Thursday, March 20, 2008

Second thoughts about the Brenda Martin case

Afternoon Update: Brenda Martin is now calling Tory MPs Jason Kenney and Rick Norlock's visit nothing more than a "dog-and-pony show."

Unbelievable!!! I guess being a politician means that you have to bite your tongue on occasion. Mine would be been severed by now.

Late afternoon update: Dion Slams Harper for inaction on Brenda Martin. Oh pull-eeze!

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Original post:

Last week I was one of the many people feeling outraged about the situation Brenda Martin finds herself in, and I was even asking if we should boycott Mexico. Now I'm starting to rethink that stance.

First of all, as many of my readers had pointed out, choosing to live in Mexico is different from going there for a one week all-inclusive.

Someone who works in 'legal realm' made this very pithy comment at the end of that post:
...I'm struggling in this case with supporting her outside of that, because it's not so cut and dried, and it brings up deeper issues for me with what I think are MORE important concerns regarding Mexico and problems that ACTUAL, "living here" Canadian citizens have had to contend with. And they WERE innocent, without any doubt - I don't believe that all of a sudden HER situation, her threats of suicide if the country doesn't step in, are deserving of Canadian interference, any quicker, or before these decent people receive assistance...

One of your bloggers said "Bottom line, when you travel to another country you have to be prepared to deal with their system, their way. Accept it or stay home" - Another said, "when you live or visit in a foreign country you fall under their laws and justice system. The same as foreign nations fall under ours"
Well, she chose to go there. To LIVE there. To me, in chosing what she did, she also chose their government, their laws and their way of life...Like it or not, that also includes their justice system!


Furthermore, this seems to have been played up lately by the media, opposition, and even by Ms. Martin and her supporters as an opportunity for some Harper-bashing.

Nothing is good enough for Brenda Martin (Martin must stand trial):

...During the meeting at the Guadalajara women's prison, Martin said, Kenney also told her that if she is returned to Canada, she will have to serve at least half her sentence in a Canadian prison.
"I told him . . . I am not going back to Canada to go to prison," Martin said...

...Martin said Kenney and the Canadian government have been ineffectual...

In fact, the Post quotes her as saying, "I think they have done nothing, basically..."

Clearly she is working towards shaming the Canadian Government into action, but my impression is that they are doing everything they can, short of abducting her from prison.

If it were me in that situation, I think I'd be trying to go along with the plan, and cling onto that hope of at least getting out of Mexico no matter what the consequences in Canada. I also think that for someone that 'weak' and 'suicidal', she seems to have great presence of mind in her ability to condemn her own country's government.

Sorry if I seem heartless and have offended anyone here, but that's how I'm feeling about it. The Canadian government needs to be doing everything it can, but in the end Brenda Martin chose to live and work in Mexico, and she must have known full well of the primitive and slow-moving legal system there.

It is neither possible nor realistic to expect the Canadian Government to guarantee our Charter Rights in other countries.

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I think I may have just found a new favourite blog via one of Kate's readers. Sheila had this very interesting comment at SDA (2:57 p.m.):

I live near Ms. Martin's hometown of Trenton, and we get regular coverage of this in the press.

My thoughts are always, what in the world did she expect going to live in Mexico? I feel sorry for her, but she lost jobs because she drank too much. She left her family. She surrounded herself with unsavory characters. And then she blames everybody else when her life goes horribly wrong...

It's called consequences, folks.


Anonymous said...

I heard on the radio this AM that she was working there without a work visa.
That would not look good on her. At least if you go to work in a foreign country, you should arrive with the proper paper work.

Alberta Girl said...

"Furthermore, this seems to have been played up lately by the media, opposition, and even by Ms. Martin and her supporters has an opportunity for some Harper-bashing."


My outrage has been at how this has been handled in the press. This is totally another Liberal pseudo-scandal trying to smear the Harper government. It didn't seem to work with a dead guy, so let's try a living women, jailed in another country.

They say timing is everything. So how come Brenda Martin and her friend were not going on radio programs(I'll get to Roy Green in a minute), wailing and crying and begging and demanding two years ago. How come now - could it be that the Liberals are "using" this issue as another slam against the government???

Now to Roy Green - I Had to turn off his program last week, over several days- he DWELLED on Brenda Martin a little too much making demands of the PM to call the president of Mexico - just what did he think the president of Mexico was going to do. What would Roy Green be saying if the president of Mexico called our PM demanding that a Mexican be let out of a Canadian jail.

There are two sides to every story - we sure have heard Brenda Martin's side, but what is the other side - it is coming to light now that her lawyers have tied this to a constitutional challenge, that they could have separated it from the main case and she could have been out of there months ago.

I would say there is lots more to this story than the media, the liberals and Brenda Martin wants the average Canadian to know - after playing on the sympathies of the voters is a great way to slam a government just before a possible election.

I got a kick out of them saying the Conservatives were just looking for a photo-op by going to Mexico after demanding that they do something. I guess they didn't expect them to actually do something so that they could continue to smear them.

I tell ya - the Tories are damned if they do, and damned if they don't as far as the opposition and their MSM friends are concerned.

Anonymous said...

I agree it is another hammer for the media to try and embarrass the government.
Received a phone call last night from a friend invitng me to a 9-11 truther at Waterloo University. I laughed, told him I was going to see Steve in Guelph instead.
All of a sudden he was wild about Brenda Martin and how all Mr. Harper had to do was snap his fingers and she would be sent home.
I am not sure if it was his unreasonable shots at Mr. Harper, but all of a sudden I lost any sympathy for Ms. Martin's plight.
I made basically the same arguments you just made, it was like talking to myself. He is after all a conspiracy theory Truther
My point is that I felt like I was dealing with a frothing at the mouth partisan. This goes back to the media hammer comment.
Truth is his opinions on this issue made me even more suspect of his judgements on the whole. Law has nothing to do with justice, it is all about that poor woman?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I tell ya - the Tories are damned if they do, and damned if they don't as far as the opposition and their MSM friends are concerned.

Alberta Girl, my husband just said that a few minutes ago. Great minds think alike. ;)

(BTW, thanks for highlighting that line from the main post. I noticed a typo and changed it.)

Anonymous said...

What seems to be missed in all of this ia that when two Governments are involved in an issue such as this, they do not do the negotiating via the press.
The Prime Minister said yesterday that there have been many contacts between the Canadian and Mexican governments to do with this case, yet the press makes it sound like the Government of Canada is just getting involved now because of pressure.
Just because Mr. Harper doesnt run to the press every time he talks to the President of Mexico doesnt mean they are not in contact.

Anonymous said...

And now the mother was on CTV last night ,crying and blaming PM Harper and telling the Conservatives to quit playing politics.Why do these people who get into trouble in other country,s and ask for help always rant and condemn their own government.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Received a phone call last night from a friend invitng me to a 9-11 truther at Waterloo University. I laughed, told him I was going to see Steve in Guelph instead.

Much better choice.

Yeah, I think the media has been doing a real number on us - complete with sobbing clips of Brenda Martin and suicidal threats.

What really irritated me yesterday was her family suggesting that Harper might be using Martin as a 'political football' and for 'photo ops' and such. Good grief.

I'm sure there's nothing that either government would prefer than to get Brenda Martin out of Mexico. But it's not that easy.

And BTW, isn't the Martin family and the media using the Harper government as a 'political football' too?

The more I think about this, the angrier I become.

(I was just about to post this when I saw that Anon at 9:06 expressed much the same thoughts.)

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Lee, good points.

The media's interest in this is that the story 'has legs'. Public sentiment is driving the media to exploit the story, and that in turn feeds the public to demand more.

We need a little balance out there.

Anonymous said...

2 years in prison, 2 years of frustration. She involves the media, blames the current government and whamo...Kenny is in Mexico and the PM makes a statement, I'm pretty sure she knew what she was doing, and, who can blame her? When your the big dog in power these things get thrown at your feet, and, its up to you to handle them and move on. Yes the media and the opposition will hammer you on it, but, thats the reality of being in power. As Jed Bartlett would say.."whats next". billg

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I think the big question for me is this:

Is Brenda Martin being treated any differently than any other Canadian would if they found themselves in a similar situation in Mexico?

Ruth said...

I'm sorry, but she chose Mexico as her place to live and work for 10 years. She had no intention of moving back here.
Why would she even think that Canada would get involved for her.

Alberta Girl said...

"And now the mother was on CTV last night ,crying and blaming PM Harper and telling the Conservatives to quit playing politics."

Playing politics - that's the Liberals venue - using this to create another pseudo scandal with which to slam the government.

And now we hear that Brenda says that if she has to go to jail in Canada she doesn't want to come back.

Hmmmmm........ suicidal???

If she were truly suicidal, she would take any hand that was held out to her. THe fact she said this shows me that her goal is to get out of jail, not to get out of Mexico.

In fact, would she even come back if she were to have her case dismissed. I am beginning to think not.

hunter said...

Now CTV has a story about some guy jailed in India who fears for his life!

Is the media going to do stories on every Canadian jailed anywhere in the world, and blame the Canadian government?

caz said...

I wasn't outraged until I started thinking about this a bit more deeply. I have to admit I was moved by Brenda's ordeal initially..sent letters to my MP and also to our Prime Minister and prayed that all this would be accelerated. THEN I saw her mother on TV bashing the very politicians that were attempting to move this forward. "Political Football??)1*%^*(!!?!?!" Forgive me, but this is starting to smell really bad. I'm not sure I would be biting the hand that is supposed to be pleading my case. I realize she's stressed but how come there's no insulting comments about Paul Martin's efforts that led to absolutely nothing. That's OK, but conservatives are inept and uncaring? Her mother turned this all around for me. Not the pleading, but the blaming. Tired of it! Alberta your comments and analysis.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I think Brenda Martin and family started losing my sympathy when they began acting angry and entitled to assistance, rather than grateful for any help.

If you go out of Canada you do so at your own risk, people!

Gabby in QC said...

"I'm sorry, but she chose Mexico as her place to live and work for 10 years."

And ... after 10 years of living in a country she doesn't understand the language?

Yes, call me heartless, but I can't share the sympathy for Brenda Martin the media has been trying to engender, especially after an interview with her mother when she said that if Brenda dies, her blood will be on Stephen Harper's hands.

I understand a mother's distress but that statement is outrageous.

fh said...

The lady doth protest too much.
How could she have been so innocent

wilson said...

I think it was on MDL, that the Cdn embassy gave Martin a list of criminal lawyers to take her case, and she chose a (non-criminal) lawyer NOT on the list.
Who recommended that guy to Martin?
He took the money and ran.

Then her next lawyer uses a lengthly constitutional challenge to try to get her a 'get out of jail' card, an intentional involvement of the Cdn Govt.

jad said...

"Yes, call me heartless, but I can't share the sympathy for Brenda Martin the media has been trying to engender, especially after an interview with her mother when she said that if Brenda dies, her blood will be on Stephen Harper's hands."

I didn't actually hear this bit as I muted the TV after the "political football" statement. I am not sure what the benefit to Canada or the Conservatives is of using Ms. Martin as "political football", but it would sure be nice if the MSM could get her mother to clarify this. To me the whole interview seemed scripted and rehearsed.

Just to annoy everyone even more, and since I am a Westcoaster, why is it that all these folks that have problems in Mexico seem to come from Ontario ??? In Alberta and BC, lots of people routinely go to Mexico every year for vacations and have no trouble at all, but let a few Ontarians go down there, and all of a sudden we're into calling for boycotts, etc. Not that I'm trying to stir things up, but as Paul Wells would say, just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Second thoughts eh? Your blog quotes the bible and you have second thoughts. Lord almighty save me from Christians like you. Ask yourself what would Jesus do without always referring to your hero Stephen Harper but what a compassionate Jesus would do?

Roy Eappen said...

I have been getting more and more suspicious about this case. We should help her with her legal case by getting her a lawyer. No more than that

Matthew said...


I believe it was Jesus who always conformed to the laws of the day -- even till death -- and told his followers to "give until Caesar what is Caesar's". The woman, as Joanne properly pointed out, was LIVING in Mexico. If you live in the land, you have to respect the laws. If you don't like it, either fight it and risk the consequences (don't complain when you get caught though), or move to some place else.

Joanne, Harper was quoted on the radio last night as saying that he and his government had to respect the laws of Mexico in this case. The more I hear about this, the more I'm certain that the Mexicans, while sloppy, haven't broken their own rules over this, which makes Martin's case that much harder to support for me given her decision to work and live where she did.


Reid said...

This is exactly what's been bothering me this whole time. She's been trying to get out of going to trial. If she's not guilty she should not be afraid of a trial.

While I agree that perhaps she hasn't been treated, what we would deem, fairly, she is afterall in the Mexican justice system. If Canada can help grease those wheels and speed things up then that's good for her.

But I find it somewhat typical of a lot of western world travellers who think they can go anywhere in the world and they should be treated as they would be back home.

If she wants to bite the hand that feeds her so be it. But I can't believe she would prefer to spend a 100% sentence in a Mexican jail than a 50% sentence in a Canadian jail.

Anonymous said...

"Now I'm starting to rethink that stance."

Good for you, Joanne, I as a taxpayer appreciate your wisdom. I gotta ask though: are you gonna get fooled the next time too?

The media pretty clearly and regularly exploits emotional stories like this, usually featuring women, in order to discredit the Conservatives. We know this.

So, as a taxpayer and fellow citizen, I ask my fellow citizens rhetorically: can I count on you to not get fooled again, and to speak out loudly and clearly the next time the media produces a female victim in a clear attempt to smear Harper? Will you do the right thing, rather than the popular thing?

Alberta Girl said...

On another comment section (I believe in one of the papers), someone demanded to know what was said in the phone call SH made to Mexico.

Sheesh - when did we become a country of idiots who demand to know every little detail and word that is said in a conversation.

This whole fiasco has been manufactured by the liberals (not that they partook in any photo ops over it?????? ha ha) just like the scrieber one was manufactured with visits by liberals prior to the "scandal" breaking.

I am now wondering if the whole crying, suicidal breakdown was manufactured behind the scenes by the Liberals, just like Scribers - let me out of jail and I will tell all.

Isn't it interesting how the liberals use jailed and dead people to make their scandals.

Just sayin....

Dave said...

As one who has voted Liberal for the majority of 35 years, I am embarrassed that THEY (and their MSM cronies) have chosen to use the Brenda Martin saga as the aforementioned "Political Football" to discredit Harper and his Party. Shame Shame, as they like to say ... (and don't even get me started on the Chuck Cadman so-called Affair -- talk about using up a very good man's reputation for the Liberal cause -- see ya got me started).

If Parliament were now in session, I have this vision of Mr. Dion standing up during question period and saying ... "Will Mr. Harper pleez tell da Canadian peephole when e will ordur da veri Spesial Forzes to go hin an bring Ms Martin ohm!? Oui ou Non?

Ardvark said...

Everyone seems to be forgetting that her entire claim to innocence is based on the sworn affidavit of her 'good hearted' former boss, Alyn Waage. A man who allegedly defrauded over 60 million dollars from thousands of people in an internet investment scam, and now on whose word everyone is basing her innocence on.

With references like that....

The Rat said...

Martin was employed in Mexico and subject to its laws. She worked as a chef for 10 months, was fired, and received $27,000 USD in severance (in 2000 or 2001, a lot of CAD). She then invested that money with the man who just fired her and gave her a huge severance package. Fishy? It stinks.

Anonymous said...

I think the conservatives knew about the attack on Pearl Harbor before it happened. Stephen Harper and his conservatives have a top secret time machine with which they were able to go back in time, to a time shortly before before December 7, 1942 - but did nothing about it because, had the United States not got invovled in WWII, Britain would have been defeated, as would Canada. So, really, Stephen Harper is not who he says he is - he's really someone from past, sent to the future. I had a hard time understanding it at first but the more I think about it the more the pieces of the puzzle fit together...

frmgrl said...

I am totally suspect of this whole story. The timing is what I'm leary about. Isn't funny when a made up scandal fizzles out another one surfaces. Where was the outrage months ago? Also what about William Sampson when he was rotting and being tortured in that Saudi jail and he was truly innocent. Where was the outrage in the media then?
Ah,yes it was a Liberal government then.
This whole thing stinks in my books.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

As I mentioned on an update at the beginning of this post, Brenda Martin is now calling yesterday's visit by the two Conservative MPs a 'dog-and-pony show'.

That's it. She's lost my support altogether.

rabbit said...

Sorry if I seem heartless and have offended anyone here, but that's how I'm feeling about it.

If you've thought this through then I recommend you offend away and apologize for nothing.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Good point, Rabbit. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sympathetic to her cause. I think she's playing politics and the media loves that she's on their side.

wilson said...

Has anyone seen this story from front to back in one article?
Bits and pieces only, because it looks fishy.
To add to what Rat said:
-Martin worked as a chef for 10 months, was fired, and received $27,000 USD in severance.
-She then reinvested $10,000 of that money into another business owned by the man who just fired her and who was up on money laundering charges (has since been convicted ).
-Police question and release her at the start of the money laundering investigation.
-So she is (fired) now illegally 'working' in Mexico, and known to the Police; does she get her tail out of there, back to Canada, as fast as she can?
-She is hauled in afew years later, (because) she had kept a close friendship with her boss (now in jail in the US for money laundering)
-Martin refuses to use a lawyer (from a list) recommended by the Cdn Embassy.
-Instead of launching a defence, she launches a 'lengthly' constitutional challenge.

Just not bright? maybe,
Lookin' fishy? certainly.

Anonymous said...

Looks like she and her family may regret all this attention.
If they think Jason Kenney's visit was a photo-op, what do they call Paul Martin's visit? Didn't he brush off the cobwebs and come out of hiding a few weeks ago and head to Mexico, instead of the HoC?
He took a left in Ottawa and headed south I guess.Lost?
Still there?


Anonymous said...

If Parliament were now in session, I have this vision of Mr. Dion standing up during question period and saying ... "Will Mr. Harper pleez tell da Canadian peephole when e will ordur da veri Spesial Forzes to go hin an bring Ms Martin ohm!? Oui ou Non?
cute....I thought something was up when I seen her on TV ..nice clean cloths ,carrying a purse . how come they allow such ear rings as she had on ? In Canada that wouldn't be allowed , especially to someone that's suicidal .weather she is guilty or innocent I don't know but if she goes to jail for something she didn't do ,then that's too bad ..It happens in Canada as well ....katou

maryT said...

Message to the Martins and the media, the by-elections are over.
When did she go to jail, when was she arrested, when was PMSH elected. When did the scandal break. I think Paul Martin should be wearing this not PMSH.
Write your MP and state, she has lost the sympathy of the majority of cdns, let her rot in jail. Or she could call Dr K, he is out of work. Her mother is a piece of gullible plasticine (sp) that the liberals and media have twisted into phony outrage. Does she really think the outrageous things she is saying, and insinuating will fall on sympathetic ears.

Anonymous said...

the London Free Press is reporting the outrage of Liberal MP Paul Steckle on the mis-handling of the incident. Interesting that I didn't see Steckle up on his feet showing is outrage in question period --- anyone

Another bandwagon pile on the pm effort by the Liberal MSM

Joanne (True Blue) said...

The politics of entitlement continue - Supporters of Montrealer jailed in India want same treatment as Brenda Martin

kursk said...

I heard two weeks ago that Paul Martin was travelling to Mexico to visit Martin..then the story completely vanished from the radar..did he meet her? What was said? Did he coach her to put pressure on the Conservative Govt?

Does anybody know?

I don't recall Martin saying anything in the MSM..

DirtCrashr said...

Her story smells like old fish.
Sheesh, she ran to Mexico to hide out - like that's very original, and now she gets to find out what the inside of a Mexican Prison is like? Doesn't she know that most Mexicans criminals come up north to ply their trade because our prisons are much nicer, with better amenities, and a smoother-operating judicial system??
The same Mexican prison experience along with its revered Traditional Corruption, institutionalized fraud, and bribery with long drawn-out payoff negotiations can be anybodys to enjoy if they have an injury-car accident down there.
She should have paid-off the local cops first, working her way up the ladder of obligations, if she expected to stay very long.

Anonymous said...

Looks like she's off the radar...until La Phlegm gets off the beach and calls LLoyd anyway.
Joanne OT but what do you think about this?A recount in Quadra??


Möbius said...

I choose not to spend my vacation dollars in Mexico, or Cuba, for that matter.

When Mexico fixes it's justice system, and Cuba, it's authoritarian dictatorship, I'll think about it.

If 20 or 30% of Canadians chose a different holiday location, this problem would be solved within one sunny season.

A work colleague, freshly back from his "super-cheap" Cuban holiday, was going on about the mistreatment of Tibet by China. I pointed out the irony to him. Great conversation stopper.

Möbius said...

Of course, on the positive side, we at least know where Paul Martin has been hiding.

molarmauler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Möbius said...

Just to clarify..not all lefties are stupid hypocrites...just several of them.

May said...

Do these comments need to be moderated first or did I go over a word limit?

May said...

Question answered: I must have gone over the limit. Let me try again. Congrats Joanne: your post is the "go to" spot for the Brenda Martin Case. CTV closed their comment section rather quickly before I could get mine in, so I will post it here. Hopefully it will work this time:

Alright now that’s enough. I sympathize deeply with Brenda Martin but this is ridiculous. It is perfectly fair to say the Conservative government did not do enough in the past and royally messed up her case; and it is perfectly reasonable to scream for them to help to all who will listen; but that is where a reasonable person would stop. Regardless of how badly they screwed up in the past, the government has listened to her calls and is doing absolutely everything it can for her now. This includes the Prime Minister. This is clearly not a photo op; believe me the optics for the Tories can’t get much worse.

The government and the Prime Minister are doing everything they can and everything she asked for and she complains? I noticed a similar attitude from her supporters on Mike Duffy last night: saying a visit from Paul Martin was great (good on him by the way) but a visit from Jason Kenny could “send her over the edge.” Huh? If I were trapped in a God-forsaken hell like that I would be thrilled to see ANY politician regardless of political background, and I would be delighted to see a cabinet minister telling me my case is a priority and the entire nation is behind me.

I must also state clearly that the Prime Minister is not personally responsible for whether she lives or dies. He cannot snap his fingers and bring her home. If he could I am quite sure he would. He is not personally responsible for her case taking so long, either. In the beginning stages he probably didn’t know. He doesn’t run the country by himself. The only country that is truly responsible for this is Mexico. While I do not doubt the seriousness of her mental state, Her cries of “get me out right this instant or I will kill myself” are starting to have the distinct tone of emotional blackmail.

maryT said...

She thought Paul Martins visit was great. Maybe she thinks he is still our PM, after all, she was in jail when the election took place.
Notices that the -panel- on Newman today were not a gushy re Dion as usual. They must be getting ready to turn on him for Rae. Seems like Que liberals are having a special meeting, asking for more resignations.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long it will take CTV or CBC to buy the copyrights and sell her story? Wonder what kind of spin they would put on this.

OMMAG said...

What you are witnessing here folks is the active collaboration of LIberals and their cheerleaders in the Media.
It does not matter a bit to any of them what the facts of the case are. The only intent is create controversy.
Pure confabulation ... just like KHS.. Khadr ... Cadman .... just to name a recent few.
Next up ... Bernie Lord's Billion Dollar bilingual extortion report.

Anonymous said...

And ET at SDA has done some investigating to find out 'the rest of the story' re: Ms Martin.(in the comments)
I'm old enough to remember 'investigative journalism'...guess they dropped that course, and put in 'Trouble Making 101'

Sean said...

The Mexicans don't believe her, because she took $10,000 of her own money, which is a significant amount of money for a cook in mexico, and she invested it in a scam.
The ringleader of the scam has confessed and sits in jail. So we are supposed to believe that she invested 10 grand into her boss' internet scam and she did not know what she was investing in. I feel some sympathy for her, but at the same time I don't believe her, and I think that she is suffering the consequences of her own actions.

The Mexicans don't believe a word coming out of her mouth, and that is why she is sitting in jail.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Wow! I just stepped out for a bit and have some catching up to do here.

BTW, thanks to SDA the hits today are at 1,919 and still almost two hours to go. An all time high!

Come on people. Just a few more and we can make it over 2000!!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Did he coach her to put pressure on the Conservative Govt?

Kursk, I was wondering that too.

Joanne OT but what do you think about this?A recount in Quadra??

Bluetech, I find it strange that only the Star is reporting this. If it were true, it would be huge news.

Her cries of “get me out right this instant or I will kill myself” are starting to have the distinct tone of emotional blackmail.

May, great comment. I don't know what happened the first time, but I'm glad you reposted.

Mel said...

I have met Brenda Martin and I liked her at the time. It would have been after she worked for the scam artist. It was in March 2002, if I have the time right, in Puerto Vallarta. She was working for the owner's of Casa Isabel as a concierge. She was very friendly and accomodating to the guests there and contributed greatly to our fabulous vacation there. The owners of Casa Isabel are the same owners as the trendy Madison Pub in Toronto.

I am dismayed that she and her so-called supporters have tried to make this a political issue. She told me that she was born in Canada but had spent the rest of her life in the United States as a restaurant manager and cook in various cities there. How long she had spent in Mexico is unknown to me. My impression is that she had led a vagabond life which was very different from my own straight and narrow family provider experience. I thought nothing of it at the time other than that observation. I tend to like the "live and let live" attitude besides she was very friendly with my wife and I.

Her supporters have crossed the line now. I forgive her because she is sitting there in prison grasping at straws. She had best shut her political opportunists up.

I am inclined to let her stew in her own juices at the moment.

Mel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Joanne (True Blue) said...

thanks for that, Mel. I deleted your second comment since it seemed to be a duplicate.

Very interesting that you met Brenda.

Her supporters have crossed the line now. I forgive her because she is sitting there in prison grasping at straws. She had best shut her political opportunists up.

That's right. She's her own worse enemy right now, because in belittling the efforts of the government, she's beginning to alienate a lot of support that she once had (mine included).

Of course the Liberals and MSM are running with this one, but it may come back to bite them, as so many other issues have lately. (And isn't it strange how they've all come out around the time of the by-elections?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Yay!! We did it.

2003 hits in one day! A new record.

Thanks guys.

The Trusty Tory said...

You know what? Seriously. If it's a dog and pony show let's let her rot.

She has completely forgotten that it was her MOTHER than turned up the political heat. Bloody pinkos!!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

TT - Yeah, and on top of it, I hear on CTV newsnet last night that she has gone through a succession of lawyers, has launched several appeals, and is therefore causing the so-called 'delay' herself!

Anonymous said...

Yep, Joanne, strange thing isnt it?
She rejected help from the Canadian Embassy in the first instance, and now that her case is royally screwed up, she blames the Canadian Government.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Lee - She rejected help from the Canadian Embassy? I hadn't heard that one.

Anonymous said...

Heres how i understand it, Joanne.
At the very beginning, the Canadian Embassy gave her a list of 4 lawyers that they recommended.
She rejected all of them, hired a lawyer who took the 10,000 dollar retainer and disappeared.
Ms. Martin then hired another lawyer who started the constitutional challenge which resulted (in part at least) in the long delay in getting her case to trial.
I heard a Mexican official the other day state that if her case had been handled correctly, she would have been on her way to Canada in a couple of days.
I suspect that those lawyers that were recommended by the Canadian Embassy could have done that.
Ms. Martin is the author of her own misfotune.

Alberta Girl said...

I wrote to Roy Green to express my displeasure at how he took the word of Brenda Martin and her Friends without getting the whole story.

If anyone else wants to express their frustration to him here is his email address.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks, Lee and A.G.

I have a new post up. May try to incorporate some of this.

NB Tory Lady said...

Oh what a tangled web we weave...

great comments here...very informative...I agree..this is another in a series of liberal slams...they have sat up 24/7 looking for "ways"

It is disgusting that the liberals are trying to "govern" from the opposition benches....fortunately, we have a very intelligent PM--(I wish I knew more about who surrounds him though and why they are needed in such a high profile....some of them have been vulnerable lately ) I have to say I like the PM in charge....I really do.

Anonymous said...

Why the H_ _ _ are these people going to other countrys to live and work? If they like these places and want to work and live there then they MUST EXCEPT their laws also. I think our gov. should look into these problems and help find legal help for them and in doing so if they find that the person has been railroaded into the trouble they are in then yes they should do everything they can to get them back home to Canada. If they find that the person could be guilty then help them with their defence but if found guilty they should serve their time like anyone else. After all, they choose to do what they did.
I found you do not bite the hand that feeds you. If the government has been doing all they say they are doing then Ms. Martin
is saying all the wrong things. I wish her luck.

Rositta said...

I think just about everything has been said about this case and I agree with it all, except I think none of us would really like to be in a Mexican jail and Canada's track record for helping it's citizens abroad is not exactly stellar. Yes Brenda was probably the author of her own downfall and she is prone to hysterics but the government should and will try to help her. I noticed last week that even Mike Duffy of CTV was getting a little peeved with her and loosing some sympathy...ciao

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks, Rositta. I think that's one of the most level-headed, non-partisan summaries I've heard so far.

Anonymous said...

As an American I am following this case because I am interested that a: No Canadians seem to know that Brenda Martin had an American woman imprisoned in a (failed) bid for leniency, and b: Why do I hear this guy on American radio but not Canadian? 'This guy' is a Canadian who worked for Martin's employer at the huge scam. He has some interesting things to say about Brenda Martin...

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks, Anon. I've seen that link before. It's very interesting indeed...

So what is the U.S. media saying about all this?

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne;
American media is just now getting hold of the fact that Brenda Martin pointed the finger at the American, Rebecca Roth.
I don't know what to add that isn't on Roger Harrison's website already except to say that Harrison figures that because these two women share a case number with Alyn Waage, any solution that will get Brenda out will also work for Rebecca. He doesn't seem to have a lot of time for Brenda but doesn't want to stir public opinion against her because that would work against Rebecca. However he does say Brenda is completely innocent of her charges and is kind of silent on Rebecca.
It's just fascinating how much goes on behind the scenes - the media says one thing and they always have an agenda. Harrison himself closes an entry in his page by saying you have to look past what's in the media... the frenzy about "global warming" springs to mind.
I think this might get some traction in the media here in the US especially if Brenda gets out somehow.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm no html expert, the above link to Roger Harrison's website was supposed to be

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks, Anon. This is fascinating indeed.

Layers and layers - like an onion. Please let me know if you hear of any interesting news coverage in the U.S. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how many people have suddenly given new thought to the whole Brenda Martin ordeal -
I believed way back in the "old" post on this subject matter that many had been blinded by the "poor me" story surrounding that woman...
After her further comments on "dog and pony shows" it totally confirmed where I sat with it all, and I'm so glad to see here in this new post that I'm not the only one to see through it - FINALLY!
Thank you folks - I finally feel completely supported in my views and opinions on the subject!