Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Do ya think the Record favours the Liberals?


My associate news-watcher spotted this little gem in the local section today - Committee ousts MP Goodyear for 'dirty tricks'. It centers around a story based heavily on the Hill Times article "Parliament's 'toxically political', MPs say..."

It would appear that Record reporter Greg Mercer has cherry-picked all the nasty bits about Goodyear, and made Karen Redman out to be some kind of Philly-smackin' angel. Is he trying to influence the good people of Waterloo Region?

Mr. Mercer conveniently forgot to mention in his 'news' report a few other items in the Hill Times, such as:

...Earlier in the week, Conservatives introduced a motion at the Access to Information, Privacy, and Ethics Committee to study the Liberal election financing practices which they say are the same as theirs, but Liberal committee chair Paul Szabo (Mississauga South, Ont.) ruled the motion out of order. Mr. Szabo's ruling was overruled by the committee with the help of the NDP and the issue came up as a point of order in the House and is now awaiting a ruling from House Speaker Peter Milliken (Kingston and the Isles, Ont.).

That would be the Liberal Speaker Peter Miliken, BTW.

Oh, and Joe Preston didn't merely take Goodyear's place, as reported in the Record. No, the Hill Times explains that this was decidedly against his will:

Chief Government Whip Jay Hill (Prince George-Peace River, B.C.) said what happened at Procedure and House Affairs was "pretty ridiculous" and that the committee has become more partisan because of the opposition's refusal to open their election financing books to scrutiny.

"I think what transpired is completely inappropriate," he told The Hill Times. "When they would not take [Mr. Preston's] stated intention of not taking the chair and they basically forced it on him, I don't think it was appropriate. That's the situation we find ourselves in at the moment and we'll have to see what develops from here."

But here in Liberal Land, Karen Redman can do no wrong. One wonders which came first - Did the Red media merely play back what they thought the population would want to hear, or did the editorial bent affect the Lemming brains here?

Mercer quotes her from the Times as saying, "I think it's dragging the House of Commons to a new low."

Lower than this, Karen?


Greg said...

I completely support the idea of local newspapers, and subscribed to The Record as soon as I moved here from Barrie 12 years ago, where I had subscribed to The Examiner. I even held on for a bit after the takeover by the pravda star to see how it would shake out. The first time I saw the mug of a Torstar columnist (heh, I missed the 'L' the first time and almost spelled communist) on the inside page I cancelled, and have never even picked a free one up a Timmy's to read.

Brian said...

Many years ago , when Sandy Baird was the editor of the Record it was a balanced paper. Once he left the "screaming left" took over the newspaper ... and I could not tolerate the constant bias and will never return.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Yeah, the Record is sickening now. What a sad state it's in.

Brian, yes when it was a truly local paper and didn't have ties to the Red Star, it was an excellent publication.

My subscription is almost at an end and I won't be renewing.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

columnist (heh, I missed the 'L' the first time and almost spelled communist)

Freudian slip? ;)

Anonymous said...
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Joanne (True Blue) said...

Anon at 06:58:00 PM EDT - I hear your frustration but this is a Family-rated blog. Could you please rephrase that comment? thanks.

Reid said...

Milliken... ruled that the $1 billion RESP private member's bill isn't a money bill and thus not a confidence vote.

Yup. Unbiased Speaker of the House.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Reid, yeah, I was thinking about that one too. Miliken has been very disappointing lately. Too bad, because he used to be about as non-partisan as they come, but that seems to have changed lately.

hunter said...

The Speaker should be above partisan politics, but it seems to me that is not the case anymore, too bad I liked Milliken.

Anonymous said...

What in hell kind of a country do you want with all TV, newspapers, agreeing with the Government and Conservatives? A dictatorship, maybe?

Kingston said...

Well the speaker did shoot down Holland on a point of privilege concerning him being possible sued for mouthing off on CTV

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Well the speaker did shoot down Holland on a point of privilege concerning him being possible sued for mouthing off on CTV

Really, when did that happen Kingston? Tell me more!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Ah, never mind. Hunter's got it here.