Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Time for McGuinty (and therefore us) to pay the piper

Well, the unions were solidly behind McGuinty during the election, and now begins payback time.

The labour movement is demanding that the province take a more aggressive stance in safeguarding union jobs. That usually means more money for them and more taxes for us.

Funny thing is that usually the lefties scorn corporate tax incentives, but they still want their high-paying, union jobs protected.

Anyway, at the end of this Star article (Unions turn screws on Liberals) there is an interesting bit of information about the infamous 'Working Families Coalition':

Representatives of the building trades, teachers and firefighters were all at the convention. But their unions all worked along with the CAW to help elect Liberals in last month's provincial election, either directly or indirectly through the "working families" coalition. They are unlikely to join any concerted anti-government protests.

It will be interesting to see how this all works out.

Meanwhile back in Caledonia, resident Ken Hewitt made it clear in an open letter to Michael Bryant that he expects much more involvement from the Minister than a quick photo-op:

In any event my concern lies with the comment you made regarding the HDI; a group that has no legitimacy, nor do they have lawful jurisdiction over land that has yet to be settled in any formal claims negotiations. I fully support and agree with your comment that no builder or developer should consult with such group, and that fees were not expected to be paid to any group; that they should trust the legal titles and registration process prescribed by the province. My question is why then does the provincial government not stand behind those statements. Furthermore your statement that,” natives will not be forcibly removed from any site” only serves to guarantee more protests like Caledonia’s. Most of us live our lives with an understanding that with behaviour come consequences. You have taken the consequences out of the equation and have given them a false of sense of power that will bring harm on them as well those they affect.
Today, as a result of your statements, the HDI has decided to test them by stopping a builder in Brantford indefinitely. The terms are to consult and to pay fees that you said he would not have to. I am afraid that he will be faced with little choice as your (our) government abandons him and leaves him on his own. You should know that just recently the HDI was involved in stopping a dump that was given the provincial go ahead to move forward. While that is a win for the environment, the fact that they are no longer there would suggest that the environment was not their agenda and that they have been or will be paid fees as well.

So the McGuinty government is going to have a few challenges in the next little while. I wonder how much more of our money they will spend to try and make it all go away?

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Thursday Update: Board meeting erupts over black school plan - Star.

The Post has an article this morning about the meeting as well, but I can't find the link (I hate their new on-line format) - Africentric school issue brings TDSB meeting to halt:

"We're not divided tonight", said Ms. Wilson, a parent, directing herself at members of the executive committee who remained in the room. She pointed to other alternative schools, like one for gay, lesbian and transgendered youth, which flourish in the public system. "Why can't our children have that?" she yelled, before collapsing in tears into the arms of a man.

Expositor - Builder fails to get native OK to resume his project.

Where is Michael Bryant now?


Anonymous said...

I know Mike, he's an honest, hardworking guy.

He's done everything by the book. They tried to shake him down for $47K earlier in the Fall - after he'd started building.

His comments at that time in the Expositor was that if the Italians tried to pull that kind of thing people would say they were the mafia.

He's the one who confronted McGuinty in Hamilton, I think we still have the file tape over at Wag the Dog - I can fish out the link if you like. The McGuinty campaign tried to say the confrontation was staged because CH gave him a microphone - it wasn't, that's the way he is - determined.

Just to put things into perspective, Mike is building a semi-detached house. He's not bulldozing the banks of the Grand.

This stuff is going to heat up while Bryant and McGuinty fiddle.

The Haldimand tract involves six miles (not kms) on either side of the Grand which runs from Lake Erie to Guelph - through Brantford, Cambridge, etc, you get the picture.

Somebody better take some action and stop mugging for the cameras and coining phrases or this is going to get a lot bigger.

Just saying...

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Anon, thanks for this. The problem is that the present Ontario government has no real opposition. They're all just McGuinty clones.

Caveat said...

Forgot to put my name on my previous comment.

Unfortunately, the tape of the confrontation which was great because McGuinty turned 5 shades of white when confronted with an actual issue, is gone.

Yes, I was dumfounded at the election results. They got a free pass for more of the same.

I hope nobody complains to me about them.

Interesting that they worked about 2.5 months this year.

Came back from 'Christmas break' on March 19 (three months off after voting for an increase). Shut the House on June 2. Open today but won't start until Monday. Will likely break for 'Chrismas' about two weeks later.

They work four days a week, you can do the math. Makes me wonder if they trying to outdo the Senate in terms of work ethic.

Anonymous said...

You know what's really REALLY funny?

Thanks to the whole stinky Schreiber circus.....I'm betting not many in paid attention to Lemmingville's Throne speech.

I could care less about the Ontario Throne speech. More promises Norman means we're treated to four more years of photo-ops and reannoucements of reannouncements of the type that only those of entitlements can make.

Oh and check out the Globe and Mail today.

Two different education stories.

One spins one way, one the other.

Lesson learned....don't read the Globe if you're looking for decisive stories.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks to the whole stinky Schreiber circus.....I'm betting not many in paid attention to Lemmingville's Throne speech.

That is so funny because I was thinking the very same thing! There are silver linings in all this!!!

Caveat, I think I have a link to that somewhere. It's been a busy day, but I'll try to dig that out. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I caught a mistake in the Throne speech. The increase in education was quoted as going to make the investment in education $15.5billion.....that's incorrect and is still incorrect in the press release. Liberals have ballooned the funding of education in this province much more than that. I would bet we're closer to $18billion now.

If this is an example of the accounting we can look forward to.....Ontario's in deep trouble.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Ontario's in deep trouble.

Oh, you've got that right.