Sunday, March 30, 2008

But where do the jobs come from?

Angelo Persichilli's column in today's Sun is a must-read - Ontario must create jobs to prosper.

Great to have a job-training program, but at some point you need to have places for those people to work. So if we spend a pile of money re-educating the work force only to have them leave the province for greener pastures, what have we accomplished?

And how can Dalton's pet projects in health care and education be sustained with a dwindling tax base?

And how can a burgeoning public sector be sustained? John Tory noted recently in the Post:

...Mr. McGuinty boasts that he has created new jobs in Ontario, but he fails to mention that almost half of the new jobs created are public sector jobs, paid for by taxpayers' dollars. Ontario is the only province in Canada where over the past five years the growth of public sector jobs has exceeded the growth of private sector jobs. Mr. McGuinty wrongly believes this is sustainable. It's not. We need private sector jobs to pay for those in the public sector...

In spite of what we think of Mr. Tory, his message rings true. If we continue on this path we will end up being the 'caboose' instead of the economic engine of Canada.

Jim Flaherty was right that the conditions need to be made favourable for investment to be attractive in Ontario. At the moment, they're anything but.

Persichilli says we have to start immediately to create the jobs that the skilled labour is being groomed for. He wonders why we are selling our raw resources to other countries to be manufactured, and then shipping the products back to be bought by Canadians?

Of course, nobody is addressing the real issue - that we have priced our labour right out of the market.

Unless we're willing to accept lower wages and abandon the union mentality, we will never be competitive.

And then the other provinces with natural resources will become the economic engines of the country - until everything has been depleted.

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Monday Update
: Method in minister's madness by Nik Nanos.


Anonymous said...

I particularly like this part

"We had an opporunity to makek changes in the early 1990s but we wasted time, intellectual resources and money on two issues: Education and health care.

Make no mistake, those are inmportant. But if you want top-notch medicare, you need top-notch money, and that money comes from a top-notch economy.

Top-notch education is important for every individual and everyone has the right to it.

But if you don't create adequate jobs at the same time, you just create educated unemployed or educated emigrants."

Anonymous said...

the recent figures are that 80% not 50% of the job creation in Ontario has been in teh public sector.

Fake jobs for an economy in a pile of doo-doo.

Can't help but think all those newly trained workers will end up in Sask. Alberta & BC where the low corporate tax rates have the economy booming.

Looking out my front window right now I count 18 construction cranes.

A big thank you to the taxpayers of Ontario for paying for all this training so the West can prosper even more.

Anonymous said...

Some validity to the idea that training people entails risks, but in future a company that doesn't train people will fall down. Look at RIM's Blackberry to see how Ontarian's can compete with the world, but THAT REQIRES A DIFFERENT MENTALITY AT THE TOP...! WHEN IS THAT GOING TO CHANGE?? This is why conservatives MUST ISOLATE COMMUNIST TORONTO, to save Canada. (real conservative)

Möbius said...

Maybe if John Tory wants to press the government to do better, he might try actually WINNING A SEAT IN PARLIAMENT!

He's the lamest of lame ducks.

paulsstuff said...

A few thoughts:

1. Ontario will be back into defecit. This will be a combination of ongoing manufacturing job losses, and the fact Buzz Hargrove will force workers at GM, Ford, Chrysler(me), to go on lenghty strikes. Because of these strikes and the corresponding job losses as a result of layoffs from parts suppliers, McGuinty's tax base will take a major hit.

2. Buzz Hargrove is going to run for the Liberal's in Jack Layton's riding.

3. Because Hargrove will be tied up with contract negotiations with the Big 3, we are virtually assured of no election until 2009, unless one is forced in the next few weeks.

4. Liberal's and Hargrove have no idea of what CAW members think. Hargrove cost the Liberal's the Oshawa riding last election with his Paul Martin photo-op. Us autoworkers are well paid, and because of that pay a huge amount of tax. The fact Hargrove saw fit to put his arm around the leader of a party found to have stolen those taxpayer dollars enraged many union members.

5. Hargrove will get trounced in the election, as will the Liberal's. Buzz retires, now knowing that that Liberal appointed senate seat he so covets will never happen.

6. As a result of Hargrove's stance during negotiations, Ontario will lose one and possibly two assembly plants.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Fred, exactly. That is only going to get worse for Ontario, and you guys will reap the benefits.

Paul, interesting thoughts re: Hargrove. I don't think we'll see an election until 2009 either, but I just can't picture Bob Rae not voting til then. Or maybe he'll be one of the seven or so allowed to do so.

Really great analysis here, BTW at Darryl's.

Ron said...

As difficult as it will be, I believe the downturn in the economy and the resultant hardships in Ontario are what is necessary to finally break the cycle of left wing, union inspired brain-washing that has blinded the people of Toronto and surrounding areas. It took nearly hitting the wall economically for Candians to understand how damaging Liberal policies of high taxes and massive debts truly was. When the dust settled, Canadians came to understand that deficit financing was not something we should be doing and now there is not a single government in Canda pursuing Trudeau like policies of borrowing from our children to pay or our wants. Once the people of Ontario realise they are being left behind and are quickly becoming 2nd and 3rd rate players in Canada they will throw the bums out and demand more responsible policies and tax structures. Unfortunately for many, Toronto will probably only learn this lesson the hard way.

Clown Party of Canada said...

"The Center of the Universe" is moving West. It must really make Toronto and area to be optimistic about their position in Canada/world. Things WILL get worse as “all those newly trained workers will end up in Sask. Alberta & BC where the low corporate tax rates have the economy booming.” [Fred 5:32] It is good that the West will continue to send money to the Federal Liberal dominated city to pay for their government workers. Go West – workers – go West, and get an education on DeYawn and the LIEberals, and more important expose your minds to another way of doing things.

Soon Toronto will be asking for “equalization payments” from Sask.

= = = = = = =
Seriously though:

Much of the manufacturing jobs are being lost because of the USA economy, and we have to wait-out the hard times there for a while. Jobs will return after this cycle is over. The auto industry will start to improve once the “big 3” decide to build cars/trucks/vans that have better gas mileage and reduction in cost to compared to import cars. [For short, federal pollution standards which consumers are willing to pay for if available.]

Anonymous said...
we can all go to work in Mexico as a border guard .katou

Möbius said...

Wait until Newfoundland realizes they're going to have to send equalization money to us!