Sunday, October 29, 2006

Thank you Lorrie Goldstein

... for giving Rick Mercer a well-deserved thrashing.

Word of advice, Rick. When you're a political satirist, it's probably not a good idea to take a paycheque from the government you're satirizing.

And Bob Rae got a little whack on his skinny-dipping rear too.

* * * *

Monday Update: Goldstein's column gets picked up by National Newswatch.
Alright, Lorrie!!!


ferrethouse said...

Rick Mercer is nothing more than a mildly amusing glorified welfare bum. Without the government he would be nothing.

He is just kissing up to Rae so that he can once again assume the title of "upper class welfare recipient". Without the CBC his television show would be cancelled because it doesn't get sufficient ratings for either CTV or Global.

RGM said...

Good stuff by Goldstein. Occasionally, when I feel like looking at my brain but need something to help me roll my eyes that far back into my head, I'll put on Mercer's show (or Stromboulopoulous). Works every time.

jeff davidson said...

joanne, it is very distressing to hear you suggest that rick mercer should censor himself because he disagrees with aspects of the current government's policies.
what about all that free speech stuff conservatives blather on about?
i didn't hear conservatives complaining while mercer took the pish out of liberal governments. as we know, conservatives are rarely in power in this country so a political satirist would starve to death if they only picked on right-wing governments...
ps. you really need to stop reading the sun. it's not a newspaper.

Chuckercanuck said...

yeah joanne, how dare you tell Rick Mercer to self-censor himself.

the way he's going, next time we want him to promote something - I don't, get healthy canada or something - we'll nab him for $17,000 instead of $85,000.

unless you censor him and all we remember are the funny days!

liberal supporter said...

I found Lorrie to be less funny on this one than ususl. He could have skewered Mercer better.

How about Greg Weston, describing how flawed the accountability act is?

C. LaRoche said...

I personally like Rick Mercer -- well, I'd rather the Canadian TV landscape have him than be without him -- but satirizing politicians WHILE being in bed with them is a tricky game. Unfortunately for us, many of Mercer's skits/antics/stunts require the participation of politicians -- so he can't stray too far from the gravy train, lest he be cut off and have to perform without the cooperation of anyone on Parliament Hill.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

How about Greg Weston, describing how flawed the accountability act is?.

I have to take what Greg Weston says with a grain of salt. He's been bitter, bitter, bitter ever since the PPG fiasco.

liberal supporter said...

Bitter enough that his view can be dismissed as having no merit?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

L.S. - I'm sure some of his criticism is warranted. It seems like a massive piece of legislation, with so many complexities, it's not surprising that there is so much discussion.

On the other hand, I've heard that some of the measures would do harm to the present Liberal leadership convention, and so everything is being stalled.

I guess it depends which pundit you listen to. What do you think about it?

vicki said...

Weston also made the point that the Conservatives have it 'right' ...most of the changes that Libs are going for in the Act are more to do about partisan politics. ..not exactly in fine print...middle of the article. One cannot dismiss the fact that the very reason all this time and energy is being spent on the Accountability Act is due to the very unaccounatble, corrupt, untrustworthy behaviour of the past Lib government.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Good point, Vicki. There is a lot of political posturing going on right now.