Saturday, October 14, 2006

Caledonia - Message from the Chief

Phil Fontaine, National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations has written a letter in today's Post, in response to Lorne Gunter's op-ed "Where's the rule of law when you need it?"

(Sorry that the whole letter is behind a subscribers' wall. Buy the paper.)

Chief Fontaine assures us that talks are progressing well, but he states that the Assembly of First Nations is "deeply disappointed" by comments such as those from Mr. Gunter et al over the way things are being handled by the province and the OPP.

There is no "two-tiered application of the law" for native and non-natives, as Mr. Gunter states. There has always been a nation-to-nation relationship between First Nations and the government of Canada. This relationship is enshrined in the constitution and preserved in binding treaties that First Nations signed with the Crown.

As for the protest march planned for tomorrow, we hope the media, the public and the government pay as little attention as possible. Instead, we commend the people of Six Nations for organizing a Potluck for Peace Picnic on the same day.

O.K. Let's dissect this bit. Regarding the latter, if it really were a "Potluck for Peace Picnic", why not invite everyone in the town of Caledonia to join in? That way, everyone could just relax, and discuss things over a pot of stew.

Instead according to the Star, they're planning to "secure the boundaries", which doesn't sound too friendly to me.

Now the first part of that quote tells me that Canada is regarded as one nation, and the natives belong to another. So do natives still regard themselves as Canadians?

Yet, the natives are apparently very miffed at not having been consulted regarding the appointment of tough guy Julian Fantino as the new OPP commissioner. They had been asking to have some input, or play an "advisory" role.

Does anyone else see the irony here?

Sunday Update: Today of course is the scheduled date for the March in Caledonia. I will try to add any links throughout the day.

Star: Fantino's record with natives under fire.
Sun: OPP brace for rally.

So far so good in Caledonia.


Anonymous said...

see joanne... that's the problem in a nutshell.

"Meanwhile, back at the disputed land, cultural dissonance is the undisputed king. Apparently white society's concept of irony has no aboriginal equivalent."

Anonymous said...

This sounds so much like the
Pro-Denmark supporters that appeared on Bloor to counter the Islamists promote death to the blasphemers over the Cartoon
outrage , the Police removed and detained the Democracy supporter
becasue he was provoking the Muslims by defending free-speech and Demark which would have forced Muslims to riot and attack those on Bloor denying Islam is a peaceful religion .

The media has hyped this as a pre-supposed conflict which enforced the mind set of Police needing to defend the Indians
from this mob of yahoo's wanting equal justice for all people in canada that break, or obey the law.

I guess the girl that dresses to promote her rape must have brought the attack upon herself according to the Police and media.

Anonymous said...

"Nation to Nation" fallacies. Treaty's signed with the Indians were understood to be surrender documents - the Indians were beaten and they knew it, the white man was just being nice to the defeated. What a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Considering kickbacks paid to politicians for property developments how is the rule of law more honest than what the natives are doing now?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Last anon - Kickbacks to politicians? Do tell!

RobC said...

The indians want to be a seperate nation untill it comes time to collect all the white guy supported freebees they get.

Ottawa Core said...

how do you get your dose of testesterone joanne? janke, ny crime watch, or their stormfront and blood brotherhood?

Mac said...

This "nation to nation" nonsense needs to end. Unless someone changed the definition of "nation" while I wasn't looking, we're talking about native tribes, not nations. Pretending every little gaggle of natives is sovereign is like pretending there's only one tier of medical access in Canada or pretending the NDP aren't all about socialism.

I enjoy reading fantasy but I don't think it's healthy or sane to live it. Phil Fontaine, please seek psychological help!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Ottawa Core - You're very good at name-calling but not so great in debate.

Can you expand a bit on your point of view without being so caustic?

Rob C said...

The attitude "Don't call me a killer or I will kill you prevails with these "first nations" (internal terrorists)who IMHO are not much different than islamic radicals as in "we don't have to abide by your rule of law but it had better be their to protect us when we sqwak.

PGP said...

So ???
Do you think this protest got the point across?
Don't ask me which point because this thing did not seem to have clear one.
But I was hoping that at least some attention would be paid to the Failure of the Ontario Government to enforce the law.....
I guess tomorrows news will have more detail.

Swift said...

"Do you think this rally got the point across?"

If any of the MSM has the guts to play the speeches. They probably won't. But you'll be able to hear them on Caledoniawakeupcall. Joanne may need a box of Kleenex when she listens to a couple.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Swift - Please email me about it!! Please.