Monday, April 30, 2007

Celebrating Stephen Harper's Birthday

I would like to join Dr. Roy in wishing our Prime Minister a very happy birthday today. The previous post also contains some birthday wishes from various readers towards the end of the thread.

Like Dr. Roy, I must admit I had my doubts about Stephen Harper at the beginning. Even when canvassing in the last election I ran into people who said they didn't think Mr. Harper was the right man for the job.

However, over the last few years I have not only had the pleasure of hearing him speak in person several times; I have even shaken hands with him, had my photo taken with him and had that photo personally signed by him with my favourite gold Sharpie. It doesn't get much better than that for a Blogging Tory.

So today I want to thank Stephen Harper for following his inner convictions and trying to do his best for our country. He's here to get the job done. No, he's not perfect. None of us are. But I truly believe that he is working for Canada; not for his own glory. That is why I support him and respect him.

Happy Birthday, Prime Minister!


Red Tory said...

Is he going to have an organic, eco-friendly, “green” cake with low emission candles?

Gabby in QC said...

No, RT, he's probably going to have an artery clogging gooey concoction just like the rest of us normals. But then, who am I to presume what our PM's gustatory pleasures are?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

"gustatory pleasures"...


Gabby in QC said...

Joanne, priceless!

I completely missed it. I guess my "light bulb" moments are few and far between.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Gabby, you should have taken credit for that. Nobody would have known. ;)