Friday, January 12, 2007

Dion reaches out to Alberta

Gotta love Dion's approach (H/T SDA)

“The government will not decide everything" - Translation: You'll still get to choose your own street names. Kyoto's a good one though.

And how about this one?

Then he tore a strip off young guys heading for the oilsands.

“All these workers living too fast for the easy money in the north,” the prime minister-wannabe blasted as Liberal-appointed senators Tommy Banks and Grant Mitchell looked on. “It’s not good for the economy.”

Good stuff, Stephane.

He talked about “new regulations for the industry” – which means Alberta hydrocarbon- based industrial heartland. “It will be fair, it will be demanding, but we will be responsible,” he insisted. “It will not be a way to pull the money out of Alberta.”

Then he outlined his plan to make oilsands developers toe the line, imposing what sounds like massive taxes by basing the fed’s capital cost allowance on how much process water they use and how much carbon dioxide goes up the stacks.

Quelle finesse!

At this rate, Harper won't even have to go out on the campaign trail. Dion will do it all for him.

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Update: More outrage here - Dion and Easy Money.

A great Western rant here - KOed, Going Dion for the Count.

Gerry Nichols - Bad Moooo-ve by Dion.

Colby Cosh - "Fire Bad. Bread good."


Anonymous said...

It's almost unbelievable The Dion said that, what an ignorant son of a bitch. Of course Liberals prefer people to be unemployed and dependent on government, it's much easier to get their votes that way - that's just the Liberal agenda, but there are Canadians who don't want to be pawns of politicos like The Dion and his corrupt Liberals.

Anonymous said...

Dion isn't preaching to Alberta... he's preaching to Toronto where any kind of anti-Alberta statement is gold.

wilson61 said...

“All these workers living too fast for the easy money in the north,” the prime minister-wannabe blasted...

And some bloggers were hoping that all the 'new' Albertans would bring their LibDipper leftie mentality with them, and vote the Conservatives out provincially.

1) the new Albertans want to work for a living, so left everything behind.
2) After Dion calling it 'Easy Money' our new Albertas are getting a taste of why Albertans votes Conservative.

'Easy money' said the creepy little enviro turd,
who has never lifted anything heavier than his leather purse.
For Dion, living dangerously means flushing twice.

Anonymous said...

I guess having a PM that is a policy wonk and has not really worked is life is better when is name is Harper?
Get Bend....

wilson61 said...

Ever noticed how it looks as if Dion is on the verge of tears, maybe he has alergies..

Anon, Harper swings a hockey stick, not a leather purse!

Cherniak_WTF said...

Anon, Harper swings a hockey stick
Silly little Con, Harper could not play hockey because he has asthma

Joanne (True Blue) said...

For Dion, living dangerously means flushing twice.

lol! Wilson, that's a beauty.

Mac, your take on this is quite interesting. Yes, that makes sense that he would be saying this for Toronto's benefit. Nothing else makes sense, does it? Why would you go and insult the very people you are supposedly trying to woo? So, he's not stupid; he's calculating.

Still, I think this little gem is going to go down in history right beside the 'beer & popcorn' remark as proof of Nanny State arrogance.

Make notes for the election.

C. Bords said...

Dion is an idiot!

I'm from Ontario and everytime Dion speaks I want to puke. He should be happy that Alberta's economy is doing so well. I hope Albertan's rake in the dough because the more they make, the more they'll spend. Dion should pick up a copy of Reganomics some time instead of walking around in his Birkenstocks playing fetch with his retarted dog.

Anybody outside of the 416 thinks Dion is a joke!!! TORY MAJORITY!!!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I'm from Ontario and everytime Dion speaks I want to puke

Yes, he seems to be intelligent enough at a philosophical level, but he lacks 'je ne sais quoi' - an ability to relate and empathize? Of course everyone said Harper did too, and look what happened.

Well, my closing line in this post was tongue in cheek. Harper would be wise to make sure he doesn't underestimate his opponent even if Dion does seem to be a bit of a wuss.

Ontario Lad said...

When Harper made a comment about the "culture of defeat", the MSM jumped on in like pack of rabid dogs. Now Dion says what he said and......nothing. Where is the same MSM now?

Anonymous said...

As for Harper not working:

:In 1979, having graduated from Etobicoke's Richview Collegiate with a gold medal for highest marks, Harper responded to the 'Go west, young man!' call that continuously lured easterners to the Alberta oil patch. He might have been acting from an inside tip of sorts. By that time, his father was a senior accountant at Imperial Oil's headquarters in Toronto and himself in line for a possible move west. Stephen worked at various jobs in Alberta, mostly in the computer programming field, for Imperial Oil and other companies." (from The Pilgrimage of Stephen Harper by Lloyd Mackey)

So Harper does have a working knowledge of what the oil industry is, unlike Dion. Now that I wrote that, what does Dion have a working knowledge of??? Honest question.

On Dave Rutherford's show yesterday Dion said that he had been in Alberta 7 times already and that he thinks Harper has only been here once. Rutherford said in response, well, if you get to be PM, which I don't think will happen, we'll see how many times you get out to Alberta....ha ha ha!!!

Living in Alberta, it's funny that I never even notice Dion being out here until this last time. Guess those times weren't as memorable as this one was, and this one is definitely memorable for Dion showing just what an ass he is towards the west.

If what he did was "reaching out to Alberta" then I would suggest that he reach out in a different way, like perhaps listening to Albertans.

He spoke at College St. Jean, to a not-so-large audience, but I don't think he spoke anywhere else. Perhaps because no one would show up???

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Ontario Lad, MSM us starting to carry this story, but with more emphasis on Dion's green proposals. I'll try to add a few links soon.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Actually, Ontario Lad, you seem to be correct. Only Neil Waugh's article seems to reference the 'easy money' comment. Very strange.

Alberta Girl said...

perhaps some e-mails to remind them (the MSM) of their hypocrasy would be in order.

I note that their is no end of idiot statements in the globe and mail comments about Alberta and Albertans.

How come it is perfectly OK to denigrate Alberta and Albertans but if Albertans say anything against any other part of Canada we are somehow - well pick your word.

Anonymous said...

Who really cares what Dion says in Alberta? It is a lost cause as much as Harper's is in Quebec. Face it folks, we are polarized regionally and no Conservative or Liberal is going to change that reality.

Vive la Parliament du Pizza.

Anonymous said...

Did you have milk with that foot cwtf?

Anonymous said...

"Anon, Harper swings a hockey stick
Silly little Con, Harper could not play hockey because he has asthma "

Gary Robert's has asthma,he seems to be able to play hockey,right?Hey,wait,i have asthma and i play hockey.