Sunday, January 21, 2007

Did Anyone Remember the Marshmallows?

Today's Toronto Sun is hosting an All-Party Hold-Their-Feet-to-the-Fire Global-Warming Roast today.

Over here, holding a very pointy skewer is the Sun Editorial Board, "We've Got Questions about Kyoto".

Next, we have Lorrie Goldstein poking holes in carbon emissions trading schemes ("Big Industry Polluters Cash in on Credits...")

Finally, Greg Weston warns us that allowing gassy cows too close to our bonfire may cause an explosion ("Farmyard Flatulence is a Source of Gas Emissions").

Protestors are welcome to this event. Dress is optional.

However, if you do choose to wear clothing, please ensure that no air molecules were harmed in the manufacturing process. Thank you.

* * * *

Tuesday Update: Lorrie Goldstein presents his own Inconvenient Truth.


Anonymous said...

I noticed that no where on the list of CO2 producers is the amount that human beings themselves create. In a comprohensive policy should this not be included. Canada has only 30 million people. Other countries with larger populations must be producing far more C02 then we are.

Anonymous said...

I have learned more from Lorrie Goldstein's columns than I ever did from the previous government (which shall go nameless, as it's a bad memory and I'm trying hard to forget it) that endorsed Kyoto and its Koolaid.

I believe what Mr. Goldstein writes, and thus I have even more reason to question the sanity of the you-know-who government that got Canada into this political mess, rather than a concerted effort to actually do something constructive for the present and the future of the environment.

If I ever need another reason to despise the you-know-who, this Kyoto Koolaid they tried to make us drink, is it. It took me only a few weeks to understand the mess of Kyoto. I'm thus concluding that I'm either smarter than anyone in the you-know-who previous government, or either they were shysters, and feeding a bunch of BS to the public in order to make themselves "look" good.

As my mother used to say, "the truth comes out in the wash."

Well, the you-know-who's dirty laundry is hanging all over the place.

anon #83

Joanne (True Blue) said...

The Sun is exposing everyone's dirty laundry lately. Good on them.

Swift said...

Do we get credit for the REDUCTION of methane gas caused by the elimination of millions of buffaloe that used to roam the praries? How about the filling in of methane pproducing swamps and wetlands? What are the environmentalists thinking of, trying to preserve wetlands, don't they know the sky is falling? We can probably meet our Kyoto commitments just by filling in all those swamp gas producing bogs in the Canadian shield(we'll just start a methane credit market and trade methane credits for carbon credits.)

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of methane is caused by agribusiness-cattle and pigs. A swamp is actually fairly methane neutral because it is absorbed by trees. Dude, if you think you know about climatology because of what you read in the newspaper, you shouldn't even be voicing an opinion. You're free to, but at least don't admit where you're getting your info from.

It's fairly easy to use methane as a local source, you don't get any more 'natural' a gas than that. It's funny to read about Alberta going to all the trouble with wind energy when there's cow and pigshit everywhere. Vermont has a program in place to pump the methane into the gas grid. This technolody has been around practically forever, we're just too stupid to know about it. Rural farmers in the now third world were piping gas into their homes to cook with back when our ancestors were living in the same building as animals and running outside to cut down all the trees, limb them up, and burn them, giving themselves lung cancer in the process.

One pile of cowshit can run a small stove for around twenty minutes. Have you seen how much poo a cow throws out? It's the easiest thing in the world to convert that, but thats a LOCAL source you see, you don't have to pay other people millions to truck it in from god knows where, run it through a terminal, convert it and ship it to you. You see, in our country we only like energy that makes us piss our money away to foreign billionaires or massive government bureaucracies (preferably both).

If you actually really believe that Kyoto is a BAD plan, just go look at the decisions of the governments of those countries and compare them with the decisions of OUR government. Our government officials are dumb as stones in comparison.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

The language is starting to deteriorate here.