Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ottawa waiting for formal request

Breaking news from the Hamilton Spectator (Ottawa won't cover Caledonia Policing) - Ottawa does not seem to be responding to Dalton's demand that the feds ante up for Caledonia costs.

The policing costs are under provincial jurisdiction, so that demand is totally off the table. However, a spokesperson for Indian Affairs says they are still waiting for a "formal request" from the Ontario government.

Dalton, they want you to admit you messed up. Just do it. Start grovelling.

Swallow your pride Premier McGuinty and ask for help.


Soccermom said...

I think Dalton was stalling all along, hoping that the mean, nasty Conservatives would jump in and "solve" the crisis. McGuinty and other federal liberals would have played the bigotry card once again, all the while privately breathing a sigh of relief that it was taken care of. Stephen Harper knew he would be stepping into a political minefield.

Since that didn't happen, McGuinty is now stuck with a huge bill because of his incompetence and unwillingness to do the right thing, just because it would not have been politically correct.

Just my humble opinion from afar.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Soccermom, that was an excellent analysis. I think you are right on the money!

Cherniak_WTF said...

Conservatives would jump in and "solve" the crisis
God knows....
Just like Harris and the Ipperwash Crisis....

Jay said...

My thoughts exactly Cherniak_WTF. Making an issue out of the fact that the Ontario government asked the federal government to do its job. How avantegarde of them.

Maybe the some people just prefer it if you come out shooting I guess.

The feds won't tackle this even though its their jurisdiction because it is harming the Ontario government, just what they want and some really screwed up Ontarians, right Joanne?

How can you even begin to suggest that this incident was handled in a less than proper fashion? If you look at past stand offs, like Ipperwash,the current governement may not have handled it the best but they didn't botch it up with a slaying like the tories under Harris did.

Anonymous said...

In the end, Stephen Harper will eventually have to help out if asked.

But I'm sure that he will let that McBall-less squirm a little first.

Anonymous said...

Cherniak and Jay...You forgot to mention Mulroney...I'm sure if your littles minds work hard enough you could come up with some idiotic connection with this past PM too.

McG screwed Ontarians far more than PM Harper's current standby...He used ON tax $'s to buy the land, tied the OPP to a post thus in one shout created a two tier Justice system.
The first thing that should of happened was the arrest of the people occupying private property.

Now you want a Conservative government to do the dirty work as usual, so you socialist hypocrites can be the first to scream how unjust it all is.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Well, to be fair, McGuinty gets it right once in a while...

eg. CFP.

x2para said...

"If you look at past stand offs, like Ipperwash,the current governement may not have handled it the best but they didn't botch it up"
this guy must be sniffing glue; McGinty didn't handle anything unless you consider giving into blackmail handling the situation. And its not the federal gov'ts job to stop people from blocking a PUBLIC road or trespassing on private property.

"a slaying like the tories under Harris did."
Mike Harris or the tories didn't shoot anyone and that statement is nothing more than lying fiberal logic and possibly libel

liberal supporter said...

x2para, you have to use the full quote for demonstrating libel.
"they didn't botch it up with a slaying like the tories under Harris did"

Botch it up? Yes the tories under Harris did botch it up. Why was it botched up? Because Dudley George was shot and killed by police.

Nobody says Harris or anyone in his government ordered George shot. "Get those --- Indians out of my park" is allegedly attributed to him or someone in his government, but I don't know if that has been proven.

If you blame Dalton for the way OPP have handled Caledonia, then it is fair to blame Harris for how the OPP handled Ipperwash.