Thursday, April 26, 2007

Disgusting Antics in Queen's Park today

The McGuinty Liberals have used their majority to prevent an investigation by the Auditor General regarding the process of grants being doled out by Citizenship and Immigration.

I watched Question Period this afternoon and I was absolutely astounded and angered by the obfuscation and snide attacks by George Smitherman and eventually Minister Colle when he finally decided to show up at 3 p.m.

What a travesty of democracy! Every Ontario citizen should be watching this disgusting display of antics before they vote in October. I am appalled.

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Background: Star - Let Auditor Probe Provincial Grants.

Globe - "Colle-gate" affair has managed to put Liberals in a box. (Subscriber only).


PGP said...

Citizenship and Immigration?
As far as I know these are Federal matters!
What purpose does the province serve by even having an office or ministry with a portfolio that is beyond their right to administer?

Anonymous said...

Obviously the liberals of Ontario want to double dip on the immigrant vote: get the vote at the federal level and at the provincial level. Good trick.
(real conservative)

Shameer Ravji said...

It's obvious the Liberals can't handle these questions as witnessed by their recent actions to invoke closure on their bills so they can perhaps go home early for the summer and not come back until after the election. I wonder if the Tories will get into bed with the Liberals again on this one (early adjournment) like they did on the 31% pay hike so they could go home ASAP.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Shameer, what's really sad is that the average Ontario voter seems to take so little interest in provincial politics; yet the provinces control such important areas such as health care and education.

Shameer Ravji said...

Believe me, I watch the Queen's Park channel almost religiously, read most of the legislation (including all of the government bills), read the budgets, etc. but I even though most people don't have the time for all of that, it still is sad how Liberals in particular think they're above the law when they screamed for the head of every single Tory cabinet minister during the Harris/Eves years. We saw this with Harinder Takhar, Joe Cordiano (before resigning his seat in disgrace), David Caplan, and now Mike Colle.

What is also sad is that and I think you pointed this out already, John Tory looks like the only effective opposition member in the PC caucus right now since the others don't seem to take their job in holding the government to account all that seriously and would rather be back in their ridings at fundraiser events at the local yacht club and huff and puff about how Dalton's screwing up the province even though their actions at Queen's Park suggests something different.

Yes, a sad state of affairs right now and missed opportunities.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Shameer, Tim Hudak is a good guy too. I see he got tossed out from QP yesterday. That Speaker should look after Ottawa for a couple of days. He'd have the feds whipped into submission in no time!

Shameer Ravji said...

Yes, I know because I also watched yesterday's QP at Queen's Park. Bob Runciman was also ejected. That Speaker (Mike Brown) should have also thrown out some Liberals as well since Sandra Pupatello just asks for it sometimes along with George Smitherman. I also saw a lady off to the side (not an MPP) sitting in one the seats just behind the Speaker's throne laught out loud when John Tory called Smitherman a "fool" which I thought was sugercoating it to say the least.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Shameer, you're right. The Speaker is very biased. It's disgusting, really.