Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kill the bill

Will the Liberal Party support their colleague's PMB or will they back down yet again?

The game of political chicken is about to reach a showdown.

However, perhaps this time it will be the NDP:

...Mr. McTeague said he would be prepared to fight an election on the issue and blamed Mr. Flaherty and the Conservative government for eroding what had been fat budget surpluses.

NDP finance critic Thomas Mulcair said making RESP contributions tax deductible would mainly benefit upper-income Canadians.

"We would have by far preferred to see some real action to help families, and all families of all income levels, because you're right; on the face of it, it's people who have the money to put into these programs that are actually going to be able to benefit from it," Mr. Mulcair said.

"It's better than nothing, but it wouldn't have been our first choice."

Better than nothing???

The NDP - Defender of high-income families.

Who knew?

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What the heck does this mean? John McCallum:
"I think we're accepting the leadership of our leader and we are happily but slightly uncomfortably voting the way we have been voting. Okay?"

Wednesday Update - Via SDA... A very disgruntled Liblogger - Wake me up when it's over.


Alberta Girl said...

"NDP finance critic Thomas Mulcair said making RESP contributions tax deductible would mainly benefit upper-income Canadians."

And yet they voted it through.....

This parliment has reached the point where it is playing "how can we get Tories" - There really is no point of return.

It will be interesting to see how vocal the NDP are over the killing of the bill and if the Libs actually show up.

wilson said...

If the Dippers vote results in avoiding an election, Liberals would turn the tables on them.
Libs would claim NDP is propping up the government.

Jack, make Dion back down or go into an election!

Anonymous said...

Those 'fat budget surpluses' were on the backs of taxpayers.
Liberal arrogance knows no bounds.

Raphael Alexander said...

The Liberals have an opportunity to either show some backbone, or go down in history as the most cowardly political party by voting against their own member bill.

I can't imagine how spineless you have to be to do that. They will abstain.

OMMAG said...

It's very entertaining to see the contortions that the lefties and the left of lefties will go through to pull a political gotcha on our Government.

Even more so to see them backfire.....
BTW - IF the RESP tax break was such a good idea why didn't the Liberals put one in effect somewhere between 1993 and 2006 ?

It's certainly NOT a NEW Idea!