Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The 'Enforcer' caves to wimpy government

Speaking of talking points, it appears that Julian Fantino already got his from Premier McGuinty:

1. Say one thing
2. Do another
3. Pass the buck

He said his officers will deal with everyone who breaks the law: "It is a shared responsibility. We count on everyone to be respectful, observe the laws of the land and be of good behaviour. And I can tell you honestly those that don't will have to be dealt with. And we will."

Sounds good until...

"The police are not in the business of occupying land or holding land -- we are in the business of preserving the peace," he said. "This will not be resolved by police, but multi-levels of government."

(And we know what "preserve the peace" means.)

The newly appointed OPP commissioner said his job in Caledonia is to keep the peace and it's up to "multi levels of government" to resolve the complex issue.

(i.e. Not my job.)

*Sigh* The two-tier justice system in Ontario continues.

* * * *

And speaking of Passing the Buck...

And remember good old David Ramsay who said "It'll cost what it costs"? Get ready Canada, this one's on YOU!!!

Kitchener Conservative weighs in with McGuinty and Caledonia: Show me the money.


Swift said...

If Commissioner Fantino doesn't want to hear "misguided and inappropriate rhetoric about the OPP," he should stop listening to McWimpy!

PGP said...

On and on it goes!

What an embarrassment to be held to such low standards by politicians and officials.

I read a few posts by critics of Fantino who claimed he was more of a politician than a "get it done" manager. Apparently those critics were bang on!

Returning the citizens of Ontario to the exact same place they were (was it 7 months ago?) at the outset of this fiasco.