Friday, November 30, 2007

Ontario Throne Speech was a snooze

As one of my readers pointed out yesterday, the silver lining in the whole circus going on in Ottawa was that it stole the spotlight from McGuinty's Throne Speech. Heh.

Too bad in one way. This was David Onley's debut for the occasion as lieutenant-governor. I have nothing but great respect and admiration for the man.

However, the throne speech is another matter. McGuinty's government could promise the moon, and I think many Ontarians (that didn't vote Liberal) would be highly skeptical.

Some things I would prefer that he didn't enact, such as the province-wide pesticide ban, but on the other hand at least there would be some continuity. Property rights would once again take a hit though. Oh wait, there aren't any property rights in Canada.... Pierre left that one out of his beloved Charter.

Anyway, back to the throne speech. The Post doesn't seem very impressed with the government's plans to fight poverty - McGuinty's phony war. As expected, the Star is gushing with praise.

The Sun thinks McGuinty has missed the important targets, while the Globe calls it 'short on specifics'.

Well, I don't believe throne speeches in general are meant to be anything other than a hint of where the government's priorities are. For the McGuinty Liberals that is obviously to stay in power. No threat there due to the Ontario voters' decision to reward him for all the broken promises with another majority.

All in all, I think Christina Blizzard's column is my favourite review - Ontario Neverland throne speech. At one point she mocks McGuinty's Nanny-state penchant for bans:

In one of those curious, off-the-wall nanny state-type bans, the Libs are poised to ban trans fat from school cafeterias. Kind of reminds you of the attempted ban on sushi and the pitbull prohibition.

Tuck into those fries while you can, kids. The long arm of the broccoli cops will grab them some time soon.

If only Dalton would ban himself.

Perhaps he'll do Ontario a favour and throw his hat into the next LPC leadership race.


educ8m said...

More vague promises on education spending which is currently at $18.5 Billion! This promised $3.1B increase will be phased in over the next 4 years. This will have a compounding effect so that total education spending will be over $26B in four years (election time!).

Considering the total pupil enrollment figures are declining and are at the same point they were 10 years ago, that test scores have flatlined since they took power, that nothing particularly different in teaching methods is happening, and that teacher union contracts are coming up for renwal in 2008, how will this translate into value for money?

Anonymous said...

Buying off the Teacher's union is very expensive for the people of Ontario, but profitable for Liberals, they get to keep their access to the treasury.

Teacher's are instant millionaires upon retirement now, not bad for babysitting.

Anonymous said...

someone should tell the premier that he's currently spending $18.5billion because the CP and Macleans have him at $15.5billion.

What the hecks going on?

Anonymous said...

there's a great article at the Maclean's website that essentially tells us that the teacher shortage in Ontario is over.

Why didn't we find THAT out in the recent campaign.

The article also says what Sandy suspected....and gets a confirmation from the ETFO head who says that the class cap initiative was all about keeping teachers...not helping kids learn.

Welcome to lemmingville for the next 4 years folks.