Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Two-Tier Integrity

Darcey points out the hypocrisy of the Ontario Liberal government in making an exception to the Smoke-Free Ontario Act for casinos only.

I guess it wasn't enough for Dalton to just have two-tier justice in Caledonia and two-tier economics with the 25% pay raise for MPP's while the manufacturing sector continues to implode. Now we have two-tier smoking rules. Legion and charity bingo halls will just have to suck it up.

So by process of elimination, I won't be able to vote Liberal in the fall because of McDouble Standard; nor Conservative because of Tory Raise-Accomplice; nor NDP because of lingering nightmares from the Rae Reign.

That leaves what?

Time to start a new party. How about "The Integrity Party"?

The slogan could be "Ontario. Yours to Recover".

* * * *

Update: McGuinty hypocrisy seems to be getting attention in New Zealand! Aren't you proud to live in Ontario?

Oops - Michigan too. Well, Dalton, it may be hard to sweep your butt under the rug this time.

Thursday Update: Interesting letter in today's Sun from Jim Watson, Minister of Health Promotion -

Unlike Conservative critic Tim Hudak and the big tobacco lobby, I will not agree to exemptions for indoor smoking rooms at casinos or any other facility because I do not believe employees of these facilities should be treated as second class citizens and have their lives put at risk as a result of exposure to second hand smoke.

Furthermore, I will not support the Conservative party's plans to water down the legislation and allow a whole series of exemptions to the act.

Say what?

Also please check out Arthur Weinreb's column at CFP!- Casino smoking rooms shock naïve Ontarians. There are several gems in this one.

More from the Sun's Christina Blizzard - Evolution's Political Detour.


Charles said...

We conservatives have been using that slogan for-ever. If you do some simple math I think you will see that the raise was over due,and about what it should be. The only issue is ,should the politicians decide on their own raises. I would say no. I personally don't feel Dalton or his party deserve a raise at all, but that is just me and personal feelings should not be used for financial decisions.

Anonymous said...

How about voting for the National Socialists ?

It would seemingly be a good fit.

Either that, or you could haul ass to the USA.

The mothership is calling you JJ!

Steph said...

Wow, that slogan is very appropriate. Let me know when I can sign up to become a member of the Integrity Party. ;-)

Joanne (True Blue) said...

you could haul ass to the USA.

No room for me in your tolerant Liberal Canada, eh?

Anonymous said...

Do what I'm doing Joanne... run like hell to Mexico. They still believe in a little thing called "Personal Accountability" down there.

Anonymous said...

You could always move to Alberta, Joanne. :-) Everyone else is.

anon #83

Joanne (True Blue) said...

If you do some simple math I think you will see that the raise was over due,and about what it should be.

Charles, it could have been done incrementally.

Now I understand why some people get so cynical about politics and stop voting. However, I will probably hold my nose and vote conservative provincially.

Federally, there is no question.

Steph - I'll go canvassing with you for the Integrity Party! ;)

Joe C & anon #83 - Alberta sounds a bit more inviting than Mexico. Yikes. Even living in Ontario is better than being there.

Anonymous said...

But I'm a conservative !

I have never voted Liberal in my life.

Don't let the fact hit you in the arse, dearie !

Joanne (True Blue) said...

But I'm a conservative !

Wow. It's a bigger tent than I imagined.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it was "my" tent long before you realised where Caledonia even was ....

I have not held membership since 1990. I left after BM sold us out to the Americans.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

ATY - So which way do you normally vote come election time?

Anonymous said...

Nonsense... It costs less than 15% of what it costs in Alberta to live in Mexico, and there is not a single service here that I can't get there for a hell of a lot less... best of all, there's no liberals.

Anonymous said...

My new place is on a 60' by 300' lot, when the house is done, it will be 3000 sq. ft, and my total outlay for property tax, electrical, water, sewage, and garbage collection is $900 per year. Gas is a monthly service delivered to the door in Cylinders at about $30 bucks a month. The maid/cook works an 8 hour day for $250 a month, starts at 7am,leaves at noon after making me lunch, comes back at 5pm to cook dinner and leaves at 8pm.

I can get an MIR for $50 bucks, a Dr. who graduated from a European Medical College to visit me in my home for $10 bucks... etc.

Tell me whose doing it better, us or them.

Anonymous said...

Since the rise of the CPC, I have voted for the Harris-(ex-PC)led Greens ...

Anonymous said...


If the CPC gets rid of the whack-job Albertans, such as Anders, Jaffer, Goldring, Epp, Thompson and twits like Strahl & Day from BC, and that slimebag Khan and that jerk Baird from Ontario, and then rusticates the Sovereigntists from the Quebec Caucus, then MAYBE I would consider voting for them.

I don't personally mind Harper's style, but he has to get-out from under the Calgary gangster's heels.

Let me know when it is done. These people are an embrassment to the memory of Sir John A. Macdonald, Sir Robert Borden, Arthur Meighan, and Robert Stanfield.

Anonymous said...

Have you followed the careers of Baird and Anders at all ?

Have you heard the shite that emanates from their cake-holes?

Check-out his stupidity at:

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Baird's a jerk?

Anyway, you're confusing the Progressive Conservatives with the Conservative Party of Canada. You're not a Conservative Aeneas. You're a P.C. A man without a party.

knb said...

And you Joanne are women with a hijacked, wannabe, means nothing, soon to be gone, party, that you revere.

Leaving out "progressive", gave you and others apparently, the right to be regressive. Great...there is something to be proud of.

Oh and yes, Baird is a jerk. You like him?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Joe Calgary, are you there now? I'm sorry but I still wouldn't trade places with you. I sure do hope that you continue to visit here though.

Anonymous said...

You won't vote NDP because of something almost twenty years ago? Under the circumstances Rae was more conservative than Harris. But voting is a family legacy my grandad used to say.

I'd say enjoy Mexico while you can, and make sure your maid doesn't slit your throat during the night. They don't have liberals, but they sure have socialists.

And I thought PC's were a part of the 'new' conservatives....they got turfed already did they?