Monday, February 19, 2007

Show me the money

Joseph C. Ben-Ami seems to be another Doubting Thomas.

He questions David Suzuki's claim that "corporations have not been interested in funding us".

Oops! He also calls him a "Global Warming Charlatan". I'm pretty sure that is considered to be blasphemy in the Church of Kyotology.

* * * *
And more Glo-Bull Warming info from Rachel Marsden - My Own Inconvenient Truth.

I've found a couple more Doubting Thomas' here and here. Their penance will be to take the bus to the hospital for any health emergencies.


Swift said...

I just looked up the Suzuki tour. I didn't know that he was that anxious to avoid me. Despite driving right by my doorstep he does not make a stop within eight hours driving time. Too bad.

Brian in Calgary said...

I didn't think that David Suzuki's credibility with me could sink even lower, but it has.