Monday, January 15, 2007

Weinreb's Worth the Read

If you get a moment, check out Arthur Weinreb at Canada Free Press. His columns are always entertaining, witty and informative even though you may not always agree with his point of view.

Arthur recently contacted me regarding my post on the Plight of the Disadvantaged Two-Parent Child. He said he loved my coined term "parentally disadvantaged" and wanted to use it in a future column, which he has in fact done with his usual tongue-in-cheek flair.

I enjoyed this part:

The lower court dismissed her application. While sympathetic to the lesbian partner's plight, the judge came up with the silly notion that judges are supposed to interpret the law and not legislate.

The decision was reversed on appeal. The Court of Appeal found that the CLRA was outdated. Having come into force in the 1970s after a study by the Law Reform Commission of Ontario, the Act just didn't take today's realities into account (these realities being no doubt that when it comes to families, anything goes).

So true!

His January 9 column talks about the pitfalls of multiculturalism - The Liberals' "Secret Agenda".

This column is more serious but still relentlessly sardonic:

Canada should not be thought of as a real country because it was founded by that segment of society that it is perfectly permissible to discriminate against -- white males. We should play down the fact that we are a country because it will inevitably lead to tribalism. The Liberals are on a course to destroy whatever is left of our collective identity and culture by replacing it with multiculturalism where our culture consists of everyone else's culture (except that of Canadians).

I agree with Arthur. We are so busy trying not to offend and be politically correct, that we have lost any notion of who we are as a collective entity. We are a nation of solitudes.


Anonymous said...

Oh Joanne, I beg to differ. I know who I am. I, as a Canadian by birth, am whoever you need me to be so that I don't offend you or anyone else that I may be talking to.

Frankly, that means that I should just stand still, mouth closed, and be nice and polite :-)...and if someone does something offensive towards me or Canada, then I should be the one apologizing, non? or no?

liberal supporter said...

Well, we're relatively polite here, because that is Joanne's rule.

But take a tour of the blogs and you will see plenty of people offending each other every day.

I didn't know we were saving Canada with all this bickering, but I'm glad we are!

BytesIt said...

I used to say that I was a Canadian first, last and always.

Lately though I'm not so sure. It's not that my love for this country is getting any less, it's that I'm less sure that I like what being a Canadian is becoming. We are losing our identity and our uniqueness in the world.

For how many years in a row was Canada voted the best place to live? How long has it been that we are not on top anymore? What has changed other than we are falling all over each other to abandon our heritage and adopt anything and everything that comes down the pipe.

A man who doesn't stand for anything will fall for everything. We are a country on the verge of not standing for anything.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

L.S. - But take a tour of the blogs and you will see plenty of people offending each other every day.

I assume that was a TIC (tongue-in-cheek) comment.

Blogs are not the Canadian norm. I would suggest that most Canadians couldn't care less about what we discuss ad nauseum on blogs. Just go out canvassing at the next election. You'll meet so many people who just shrug their shoulders and say they don't vote or they're not following the issues.

The political-correctness that I'm talking about is court-enforced, and reinforced by media.

I agree with Bytesit. We are a country on the verge of standing for nothing - out of apathy and complacency, and good old Canadian obedience.

john said...

I agree, Joanne.
It's a sad day when you feel the need to celebrate that your kids' school has chosen to call their "Holiday Performance" a Christmas Concert and feature actual Christmas Music.

One of my favourite rhymes from the days of my youth - "I'm proud to be Canadian, proud that I am free, I wish I was a dog and Trudeau was a tree".

Joanne (True Blue) said...

"I'm proud to be Canadian, proud that I am free, I wish I was a dog and Trudeau was a tree".

lol! John, thanks for my morning smile.

And now the tree has a young sapling trying to root his influence in Canadian politics.

john said...

and thank you for returning the favor.

Cherniak_WTF said...

One of my favourite rhymes from the days of my youth -..
Mine was:
The only good Tory
is a lavatory....

Anonymous said...

john - I also remember that rhyme.

Joanne - I like your comeback.

cherniak_wtf - my next oldest brother was always teasing me for my Tory leanings. His favourite rhyme was similar to yours, only ended with "suppository." (I hope I spelled it right.)