Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wake Up Ontario!!!

It seems that Ontario just can't get enough of Dalton McGuinty's Liberals.

According to a Toronto Star-EKOS Research Associates survey, the Liberals "are at 42.4 per cent to the Conservatives' 36.2 per cent with Howard Hampton's New Democrats surging to 19.6 per cent." Source: Star (What else?)

Despite the Liberals' by-election loss to the NDP in Parkdale-High Park a month ago, a continuing standoff involving native protestors in Caledonia, problems in hospital emergency rooms, and ongoing funding problems with some school boards, McGuinty's party leads in most of Ontario.

Does anyone want to join me in founding a new break-away province?

Or would you rather have more of this and this?

Every man and woman in the McGuinty caucus should be ashamed to cash their pay cheques.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you just move to Alberta?
That would seem simpler. The neocon right is collapsing all over America.But I'm sure there will always room for you and your shrinking gang in Dinosaur Park.
That way paleontologists can dig up your bones too one day. And say these people once thought they would rule the earth. But look at them now....

PS. Your national polls are pretty bad too...:)

x2para said...

I guess 42.4 percent of Ontarians don't mind being bamboozled. How can we be saved from the stupidity of these people? Four more years of this liberal gang is unthinkable and a return of the NDP is horrifying. Unfortunatly the conservaties aren't making much of an impression.

SouthernTory said...

A lot of people are moving to Alta.
I've been there to and I loved it.
Okay, about these polls, with what we've seen the past month, I'm surprised. Is it because Dalton was made the man of the year or whatever that award is? I doubt it.
What about Caledonia? The left wing
media certainly aren't reporting anything. I'll bet the poll wasn't conducted there at all. Pollsters would get a negative response. Next, the recent bi-election in Parkdale/High Park was a clear message to the McGuinty liberals, we're not happy. So where are they getting these numbers? I don't believe it. And it's only a poll. But no doubt, the left wing media will have a hay day with it. Maybe that's why they did it. I think people are mad.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

xpara, I don't think I could take another five years of McGuinty. I really don't. Gah!

S.T. - The one interesting thing is that the NDP is picking up. This could be a NDP-Liberal dogfight, which may have interesting implications.

I hate to say it, but the Ontario conservative party is so Lib-lite, why wouldn't voters just go for the real thing rather than the knock-off? They need to redefine themselves pronto!

vicki said...

How dependable is EKOS?

Anonymous said...

Ontario is a failed state - however, like many failed states, there are so many people who are completely reliant on government for their money whether it's jobs or welfare.

These people take a me-first attitude and they'll let their kids fend for themselves, so they don't care about Ontario's long term prospects at all.

It may end up affecting them sooner rather than later though, since many people have all their wealth tied up in their homes and this government will not protect them from an insurgency.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Vicki, they have to play by the rules, but they can bend them to a certain extent, such as by skewing the question in a particular way, etc.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the Ontario PCs is that there is nothing to differentiate them from the liberals. They are not right-wing enough. So for conservatives to vote conservative they not only have to be unhappy with McGuinty.. which many of them are, but they have to believe that Mr. Tory will be a better leader than what they have. So far I'm not sure that has been displayed to the voting public. If the Liberals are re-elected in Ontario then a hard lesson will be learned and real change will have to result.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

The problem with the Ontario PCs is that there is nothing to differentiate them from the liberals. They are not right-wing enough.

Where's Mike Harris when you need him?

PGP said...

As I sit here savouring my mid morning coffee I'm feeling dispair for Ontario and the ROC because of this.

It seems that the sheeple of Ontario apparently do not mind being lied to or let down by politicians as long as those politicians promise to take care of them and make all the bad things just go away. Results don't matter to them, only hearing the soothing promises. As long as the thumb suckers hear the soothing words they are happy.

Of course the steady drip of MSM misinformation helps too.....

Dashing McPersonality wins for no other reason than many voters in Ontario are incapable of seeing him and the whole Lib / Left crowd for what they are.

On the other hand John Tory seems to be too interested in holding a middle of the road approach to policy which is weakening his message. If the opposition is weak it makes the incumbent appear strong. Tory definitely needs to get tougher and get better people around him.

If man in the street Conservative supporters are so incensed about McGuinty where is the outrage from the leader?

Aeneas the Younger said...

Joanne wrote:

"Where's Mike Harris when you need him?"

YEAH, that worked well didn't it?

I voted for him 1995 and that proved to by a sorry mistake. Ever here of Hydro One?

Turning more neo-con will not win votes. Harper will eventually prove this to be prophesy.

Get used to minority governments - which are a direct result of Alberta and Quebec radicalism. (The evil twins of Confederation ...)

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Get used to minority governments - which are a direct result of Alberta and Quebec radicalism. (The evil twins of Confederation ...)

Yes, that's true. The two solitudes.