Monday, March 17, 2008


Just like his big screen look-alike, Dalton McGuinty seems to have a complex relationship with his mother. He seems to value her opinion and yet ignores it at the same time.

The Legislature is opening this afternoon with the Lord's Prayer, but Dalton is still considering an alternative - in spite of Mother's displeasure:

...The legislature will begin this afternoon with Speaker Steve Peters reading the Lord's Prayer, but McGuinty has proposed a committee look at whether or not that is still appropriate in multicultural Ontario.

The premier admitted his mother "gave him hell'' for proposing the change...

That little personal admission reminded me of the FLICK-OFF campaign, when he was amazed that the sensibilities of so many Ontarians were offended, stating that it was something he might have expected his mother to complain about it...

Interesting dynamic there. I'd love to be a fly on the wall at a family dinner.

At the very least, I detect some latent hostility regarding Mommy Dearest.

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Tuesday Update:

What Would Mother Do about this? - These deals treat taxpayers poorly (Record):

...Taxpayers throughout Waterloo Region who are now paying police or firefighters such lavish bonuses have a right to feel frustrated and powerless. Such settlements are, in the private sector, virtually unheard of. In the private sector, bonuses are often based on performance. In the case of such public sector jobs, the bonuses are automatic. They are not so much an incentive to do well as to stay put. Nor is there evidence that, without these bonuses, the region's police and firefighters would leave for greener pastures. And what next? How long until ambulance workers get these bonuses?

Clearly, the spread of retention bonuses is soaking up millions of precious tax dollars across the province that could go to other priorities such as health care, improving universities or providing more public transit. And just as clearly, it will take intervention by the Ontario government to set things right. There should, without question, be tighter guidelines directing an arbitrator's decision so that bonuses of such sheer magnitude are forbidden. But don't hold your breath. The firefighters pay dues to a powerful union. They actively campaigned to re-elect Dalton McGuinty last fall. It will likely take a recession before McGuinty or anyone else acts...
Now I understand why all the unions were supporting Dalton during the election!


Anonymous said...

I wish people wouldn't call it the LORDS prayer ...There are some good prayers recorded by my LORD but this is not one of them ...A close look says they"his disciples" asked Him to teach them how to pray,not what to pray ...katou

Neo Conservative said...

never mind the prayer thing... looks like dalton is gonna use the healing power of snacks... to fix all our societal ills.


Red Tory said...

So, you're comparing Dalton McGuinty to a deranged, homicidal psychopath?

Nice. Very Christian of you.

Wayward Son said...

"And what next? How long until ambulance workers get these bonuses?"

Ambulance workers? Who would they be? Mechanics who fix ambulances I guess.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

W.S. - Your point being...?