Thursday, November 29, 2007

Schreiber fatigue? - With lots of updates

(Updates at end)

Jason Kenney mentioned on MDL tonight that he hasn't had one email from a constituent regarding Karlheinz Schreiber. Outside of Parliament, MSM and political junkies like you and I, one wonders how many people are talking about it.

What do you think?

Are ordinary Canadians at the local Timmy's obsessed with KHS? Or is not even on their radar?

My guess is that Jason is right.

* * * *

Updates for political junkies - Schreiber extradition likely to be delayed. (CTV)

Justice Department won't block Schreiber's appeal to stay in Canada. (CBC)

And Garth Turner figures Stephen Harper is toast - Apparently, there is a secret diagram...

* * * *

Important: Check out MDL clip of party strategists for tonight. Liberal strategist Don Moors says something at the end which makes the other two go, "Oh, oh!!!"

Don Moors:
"You can't call a public inquiry Mike, and then have an election before we get to the bottom of the matter..."

The Liberals will be pulling the plug in February, folks. You can take that one to the bank.

* * * *
Thursday Update: National Newswatch has all kinds of tantalizing links for you Mulroney-Schreiber junkies, like Schreiber Ready to Talk. Will he? Won't he? How is it that one old man has hijacked a whole country's attention and all the taxpayers' money that is needed to put on this circus?

Here's a good one for Pat Martin: Schreiber also donated to Liberals:

Karlheinz Schreiber is in the spotlight for money he gave former Tory prime minister Brian Mulroney, but when it comes to contributions to political parties, he appears to have given significantly more to the Liberal Party of Canada.

Personally, I'm Schreibered-out.

Too bad. The pundits suggest that the best gong show ever is scheduled for later this morning.

Will it be called Truth? Or Avoiding Consequences?

Or none of the above?

Globe - Mulroney was supposed to get $500 K: Schreiber.

AGWN - Mistress Karlheinz Schreiber the Dominatrix.

SDA - "feisty Robert Thibault from Yarmouth” Meets With Karlheinz Schreiber?

Dan Cook (Globe) - Stephane Dion's 'Invented Cover-up'. (H/T Bourque)

Stephen Taylor - Notes about the Schreiber Show.

Jack's Newswatch
has plenty of info as well.

Good episode of CTV's the Verdict tonight. Paula Todd was remarkably non-partisan and making a lot of sense. One of her guests said that the MP's in today's circus should be reminded that Canada doesn't have a 'Fifth Amendment'. Clip should be available soon.

Friday Update - Noteworthy items:
L. Ian MacDonald - The committee mob scene on Parliament Hill.
Chantal Hebert - Schreiber lures MP's with crumbs.
Don Martin - Politicians have reason to worry.


Ruth said...

I think the sooner this guy is on the plane to Germany, the better for all of us. I'm sick of hearing him or seeing him. He's using us all for dummies.

Anonymous said...

It's not on the radar in my region of Ontario. Not even close.

Ryan R said...

Jason's right, for several reasons...

1) Over the past little while, Canadians who are really digging into the issue are finding out that Schreiber isn't exactly the most trustworthy person on the planet. ;) I think (hope) that even Liberal partisans can clearly see that he's just trying to take advantage of the situation to avoid a proper deportation to Germany where he should start serving jail-times for criminal offences.

2) Given the first point, I think that it's becoming clear to Canadians in general that this might be just another collosal waste of government time and funds... like the last time Mulroney was investigated over the very same issue.

3) Most importantly... you can't spend 3 years saying "The Conservatives are simply the old Canadian Alliance party under a different name! The old PC party has nothing to do with them!", and then turn around and say "The last PC Prime Minister to win an election - way back two decades ago - is actually calling the shots! Harper is shielding him, and has all sorts of shady connections to him!"

Sorry, Libs, but you can't have it both ways. You've conditioned Canadians to think of the Conservatives as Canadian Alliance-lite, so you don't get to smear them with past PC Prime Ministers.

All in all, it's looking like a waste of time to your average Canadian, I suspect.

Anonymous said...

He might be right on this. I think everyone {correctly} accepts that this is not the same party as the Progressive Conservatives. Yes, there are some common roots but still, it is separated by time, ideology and personnel.

In some respects, the Liberals and NDP can take credit for that. They have expended a lot of effort to remind Canadians that these are not the 'warm and fuzzy Joe Clark Tories' {thankfully}. Now, they are trying to link the too for the sake of this 'scandal'.

Kingston said...

Not even on the radar from what I hear in the coffee room. They have no idea who KHS and they do not care, if the Opps do not find something good, this has been a huge waste of my valuable blogging time.LOL

Anonymous said...

Not where I live - they're all talking about it. Also about the death penalty issue and Harper's stance on the environment - and none too happy I might say.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing with the opposition pushing this is akin to a parallel universe. In this one Karlheinz Schreiber plays the part of Colonel Hogan, with the Greenspan brothers playing Kinch and Labeau. The part of Colonel Klink of course is played by Steffi Dion and that loveable Robert Thibeau is Sgt. Schultz... I know nothing... I wouldn't be surprised if Hogan has a coffee pot in his cell "suite" with a bug in the Liberal caucus room.

Anonymous said...

Most Canucks care little about politics except when "forced" to glance over when it's election time...I also suspect Jason is right.
Let's remember last week's poll stating that most do not see the Harper government being negatively affected by association with the old PC of Mulroney.
So, unless Shreiber spills some juicy stuff tomorrow this will have been the biggest tempest in a teapot yawnfest ever stirred by the desperate Fibs and their MSM minions who are starving for another scandal for EZ news publishing.
You know where I'll be tomorrow at 11 am!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks for the comments here. Having a few computer issues tonight, but hopefully I'll be able to check from time to time and allow comments through Comment Moderation. Wish I didn't have to be a gatekeeper.

Anonymous said...

"Not where I live - they're all talking about it. Also about the death penalty issue and Harper's stance on the environment - and none too happy I might say."

Hey Joanne, either Liberal whip Karen Redman is posting on your blog as an anon or someone seems to like to quote what she said on Duffy Monday. Tooooooo funny.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Ha-ha! Paul, that's probably her assistant. ;)

I can't even get my emails by her anymore.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow at 11:00 will be stone silence from St. Karlheinz. If he tells all his usefulness is used up. He has to turn back the drag on his reel and play this fish slowly.

Anonymous said...

Paulstuff, you beat me at it...It also could be Red Tory or Liberal Supporter wearing the annon mask for more shock effect...I think both RT and LS are the same person anyway...Trolls are drole.

Grind a Grit

Joanne (True Blue) said...

RT who?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Tomorrow at 11:00 will be stone silence from St. Karlheinz.

I'm sure he'll give us a teaser.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Joanne, he has to give a wiff. It will be one of those.. to be continued next week types... If he refuses to talk completely even the Liberals will know they've been had.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

It will be one of those.. to be continued next week types.

Exactly. The whole of Canada is being played by a pro.

KHS - The most powerful man in Canada.

Anonymous said...

CTV reported Schreiber won't talk tommorrow, and the Greenspans will be asking for an adjournment of the committee for a week or two. Gee, never saw that coming.

Anonymous said...

In the West...KHS does NOT exist...
In the East(Ontario) where all our relatives live...KHS does NOT exist...Only in the small minds of the MSM and the Liberals does he reside...

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Anon, I just found this story that backs up your comment.

Anonymous said...

St. Karlheinz has now been given until Dec.15... He shoots he scores...Anytime I fall for something I feel used, make that 32,000,000 used.

barbs said...

I keep wondering at the salivating by the Libs, and the fact that Thibault has had lunch with KHS (and I believe he said this started months ago), if KHS in his wily and manipulative ways hasn't got a side deal with the Libs, i.e. not to bring them into this.
I surmise from what Thibault is telling Garth T that something is up...Garth says Nicholson's boss will be "toast".

Anonymous said...

I think he might tease tomorrow but I wouldn't be surprised if he isn't on a plane to Belize.

Since he now has house arrest, if I were the RCMP I would 1) have that house surrounded 24x7, and 2) be checking out every charter plane from Quebec City to Windsor to make sure he/his wife/his cronies haven't booked one for a quick escape.

If he can't produce something substantial tomorrow, and varifiable, the committee should throw him to the wolves.

Möbius said...

We just wish Mulroney would go away, before he costs us more money.

Kind of like Chretien.

Anonymous said...

KHS has lied about so many things it wouldn't be surprising if some liberal hasn't had him concoct some more fabrications about conservatives - with the promise of a pardon and immunity from extradition if they get into power.

If - heaven forbid - the libs win an election in the near future and KHS is suddenly a free man - then you'll know they bought some convenient lies from KHS.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I was just checking out Garth's blog myself.

Anonymous said...

Anything Garth says is, well taken with a grain of salt. Garth has had an ongoing daily hissy fit since Harper left him out of cabinet. And he should be focusing on more important issues, like crashing the Santa Claus parade.

Schreiber will say a whole lot of nothing, whenever it is he decides to talk. Think about it. He is a Canadian citizen, and he is now going to tell of illegal kickbacks with government officials. Methinks implicating yourself in corruption might not be that brilliant. His goal is to avoid jail and be free, wether that happens in Canada or Germany.

I still stand by my earlier opinion. Schreiber felt comfortable with the Liberals in power that he would remain in Canada, and hence the "donations" to the party. If and when he gets on a plane to Germany, then the real squealing will begin.


Anonymous said...

Watching Lisa LaFlamme tonite on MDL it looks as though she is positively smitten with Karlheinz. He seems to have that effect on Lefties.

Bruce from Cambridge said...

I want to know how much Liberals where involved with Schrieber. It seems as though he had dealings with a number of politicians. I don't believe for one second that every Liberal MP was deaf, dumb and stupid over his dealings the way they were with ADSCAM

Greg said...

Maybe someone should start a thread on what we were doing way back when this all happened. Personally, I had more hair, less of it was gray, 20lbs less, and had finally broken down and purchased a VHS machine to replace my Sony Betamax. A few more years would pass before I purchased my first CD player.

NeilD said...

I think that Harper has the Liberal Party right where he wants them.

Anonymous said...

My serious question - Has Karlheinz Schreiber ever been accused of doing anything criminal or wrong in Canada?

Were his dealings with various governments as a lobbyist representing German companies, trying to get contracts and trying to set up a manufacturing plant for armoured vehicles and pasta houses illegal in any way?

Was the Airbus contract which was granted somehow bad or wrong or illegal?

Did this guy do anything different than pretty well any lobbyists represnting their companies?

If not then why is everyone who ever met the man (and he hung out at every political function getting his picture taken with pretty well everyone) somehow slagged with being crooked or corrupt?

Was there anything crooked or corrupt in any of his dealings in Canada?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Neil, I tend to agree with you. I think Harper has something up his sleeve in terms of tactics.

What do you think his strategy is?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Was there anything crooked or corrupt in any of his dealings in Canada?

Good question. I'm certainly no expert, but as far as I know he's only wanted in Germany on assorted charges of fraud, etc.

Mulroney is implicated if the exchange of money actually did occur while he was PM. That is still just an allegation, as far as I know.

If anyone else cares to jump in here, feel free.

hunter said...

PM Harper's strategy, keep running a clean, principled government. Follow all the rules, and let the opposition look like the dirt diggers. The Conservatives forced the opposition to use a Speakers warrant, that hasn't been used in 97 years, so who is digging for dirt? Not the Conservatives, they have not stopped the opposition in anything, they even voted for the Speakers warrant, as a matter of fact, they forced the opposition into it. Interesting strategy.

It's not in Schreiber's interest to keep after the Conservatives, it will just get him sent to Germany faster, so who can he have dirt on?

maryT said...

Notice the dates that orders ran out, Dec 15 and KS is a free man. The Justice minister is not stupid, by waiting till today, he can and has just postponed the order to get out till Dec 30, and Greenspan has been ordered to get his ducks in a row by Dec 10.
However, I have had a nagging thought for weeks. KS has to get out of jail before he could take flight. That is why I asked a few days ago, is he on a no fly list anywhere. I am surprised he made it to Ottawa, but he has the weekend to get out.
Maybe the libs were so sure he would be on a plane Sat, to Germany, that they had plans to get him on a plane to somewhere else. No one would question him at the airport, they knew he was leaving. Possibly lots of bribes have been paid for nothing.
Still, I would love to see him in orange tomorrow.
I will be at an open house on Fri hosted by the liberal caucus of AB. Will listen to see if KS is talked about, or the death penalty.
I hope I remember to take off my Harper button on Friday.

Anonymous said...

MaryT, it's a good thing you are anonymous with your libelous comments.

Toronto Crawler said...

Amongst traditional downtown Toronto Liberal voters I know, Karl Schreiber is generally seen to be a crook and criminal with zero credibility simply taking advantage of the situation to avoid being deported to Germany to face his charges - he has zero credibility, and even if true, anything that happened during the Mulroney administration has nothing to do with the current government.

wilson said...

If you read Joannes 7:44 link, midway in the article:

...Speaker Peter Milliken, who issued the warrant Tuesday to bring Schreiber to Ottawa, denied a request by NDPMPPat Martin, the vice-chair of the committee, to allow the businessman to sleep at his stately townhouse in Ottawa's posh Rockcliffe Park...

Schreiber sleeps in jail, even tho all parties agreed on the sleepover, Milliken said NO.
That means one of his demands has NOT been met.
Greenspan said, meet all demands or Schreiber says NOTHING.

Gayle said...

Wow - the conspiracy theories over here are out of control (the liberals have arranged for him to be secretly transported on a plane to some unknown location???).


"I think (hope) that even Liberal partisans can clearly see that he's just trying to take advantage of the situation to avoid a proper deportation to Germany where he should start serving jail-times for criminal offences."

I have yet to hear any liberal politician discuss this case without also acknowledging Schreiber has serious credibility issues. EVERYONE knows he is trying to avoid deportation. You needn't pretend this has somehow escaped the notice of the liberals.

The guy is sleazy and possibly very corrupt - which begs the question why Mulroney accepted cash payments and then failed to disclose them. You all need to remember Harper called this inquiry because he rightly concluded the office of the Prime Minister had been called into question. The ethics committee would not have called for their hearing if Harper had assured them Schreiber would be in Canada for the inquiry.

Tomorrow is going to be a farce. Every party (including the conservatives) will be asking partisan questions designed to hurt their political opponents.

A total farce...

Still, an interesting story tonight on the email from Elmer McKay.

Mike said...

Hunter, you said it all. PMSH's "Hidden Agenda" is to run a clean, honest government. It's brilliant, the Liberals would never expect it.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

MaryT, it's a good thing you are anonymous with your libelous comments.

Everything she said was hypothetical; not presented as a fact.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Here's another theory presented on some political show last night (I've lost track of which one) - Schreiber's game plan is to try to do his best to stay here as a witness for the Canadian inquiries, and then try to make the plea in Germany that he was unfairly detained here to the extent that he has been denied 'due process' in Germany, or some such ruse; thereby having the overseas charges thrown out. I think I saw that on CPAC.

Ryan R said...

Gayle - That might be the most even-handed, and unbiased, Blog post I've ever seen you make. Good job! :)

It's refreshing to know that grassroots left-leaning folks like yourself are honest enough to admit the obvious when it comes to Schreiber.

Now, Schreiber's crookedness doesn't necessarily mean that Mulroney is completely innocent, I agree. It just means that there needs to be a whole heck of a lot more than just Schreiber's 'good word' to convict Mulroney of anything.

Anonymous said...

Step right up folks and witness the funniest country on earth...Complete with monkey trainer (Shreiber),snakes (Bloc), clowns (Libs & Dippers) and their make-up artists (Conservatives):


Mini-series starts today at 11 E.S.T.
Get your popcorn ready...Beer before lunch optional except 1 hour ahead in the Marytimes.

Grind a Grit

Alberta Girl said...

"Gayle - That might be the most even-handed, and unbiased, Blog post I've ever seen you make. Good job! :)"

Ryan - I thought exactly the same thing, in fact was going to tell her so...

So, Gayle, I totally agree with you in everything you said - (a definite first for me) including the fact that there seem to be alot of "conspiracy theories" on all sides.

Caveat said...

I personally couldn't care less about this 'scandal'.

It doesn't help that Schreiber is repulsive. Mulroney's a good character but featuring them together is like matching Denzel Washington with Rodney Dangerfield - there's no chemistry.

The media, as usual, are frantically trying to create a crisis so they can cover it and gain audience share. I doubt they'll ever top 'pit bulls' for that though - the greatest red herring to date.

If they (and the Libranos) want to stir the pot, they have to focus on vague, sensational kinds of fear-mongering where every jerk on the street can opine at length without needing any boring facts.

You know, like 'Soldiers. In our cities.' or the 'hidden agenda' which of course, being hidden can never be proved or disproved. That kind of thing has juice.

The KHS issue requires some study, the review of rather dry documents, dull Hansard records, accounting skills. It also features washed-up lead actors and an irrelevant script. Joe Blow at the roving mike will likely respond with 'whatever' which doesn't make for great live eye coverage.

Ho hum...back to the drawing board, LIbranos...

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Caveat, that was one of the best comments ever made here! Thanks. ;)

NeilD said...

Mulroney accounts for less than two percent of the twenty million it's said that he (Schreiber) had to distribute. What happened to the other $19,700,000???
Once Schreiber starts talking the Liberals will be desparate to shut him up. This tactic wasn't thought through.

Tony said...

The Schreiber issue has gone on long enough and I am one of those suffering from "Schreiber fatigue." Hopefully he will testify today, but I am having my doubts as to whether he will.

Yesterday I made a suggestion as to what the government should do if he refuses to testify today

If Schreiber Refuses To Speak

Gayle said...

ryan and AG - don't you know I am ALWAYS non-partisan? ;)

Seriously though, I hope you understand my point. All the negative things everyone sees in Schreiber are exactly why this whole affair merits investigation - since there is proof Mulroney received cash from him and did not declare it until years later. There is no doubt the two were close.

I for one never thought we needed an inquiry. I also think it is false to assert one was called because of the opposition demanding one. Harper only decided to call an inquiry after Mulroney demanded one - and that came a day after Harper publicly shut Mulroney out.

Furthermore, the only reason the ethics committee is hearing this is because they could not get assurances from Harper that Schreiber would remain in the country until after the inquiry Clearly they felt they had to hear from him personally - hence the committee hearings.

While there is no reason to believe Harper's government can be drawn into this whole sorry mess, his handling of the file is questionable.

"Greenspan has been ordered to get his ducks in a row by Dec 10."

No - the government cannot order Greenspan to do anything. He has been asked - and I hear he has refused.

Joanne - I highly doubt the theory you heard last night could come to fruition. I know here in Alberta a man convicted of a couple serious sexual assaults asked that his time served overseas in prison while he was fighting extradition count towards his sentence in Canada and that request was refused.

The Germans want him - they are not going to allow him to benefit from his conduct in Canada.

maryT said...

What is with the ndp, signing in and out. Couldn't one of the ndp members resign and put this other guy on it.
The circus of over for the day, no testimony, but big argument over where he sleeps tonight. Some of those records are in another country. Will he be allowed to go there (never to return) and look at those papers.
I thought the Speakers Warrant said that one had to answer all questions. Will KS be held in contempt.

Anonymous said...

Check out SDA to find out what Garth is talking about now:
His fellow MP that cozied up to KHS in jail.

Why is the MSM not concerned about Lib MP's visiting KHS in jail?

This is a media game, and the Libs are playing it to the hilt.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks, Anon.

SDA link here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne
Does anyone here believe Schreiber will be back before January 2008?
His Lawyer is busy with Conrad Black and not available to assist him.
He can claim he is to ill to attend.
Just my gut feeling.


Ryan R said...

Gayle - You made some good points, but some of them seem much weaker after today's farcical events.

Everybody - I have to say that this is the biggest farce I've ever seen in Ottawa. It's actually hilarious. I'm just amazed how Schreiber is being allowed to play everybody for fools, and offering next to no information at all.

He wants to go to Switzerland... LOL! :D

I don't know, but I get a sense that Stephen Harper is loving this. This is a complete and utter waste of time for the opposition parties - they might spend months on this silliness and have nothing to show for it in the way of hurting the Conservatives, with Schreiber's dodgy/slimey style. In the meantime, issues that they could perhaps make some inroads against the Tories over (such as the environment) are being put on the backburner.

So far, it looks like the Libs are 0-for-2 in trying to manufacture a scandal - first the "in and out scandal" went nowhere (in spite of Cherniak's outright comical predictions), and now this "scandal" is looking like a sham.

Möbius said...

Time to call the Schreiber-bluff.

Gehen Sie nach Deutschland!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope Schreiber had a condom on at the committee because the way Liberal MP and Chair Paul Szabo was bending over for him, well.....

And I hear Pat Martin is having a party this weekend. Besides Schreiber the guest list is rumored to include Conrad Black and Robert Pickton. It will be a sleepover.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Anon at 08:48:00 PM - I let that one go through but it is at the limits of good taste. I hear what you're saying though. Szabo's performance today was pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Only in Canada would the chair of an ethics committee give a criminal a break. I thought the chair's performance truly pathetic. There's nothing to see here folks except an embarassing example on what Canadians waste their taxdollars on each and every day.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Robert Thibault is another strange bird. If you follow the comments on the SDA thread that I linked to at the end of this post, a few things start to look odd. For example, why did Thibault, who sits on the ethics committee, have access to Schreiber? Why was he able to have meetings with him? Who authorized that?

And why is Thibault on the ethics committee anyway since he is being sued by Brian Mulroney? As one of the SDA readers notes, isn't that a conflict of interest?

Anonymous said...

And why is MSM ignoring Thibeault's "visits"? Why are we asking the questions that so-called reporters are expected to ask? What do Fifer and Ollyver and Tabore think about all this and why aren't they telling us what KHS really meant hopes to accopmplish with all this?

Never mind...just rhetorical questions...

Joanne (True Blue) said...

And why is MSM ignoring Thibeault's "visits"?

I know your questions are rhetorical, but I've heard rumours that some of the MSM are concerned about the public inquiry and what information they may be forced to surrender; especially CBC.

Gayle said...

Joanne - if it helps I do not think there are any restrictions on who may visit prisoners in custody once that visitor passes security checks established by the prison. In other words, the government has no authority to bar Thibault from visiting Schreiber.

I first heard about this when Thibault talked about visiting him on one of the political talk shows, so it not like he has been trying to hide it - for that matter the media have reported on it. At the time Thibault talked about visiting Schreiber he also noted, quite emphatically, that he recognized Schreiber has a not-so-hidden agenda here, and that his word must be taken with a grain of salt.

So, since he has been open about all this, I am not sure where there is a problem.

As for a conflict of interest, I suppose Mulroney could sue everyone on the ethics committee to ensure there is no one left to investigate this if that is all it took to have someone kicked off the committee. Until such time as a court rules on this lawsuit there is no conflict.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

In other words, the government has no authority to bar Thibault from visiting Schreiber.

It's the optics of it. We have Thibault who is on the Ethics committee, meeting with Schreiber, whom he ends up questioning in a future Parliamentary 'command performance', as it were... Did Dion condone this little reconnaissance mission? Was he aware that Thibault was planning to do it? If not, why not? Has he no control?

And the other major witness in this fiasco happens to be suing Thibault.

It reeks.

Donna said...

"so it not like he has been trying to hide it - for that matter the media have reported on it"

True Gayle - but - as Joanne says, it is how this is being treated.

If a Tory visited him, you can be sure that there would be Headlines like

Tory MP secretly meets with KHS


Torys coaching witness??


Liberals close Gap new poll finds

Oh - sorry - that one has been done.

My point is, Gayle, it is so blatantly obvious that if the tables were turned and the Tories were doing the visiting, you would be over hear asking why the coverup, why don't they come clean with what they were doing, have their been kickbacks from KHS to the Harper Tories.

Its about the hypocrasy Gayle.

Ryan R said...

Joanne - I noticed that you said that Paula Todd was "surprisingly non-partisan". So... you think she's a liberal partisan?

I actually like Paula Todd a lot - she's a good law and order type, in my view; she's not too much of a bleeding heart. She was actually pretty gung-ho supportive of the Conservatives crime omnibus bill, IIRC.

Why do you think she's Liberal (assuming that you do)?

Gayle said...

Well now you are making things up to support your post.

Thibault has been openly meeting with Schreiber. It is not his fault it took the rest of us this long to catch up to him. These visits started long before there was any suggestion Schreiber be called before the ethics committee - and that was Pat Martin's idea by the way - and in case you missed it Martin and Mulcair have been telling anyone who will listen that the liberals have been stalling to try and prevent the committee from hearing Schreiber (not that they can substantiate that, but it is interesting how different perspectives can change the argument).

I do not believe the media would be all over the conservatives for meeting with Schreiber. I mean they have not been all over the Conservatives for appointing a Bloc member (and avowed liberal hater) to look into Adscam, again. For that matter, why aren't the media clamouring for the report - or for Khan's report from the fact finding mission...

Sorry, but the MSM is not out to get Harper. For every outlet you claim supports the liberals I can find one who I say supports the conservatives.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Why do you think she's Liberal

Ryan, on some other issues, she seems to be a little left of centre. However, I enjoy the show. She usually has lots of interesting topics and guests.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thibault has been openly meeting with Schreiber. It is not his fault it took the rest of us this long to catch up to him. These visits started long before there was any suggestion Schreiber be called before the ethics committee

Now that Schreiber has been called before the ethics committee Thibault should recuse himself. IMHO.

Greg from Hespeler said...

I personally feel that Danny W's sudden interest in making nice with Harper is directly related to this. He looks at the liberal antics here and thinks: "By da lord tundering Jesus, those idiots are giving Harper a majority, and I'll look like an even bigger idiot than the libs for telling everyone not to vote conservative."

Gayle said...

Sorry to burst your bubble Greg, but it was Harper who approached Williams (at the request of one of the conservative Nfld MP's), and after the meeting Williams said it is still ABC (anyone but conservative) until Harper does what he promised to do during the election.

Greg from Hespeler said...

My bubble is still intact. I did not say or imply that Danny initiated contact. His willingness to listen instead of burning the flag implies a 180 for him. As far as ABC, thats not what I read. They agreed to disagree is a long way from 'Harper you lying bastard'. As an Ontarian I still resent Danny asking me to provide support even after they have achieved more funds to use on provincial programs than us, and I resent Dalton (the liar) McGuinty for remaining silent, not standing up for Ontario, all for the sake of his brothers re election. The logic of Ontarians having their taxes raised to send money to Newfoundland to help pay for programs, when they already have more (in the theoretical future in dispute) escapes me completely.

Gayle said...

greg - I watched Williams on TV give a statement right after the meeting, and he clearly stated ABC was still on.

He is not going to say no to a meeting with the PM to discuss his demands. There is no more meaning to this meeting than that.

Möbius said...

greg - I watched Williams on TV give a statement right after the meeting, and he clearly stated ABC was still on.

Ah, don't you just love blackmail?

Give me equalization payments in perpetuity, and oil money on top, and he'll be happy.