Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The 'next logical step'

Dalton McGuinty announces that the Ontario government will ban smoking in cars with children present, in his 'next logical step' against smoking. Good plan.

And I hope that includes unborn children too, Dalton. Will anyone smoking in a car with a pregnant woman be fined as well?

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Update: Reid at CBL has a different perspective on this - Et tu Dalton?


Matt said...

Or what about pregnant women smoking in cars? And if they can't smoke in their cars, what about in their own homes?

I think the risk to a fetus is greater than the risk to a 10 year old in the back seat. He or she can roll down the window. The fetus, however, can't connect to a bloodstream free of nicotine.

Mind you, that's my opinion, I have no idea about how the dangers add up

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Matt, yeah. I would imagine that the effects on the fetus of a pregnant woman smoking in a car would be far worse than on an older child in the back seat, as you suggest.

It will be interesting to see how this legislation is referenced regarding the ages of children, etc.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit uncomfortable with this legislation.
Laws don't change peoples hearts. If they don't care enough to but-out in the car without the law, for sure they won't care at home...that's the sad truth.

I'm a libertarian when it comes to these areas.
And I don't smoke.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

If they don't care enough to but-out in the car without the law, for sure they won't care at home...that's the sad truth.

Agreed. But the smoke would be much more concentrated in the car, I would imagine. Especially with the windows up.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Gee, I wonder if a person could be charged for smoking with kids in the car if the car is still in the garage...

Anonymous said...

Why is the government still taxing cigs to the hilt if they are so bad? Also, why are cigs not classified under the drug act re: nicotine? Why are cig manufacturers allowed to load them with toxic sludge in order to poison smokers? One last question: if my religion requires me to smoke can I do it? (real conservative)

Joanne (True Blue) said...

R.C. - All good questions.

Here are some more:

Will the next logical step be banning smoking in condos and apartments?

If so, why not just ban cigarette sales altogether?

Or will that just increase illegal cigarette sales by natives which the McGuinty government can't do anything about anyway?

Nicol DuMoulin said...

Excellent point!

Möbius said...

Let's ban everything, and give the government complete power over our bodies!


They'll kick your door in, and snatch those fatty donuts from your greasy hands! 30 minutes of mandatory exercise each day.

No strange sexual positions will be allowed, either.

Whatever happened to real conservatism?

Möbius said...

Gee, I wonder if a person could be charged for smoking with kids in the car if the car is still in the garage...

Sure, if we let them get their feet in the door. They'll then have probable cause to search the garage, and move into your house.

If they find our National Enquirer collection, then trouble will ensue.

Lynnh said...

I guess one of the next logical steps would be to give out massive fines for having Fetal Alcohol Syndrome babies. After all, it too is a preventable illness caused by an irresponsible parent. Just substitute smoking for drinking. This particular preventable disability is an even bigger drain on our medical, welfare and justice systems.

Anyone think the progressives will fully support that health care/nanny state initiative as well?

rations said...

What about passing a law making it illegal to vote Liberal in a province that has kids in it? They will have to live with the consequences.

Matt said...

Liquor stores ID anyone who looks under 25 trying to purchase alcohol. Same with convenience stores with tobacco. Will the police be pulling over every car in which someone is smoking in the presence of someone else who appears under the age of 20?

What about 16 year olds that smoke? Sure, they're not legally allowed to buy the cigarettes, but they sure don't have it taken away from them when they smoke in front of police in the Market here in Ottawa.

Anonymous said... is not far off.
I was forced to have the flu vaccine against my will, or be layed off from work.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean when I drop my kids off at school and see other parents smoking in their cars with their kids in it that I can call the cops? Make a citizen's arrest?

What a nanny state we're becoming.

First Dalton's hands are in my wallet, then my lunchbox, now in my vehicle too.

Funny, I didn't noticed Dalton in my bedroom when my kids were conceived...we you there Dalton and are YOU paying for raising my kids or am I?

I don't want any government telling me what and what I can't do...period.

Oh, and what makes the gov't so pristine and the role model in all of this?

Perhaps we should be casing the provincial Liberals at work, at home, at play to see just how they conform to their rules?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I hear ya, Anon.

From the article:

But he said that he had been persuaded that children 16 and under needed to be protected from second-hand smoke.

Now my question to that would be, WHAT IF THE 14 OR 15 YEAR OLD IS SMOKING IN THE CAR?

Anonymous said...

how be we start protecting young children from the state and politicians?

What does it say about a government that feels that they know better than the parent?

It says that a) we don't respect your right as a parent, b)what you decide is wrong, c) you can't be trusted to raise your own children.

Personally, I'd rather a government that gave parents credit for having brains.

If a parent who knows that second-hand smoke will affect the life and health of their kid...then they live with the results of their choices.

I'm tired of feeling like the government and the state are assuming the parenting of our children.

Wait for it folks! (Enter the experts who keep up the rhetoric that suggests parents are doing it all wrong)

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Anon, you'll probably enjoy this Post article.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to real conservatism?

it went out the window with the "Quest for a Majority", book & movie to follow.