Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Entitlement vs. Responsibility

This is just disgusting.

So His Blondness cries poor to Dalton, who cries poor to Harper...

How does the ROC feel about paying for those green fees?

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Update: More entitlement - Just between us girls. This is a wedge issue that John Tory could really use to his advantage. Check out the link that Glenda provides to the National Post's Full Comment.


Sandy said...

Such hypocrisy. Such arrogance. As you say Joanne, such entitlements! They must feel, like all liberals, they are entitled to their entitlements. And, the ROC is supposed to help bail them out. The worst thing is the City of Toronto and Ontario voted for them!

PGP said...

It just never ends!
No class, no brains and no guts from McGuinty and no better from Miller!

How's it feel to live in handout ville?

In MB we are doing our best to end this trailer trash spendthrift foolishness.

Zac said...

Its a shame that Miller and the Toronto council would want to spend people's money like that, but let me tell you a way that you could spend your money and make a difference.

"Spread The Net" is holding an on-line fundraiser today and tomorrow. They raise money to send mosquito nets to Africa. Every 30 seconds a child dies of malaria. A net only costs $10. Please help out by visiting the links below.


Red Tory said...

Perhaps if they spent more time on the links and out of the counsel chamber they’d do less damage. ;)

Swift said...

A solution for TO's budget problem. A free round of golf for every council meeting that Miller and friends miss. Even better, just give them an all expense paid vacation to Cuba until the next election.

Just one question for Red, did you drop into reality for just one comment or are you planning to stay awhile.