Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Something's starting to stink in Queen's Park

The Ottawa Citizen has just provided a handy explanation of recent alleged Ontario Liberal scandals that should prove quite useful when election time draws near this fall.

Lottogate and "Colle-gate" are the latest, and could prove deadly to the Grits. Voters will overlook incompetency to some degree, notably the way Caledonia has been handled, but don't mess with public trust and the taxpayers' wallets!

Pollster Greg Lyle is quoted at the end of the piece as saying that he doesn't think that "the average person is spending all that much time talking about this."

Do you agree? Is the average Ontario resident just so complacent that potential government scandal isn't even on the radar?

Do you care?


Anonymous said...

Considering that it took a whole lot to finally put attention to allegations of corruption and what-not to bring down the Federal Liberals in Ontario, and that this is in Ontario, wouldn't be surprised if it takes a long time and a lot of crap to bring down McGuinty as well.

Because, oh no, we can't have the Conservatives back in! Remember Brian Mulroney/Mike Harris!!!

Anonymous said...

Despite what the elites think, the public has some sympathy for the native cause. But the public has no sympathy for McGuinty's hopeless lying during much of his tenure and his recent arrogance towards the common man. I trust that the PC's will be INTELLIGENT enough to pick up the right plan to win here.
(real conservative)

PGP said...

Heck yes!
All the gerimandering ends up being paid for out of the national piggybank one way or another.

Yet the sheeple continue to seek the company and the imagined protection of the thieving and incompetent people who hold the crooks.

Anonymous said...

while those who follow politics care, I'm betting that most grassroot folks aren't paying any attention at all to what the Liberals are doing with their money. That's sad.

I also believe that the Liberals are doing more things to divert the voters attention like buying off the education system and increasing gov't spending to the highest it's ever been.

Could it be that the proposed plebisite is another way to divert the voter's attention away from the dismal Liberal record?


Anonymous said...

Our conservative front bench looks very tired these days in the house.
When John T. gets going he's very effective, but he needs more help from some of the rest of our team.

Cripes when I think about how the Liberals in opposition used to be regular pitbulls when we were in power, we're looking like very polite cocker spaniels..yappy for a while, then....quiet.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

we're looking like very polite cocker spaniels..yappy for a while, then....quiet.

lol! Sometimes I toggle back and forth between QP at Queens Park and Ottawa. What a contrast! The Ontario one could put you to sleep.

Red Tory said...

By mutual agreement, the Libs and NDP dispensed with QP altogether here in B.C. for the time being. I don’t think anyone has noticed. Or cares. They'll bring it back sometime... I'm not sure when.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

The only good thing about QP in the Ontario legislature is watching David Caplan. He's a ringer for Newman from Seinfeld. He even sounds like him.

Mac said...

Actually, the BC Liberals did not just cancel Question Period aka Oral Questions. They canceled the entire fall 2006 sitting. Government work on the assorted committees continued. When the spring sitting resumed, so did Oral Questions.

This cancellation was a bone of contention for some political junkies, opposition MLAs hoping to score cheap points and 5 second sound bites as well as a few MSM pundits but I don't think anyone else cared.

Politics in BC was always a blood sport so it's kind of nice to have a bit of quiet for a change of pace.