Monday, April 02, 2007

Issues on the Voting Radar

There are a few unpleasant issues that may stick to the McGuinty Liberals as they face the electorate this fall.

One is Caledonia, which according to a recent Innovative Research Poll suggests that this ongoing conflict is very much on the minds of Ontario voters.

Managing director Greg Lyle "won't release details of the private polls, citing client confidentiality" but states that they "have been circulated among government policy makers".

The results suggest respondents see the ongoing conflict in "very simple terms," Lyle said.

"They can't go around and put a blockade up in their neighbourhood and not have the police come take it down and put them in jail," he said.

"They don't see why aboriginals should be able to do that. There is a lot of sympathy for aboriginals . . . but there is a sense that there are basic rules that we should all live by."

I see that as the sticking point. John Tory has said all along that negotiations shouldn't have occurred until the disputed land was vacated. Otherwise this type of 'hostage' situation can be expected to happen again anywhere in Ontario - or Canada for that matter.

The Feds are now picking up some of the tab for expenses (note this report from Fort Frances), which again shifts part of the problem onto the shoulders of all Canadian taxpayers.

However, the general outlook may possibly be more optimistic with the Federal Government's expanded mandate at the talks.

The other big issue of course is Lottogate which David Caplan is obfuscating with protestations of ignorance about the details. (Heh)

Politically this may or may not have traction, but there is little doubt that the Ontario government is so addicted to the lottery cash cow that political fallout may be the least of their problems as they try to shore up public confidence.

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Update: R.I.P. Bob Edmonds.

Tuesday Update: Native Protests Just Cause Anger.


Sandy said...

Good morning Joanne -- the Caledonia issue is so huge around Southern Ontario. Not too many coment on it but when it comes to October, no one in these parts will forget. They blamed Harris for Ipperwash and that incident was to uphold the rule of law. Now, it's a lawless area. Either the Natives are Canadian or they are not. If they are not, why are we paying?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Sandy, I think this will certainly be a big issue during the election, because I just don't see it being resolved before then.

Another issue that won't go away is health care. There are a lot of hospitals being short-changed in Ontario, and strangly enough they tend to be in Conservative ridings.


PGP said...

HeHe... Basic Rules we should all live by indeed!
It's called the law and it is not being enforced by those responsible for enforcement.

The selective decision about who will or will not be subjected to enforcement of the laws of the land lie in the house of McGuinty. And it is NOT his right to do so. Failure to uphold the law is itself a crime.
The voters of Ontario very well should be mindful of that fact!

Mac said...

Well... if anyone would know "gotcha" politics, it would be the Red Star!

Joe Calgary said...

Yep... Indians just became topic number one in the treasury... I heard it from a guy who heard it from a guy who heard it from me first:}

Anonymous said...

Our Liberal masters pay each other handsomely above and below the table, they don't care how much less your little house is worth because of aboriginal terrorism - they're busy counting up the legal fees they'll make from it all.