Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Time for the Ontario Legislature to get back to work

I'll really be interested to see what Ontario Health Minister George Smitherman comes up with to counter this problem - Cross border medicine - Christina Blizzard.

...Windsor family physician Dr. Albert Schumacher ... worries that Canadians seeking care in the U.S. may be attracted by cut-rate clinics. Schumacher's been working with DMC to provide quality care at affordable rates for cross-border health care shoppers.

"You have a lot of peripheral and suburban places not affiliated with brand name institutions that are doing a lot of stuff," he says. Prices for MRIs, colonoscopies etc., at quality institutions in the U.S., are higher than those in Canada. An MRI can cost as much as $1,800. He's working to get Canadians what he calls the "Montreal price." If patients in this province are, in effect, bulk buying from DMC, then they get a better price than a one-off patient from, say, the Middle East would...
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...He points out that despite the new satellite medical school in Windsor, the 2,400 doctors that will be enrolled starting in 2010 will still only give the country 80% of self-sufficiency for doctors.

"The simple math is for every five of me practising here, Western Europe has six and we are only training four to replace us, so the crisis gets worse on a daily basis," he says...

But hey, our sacred public health care system is working, right? No two-tier health care for us, boy! That would sure be a slippery slope.

Yeah, George. You sure showed John Tory a thing or two.


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And this can't be good for health or our economy - 37% of smokers buying illegal cigarettes: study.


x2para said...

another health tax should fix the problem, I mean health premium; maybee the We're Losing Doctors Premium; I don't think they promised not to raise taxes so what would stop them?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

another health tax should fix the problem, I mean health premium

And of course you know that the health tax just goes to 'general revenues', right?

x2para said...

general revenues? and here I thought the 6000 or 8000 bucks I've paid over the last 4 years was going to hospitals et al. Silly me. Actually I did know, I was just thinking about what my kids could have done with that money. But I guess Dalton knows best.

Anonymous said...

Suffering under socialism is like religious asceticism, it's supposed to make us pure of heart and all that.

Single tier health care ideologues would never use any of their connections to get faster care for their own children in order to teach them the experience of suffering for a good cause...
.... just kidding! they're well connected - it's the front of the line for them.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

But I guess Dalton knows best.

Of course. Liberal-friendly cricket fields are much more important.

Get with the program!

Anonymous said...

Hope that all of you who saw the McGuinty double-cross re: faith-based education issue...remember him suggesting that fb schools would lead to segregation, yak,yak,yak.

Well, now that the TDSB is proposing an all black school taught by black teachers, using a more accurate curriculum depicting black history, did I hear that Dalton's leaving it up to the school board to decide, saying he's open to this?

What's wrong with this argument?

What makes giving African/Carribbean students an altnative school to that of the public system and paying public dollars to fund it, any less segregationist that Dalton's other faith based schools?

Why isn't this news?

The double-standard is really a bit much.

Anonymous said...

you're right Joanne....lemmings...all.

I too heard about the blacks only school proposal at the TDSB. Actually, another blogging Tory's got it up as a topic at the moment(can't recall who), and it really does need some discussion I think.

Dalton's segregationist words work for some but not others? Is that the idea?

Anonymous said...

oh and here's a surprise thanks to a blogging tory who has discovered that Warren Kinsella's got a fixation on Barney Rubble(or at least his band does, as they devote a song to the lovable guy). Hey, if it's good enough for Kinsella it's good enough for Peter VanLoan

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I heard about that regarding a blacks-only school. I understand Dalton isn't very enthusiastic about the idea.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Star article here re: school for blacks.

Somewhat ironic when you think about it.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Sandy covers the black-only school story here.