Monday, March 10, 2008

Bloggers in the Post

First it was Kathy, then Kate, and now we have a great opinion article in today's National Post by Suzanne Fortin - Canadian Women Need a Fetal Homicide Law.

Suzanne argues in favour of Ken Epp's Private Member's Bill C-484 which would make it a "separate crime to kill a fetus while committing an offence against the mother". Mary Talbot, whose daughter and grandson were murdered, has been a vocal supporter of this bill.

She dispels the slippery slope argument with the following:
...The most vocal opponent of Bill C-484, Joyce Arthur of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC), has yet to acknowledge that losing a fetus is in itself an injustice. ARCC argues that Bill C-484 "does not protect women, only fetuses." ARCC wrongly believes any protection given to a fetus in law is objectionable. It believes domestic violence, not losing an unborn child, should be the "real issue."

ARCC's main concern is that C-484 would confer a type of personhood on the fetus and that would threaten the legality of abortion. Yet the reality is that C-484 does not in any way confer personhood or rights upon the fetus. It merely acknowledges that legally the fetus exists, and if damaged or destroyed intentionally by anyone other than the mother in an act of violence that the courts will punish the crime more severely.

( . . .)

The legal definition of human being would remain. A child would not become a human being until birth. Bill C-484 does nothing to change that.

Suzanne then goes on explain how the militant abortion-protectionists are really in the extreme minority fringes of female Canadian opinion:

...In an essay entitled "Let no fetus defeat us" on her blog posted in April 2006, Ms. Arthur claims that "fetuses are not that important" and are "none of our business." Yet a recent Environics survey found that 75% of Canadian women favour legislation such as C-484. Pro-abortion advocates would be more credible if they paid attention to women's attitudes and experiences with regards to the fetus, but they stopped paying attention decades ago, in order to promote their abortion ideology...

Well done, Suzanne! And kudos to all three ladies for their excellent op-eds in the Post.

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: ALW has an outstanding post on this subject today - Why Support for C-484 should be unanimous.


Anonymous said...

Good for Suzanne!
She speaks for a lot of us the silent majority!
Her vocal opponent Joyce Arthur will try to keep feminazi's power position in place.
But if it ever came to a vote the majority of us women would make it a crime against the fetus when the Mother is attacked and the fetus killed.
When Susanne said:
"but they stopped paying attention decades ago, in order to promote their abortion ideology..."

I think that if you put in the word Theology instead of ideology that the phrase theology would be closer to the truth.
They want to force their theology down all our throats.

Roy Eappen said...

I agree with Suzanne's piece. Iam also expecting to see you soon in the Post Joanne!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I am also expecting to see you soon in the Post Joanne!

Ha-ha! I'd have to learn how to write without links first. ;)