everyone is not falling for this media side-show. Suziki and Gore are not fooling everyone.

Matt said...

Liberals feel the environment is the only issue? Geeze, is this bunch in for a rude awakening or what?

PGP said...

".....We are getting our shit together…part of it is Elizabeth May.”

I did not say that I did not think that I did not .......Oh Who Am I kidding?
Putting the word shit in the same sentence as Elizabeth May is Just TOO Freudian .... among other things!

BTW - Manitoba Elections are ON!
The local media are getting in the first licks!

Ti-Guy said...

Tuesday Update: We've been had, folks! Turns out little Sheryl made a funny.

No need to admit your disgrace. The rest of us (the reality-based) understand why the wingnuts are always screeching about "Hollyweirdos." It's because you have a tendency to take what they say seriously.

Your innate gullibility is something the rest of us have come to assume.