Wednesday, November 28, 2007

That wasn't me being nice

Bob Rae takes offense to a comment erroneously attributed to him in today's Post.

The 'unelected Foreign Affairs Critic' clears the air:
I did not, in fact, make these remarks. Canadians will know that I would not be that non-partisan do not believe Mr. Harper is on firm ground even at the best of times.
(H/T Bourque)

The heinous error appears to be corrected in the online version.


OMMAG said...

Did Ivison's little essay strike you as just a bit schizoid?
He seems to be looking for approval from all quarters or anywhere he can get it! Kind of like a LIberal Politician looking for cash or votes.... but it doesn't work well for a writer.

That penultimate paragraph was pretty good though!

"" Heads of government may not yet be hanging on to Mr. Harper's every word yet -- as he gave his closing remarks in Kampala, Uganda's President Museveni seemed to be nodding off. But they are learning that this is a Canadian Prime Minister who has the courage of his convictions and who brushes off criticism as the cost of leadership. As Mr. Harper himself put it in his closing news conference in Kampala: "For the first time in a very long time, Canada's voice is being heard and a consequence of its voice being heard is that we're getting the changes we want to see.… That's what a country with an active foreign policy does." ""

And ... Who gives a crap about what Bob Rae Says? Especially when it comes to either leadership or economics!!

Anonymous said...

that's about as clear as mud. He's Dion's problem.....not ours and hopefully not ever Canada's problem.

Jeff Davidson said...

funny to hear mention of bob rae's status as unelected foreign affairs critic.

mr. harper need only call the by-election in toronto-centre and rae will quickly become the elected foreign affairs critic.

if we're concerned about unelected officials today, perhaps you'd be interested in commenting on sheila fraser's upcoming audit of the public works.

unelected minister of public works is under fire for fast-track military spending. click here.

Anonymous said...

Better an unelected critic than an unelected CABINET MINISTER!!!!

The hypocrisy of you Tories is outstanding.

Anonymous said...

"Better an unelected critic than an unelected CABINET MINISTER!!!!

The hypocrisy of you Tories is outstanding."

Do you mean like Pierre Pettigrew was, or do you mean like Stephane Dion was?

So, is it hypocrisy in your case or clear ignorance of the fact the now current Liberal leader was in fact appointed to cabinet before ever being voted an MP????????


Dave said...


Minister Fortier is not really under fire for anything. The AG hasn't even started her audit, let alone found anything!

It's the AG's job to audit government spending, processes and controls. That's what auditors do--periodically look into various things to see what they can find. Just because they audit, doesn't mean anybody is guilty of anything.

Anonymous said...

'Bob Rae'! hilarious!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

The hypocrisy of you Tories is outstanding.

Actually, I was just picking up on Dan Cook's blog headline, but I know you guys need to find something to attack, so go for it.

Anonymous said...

What is the problem with an unelected member of Cabinet in the Senate. Every government has at least one ... the Leader of the Government in the Senate. They are accountable to Parliament and, as a whole, must retain the confidence of the House.