Monday, October 16, 2006

Caledonia Aftermath

First of all, kudos to all for the relatively peaceful march held in Caledonia yesterday.

Whether you regard Gary McHale as a non-native rights activist or simply a wacko, he has certainly done a lot to focus attention on what many perceive to be a system of two-tier justice and law enforcement in Ontario.

OPP Sergeant Dave Rektor obviously doesn't think too highly of McHale: "It's just sad when someone has a personal agenda with no regard for anyone else." (From Post link below).

The media bias is clear in many cases. Last night on a local station I heard a reporter refer to the occupied Douglas Creek Estates as "native land". I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and call it a mistake.

However, many reports seem to be playing up the fact that McHale apparently was originally estimating around 20,000 for this rally and march. The actual numbers in many reports are around the 500 mark.

Now why do you suppose that only "500" showed up? Do you think it had anything to do with the fact that McGuinty, Marie Trainer, the OPP, and even John Tory were begging and warning people not to join in?

If they are trying to paint this as lack of support for McHale, it is blatant bias. A local radio personality was all set to go to Caledonia and join the march, but after receiving several threatening emails he reconsidered. He said he didn't want to encourage listeners to attend the rally and then possibly be injured in the process - that he would feel responsible.

How many others were put off by intimidation and fear of violence?

Of course McGuinty wouldn't want a huge demonstration - it would focus even more embarrassing attention on his enfeebled manner of handling this ongoing crisis.

Lots of MSM reports:
Post - March to condemn government role in aboriginal occupation descends into standoff
Sun - Caledonia deadlock
LFP - OPP stare down marchers
CTV - Tense rally in Caledonia ends peacefully

Also listen to Jeff Allan this morning on 570 News at 10.

BTW, thanks to Swift for the first-hand account of the day's events in the previous thread!

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Update - I was just rereading the London Free Press link, and something struck me:

"Two hundred years of injustice have been done to native people and it is about time these things got settled," said Rolf Bertenberger, president of Local 1005 of the United Steel Workers, who was at the site with other union members from Hamilton.

This is not the first time I've seen the native side supported by organized labour. Does anyone have any idea what the connection might be? Just curious.

Also - for anyone reading this and wondering why I seem to be "obsessed" with this topic (LFP):

Local Conservative MPP Toby Barrett said outsiders have no idea of the fear and intimidation Caledonia residents have had to live with since the natives took over the subdivision eight months ago.

Barrett said he has seen business owners and residents break down and cry because of the stress.

"The rest of Ontario and Canada have to realize it could happen to them," said Barrett.

Afternoon Update: Spectator - "Heard and Scene at Caledonia"
Lots of pics at the Sun - Check the top headline and click "photos".


Swift said...

Caledonia and Ipperwash residents also feel it's sad when someone has a personal agenda. But the ones they feel have the personal agenda are the OPP.

Matt said...

Dalton McGuinty's spin on Gary McHale and his march are reprehensible. Chalking it up as a lack of support?> Puhleeze.

Maybe if he ignores it for another 8 months it'll go away. And if not, there's always more taxpayer money to throw at the problem!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Matt, had McGuinty made a statement since the march on Sunday?

Sara said...

did McGuinty, Tory or anyone else lobby against Caledonia's rally?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Sara - They all were trying to discourage people from going (McGuinty, Tory, Trainer, etc.).

Swift said...

But Trayner was at the rally. Wonder what pressure she was under and from who for her to make her statements.

Brian said...

I like that it was "below the 20,000" organizers expected. No report I read or heard suggested it was over the "10 whackos" McGuinty predicted.

Joe Calgary said...

Organized Labor and First Nations connection??? Cheap Tobacco maybe?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

J.C. - Interesting...

PGP said...

Re; Organized labour and native rights gangs?
Leftist thugs getting together to "Fight The Man"! Because everything that is wrong in their world is the fault of "The Man"! Yep.

Why surprised? The thinly veiled socialist/communists in the labour movement are all about bringing down our society. Have you not heard Buzz Hargrove's manifesto?
The native activists want to help.

BTW ... any reason why McHale can't get his followers together to take that fight to Queens Park?

It seems to me that is where the whole thing belongs.

liberal supporter said...

He would probably get a much bigger turnout at Queens Park. There are other things to do in the city after the rally, plus a crowd of 20,000 could be handled in the city, parking wise and Tim Hortons wise.

And the OPP cannot set up RIDE checks at every entrance to the city, to slow things down, and cause a blockage if 20,000 really showed up (at least 5000 cars).

When was the last time you saw a RIDE check while driving home from church on a Sunday afternoon?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

McHale could still plan another rally for Queen's Park. That doesn't mean that McGuinty would necessarily pay any attention though.

Swift said...

I had heard that there was to be a rally at Queen's Park. Did it make the papers? No! Did itinfluence any body who was not there(if anybody was there? No! The left was against it occuring in Caledonia because it guarateed the one thing that they did not want it to gety; media attention!

Anonymous said...

The native contingent squatting on the former Douglas Creek subdivision near Caledonia have been calling for the Federal Government to get involved in negotiating the dispute.

It's very possible they will end up regretting that request. Unlike the pusillanimous McGuinty moonbats, the Conservatives apparently aren't planning to roll over and play dead.