...The appointment was applauded by local politicians and university colleagues who said Johnston -- a former dean of law at the University of Western Ontario and former principal of McGill University -- is "beyond reproach."

"This is the first good move the Conservatives have made on this file," said Kitchener-Waterloo Liberal MP Andrew Telegdi. "David Johnston is a man of real integrity and a man of real skill and I look forward to his recommendations."

Kitchener Centre Liberal MP Karen Redman said Johnston has "sound judgment" and "a lot of integrity.

"I would think he is a good choice for what I see as a very difficult assignment," she said...

Bravo! Finally Ms. Redman and I can agree on something.

More kudos from another unlikely source! The Star - Johnston believes in the nobility of public life, by ... wait for it ... Susan Delacourt!!!!!!

Post - Mulroney sues Liberal for statements.

Globe - Tories not on hook for Mulroney furor, Canadians say in poll. Oh, alright then. You're not all lemmings.