Sunday, February 25, 2007

CP picks up Bolan Story - THERE WAS NO LEAK, Ralph!

Liberal Catnip breaks the news that Kim Bolan has contacted CP and stated openly that "that there was no leak from anyone and that the story was done on her own initiative." (H/T to Ross at the Gazetteer, who played a major role in uncovering the truth).


"The story was not a plant by anybody," Bolan said. "All this talk of plants by the government or the RCMP is ludicrous.

"Nobody has disputed a single element of the story because it's true," said Bolan, who has covered the Air India case since the tragedy in 1985.

Bolan said it's ridiculous that politicians are reacting as if the information is some kind of security breach. She said anyone who has covered the Air India case in any detail has the information.

L.C. says that, "Whether or not this will satisfy the Liberals remains to be seen and it certainly, in my mind, does not excuse Stephen Harper's part in this affair".

I have to ask, 'excuse him' from what?

In today's Toronto Sun, Sheila Copps states the following:

Most political observers were shaking their heads when Prime Minister Stephen Harper attacked newly minted Liberal Member of Parliament Navdeep Bains.

How did PMSH attack Bains? He simply began reading from the Vancouver Sun, and wasn't even allowed to finish what he was trying to say!

If there was an implication of any kind, it was a question about whether or not Stephane Dion's steadfast refusal to support the extension of the anti-terror laws was in any way influenced by some sort of political debt. But Harper never got to finish his thoughts. You can't condemn a man without evidence. So much for the Liberal values of civil rights.

I now have two remaining questions:

#1. Why isn't this plastered all over MSM?

#2. When will the Honourable Member from Wascana retract his nasty allegations and apologize to the Prime Minister of Canada?

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More at Political Staples - Today's news tomorrow.

CTV Question Period
- Bains 'Baffled'...
Good links to interviews. The one between Jay Hill and Ralph Goodale is especially interesting. Ralph blames the government for not bringing forth changes, but Jay makes the point that the Liberals under Dion flip-flopped at the last minute. Time has now run out. Jay says the changes could be made after the vote to extend the provisions.

But Ralph likes to bluster and obfuscate to protect the leader. Thank you Stephane Dion for putting Canadian security second.

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And for a little chuckle, check out Chucker - "If I were Don Newman on next Friday's Politics". Chucker, you sure do have some strange fantasies...


biff said...

Bolan, reported the truth, and for that she should be commended,

but her commentary about Harper gives away her politcal stripes.


The display in the house was a scandal alright. It was an explicit display of shutting out the truth. It was precisely because Harper was speaking about that which could not be challenged (and to date HAS not been challenged) that he was shouted down.

And the press played along by saying how dare Harper raise facts which no one is disputing.

If this was Harper and there was a christian right voting bloc in such circumstances this would be headline news accross every paper for days on end. Don't believe me? Recall every paltry connection of the sort raised by the press in playing along with the Harper "hidden agenda" meme when Harper first came to power? Recall the headlines when a couple of MP's were found to be (gulp) devout Christians. No connection to policy formation, nothing even slightly sinister as appears here with Dion, but it was big news.

They scrutinized Harper when he first came to lead the conservativs as if he just came out from living in a Christian cult with plans to destroy our centrist way of life. All kinds of rediculous connections were made, and repeatedly.

But how dare he even mention some very scary facts (facts that he didn't uncover and facts which are not mere inferences but true facts) that should be cause for intense future questioning, not a circling of the wagons and shutting down debate.

But our press wants to do just that. Participate in the shout down. "Shut up Harper, don't go there, your not allowed to go there", even though 'THERE' appears to be very real.

Our Canadian press is shameful. A small cabal succeptible to liberal groupthink. Thank goodness the new media is on the rise.

If there's any press reading this (and it appears there may be, judging from some similiarities to Joanne's posting and what's been printed) its time to give your heads a shake. Either report FULLY and in a balance way, or continue to be exposed and ridiculed in the new media.

The free market of news and information is coming, and you better realize the implications.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Well said, Biff. I wouldn't mind if there was a blanket moratorium on reading from newspapers in the House of Commons.

But it has to apply to all parties. You can't cherry-pick rights, according to the Liberal cabal. They should walk the talk.

Torian said...

excellent, biff!

There have been a number of instances lately where the bloggers have uncovered shoddy reporting done by the MSM.

Hopefully by now they will realize they have been put onnotice that the general public are not stupid, nor will we put up with obvious attempts to sway the public with their version of "facts".

It sickens me that there are people out there who are yelling "The bigger story here is about a potention leak!" when the obvious bigger story is the possible motivation as to why Dion is so dead against the anti-terror laws.

I do notice that none of the liberals have denied the contents of the story, or that they had ample warning from the reporter that this story was coming.

Instead we have cover-ups and changing the channels- two well used tools in the Liberal arsenal

wilson61 said...

Once again, the Libs jump on the 'RCMP are out to get us' bandwagon. Right wing conspiracy!! lost because Canadians voted you out.
With each passing day, their decision is proved the right one.

Anonymous said...

Goodale looked like a raving lunatic on QP today. Jay Hill and the NDP guy ended the show by laughing at him.

A Lib Meltdown.

Brian in Calgary said...

The more the Liberals insist there was a leak, the more and more foolish they will look. I think it's petty and childish to take delight in the misfortunes of others, even when the damage is self-inflicted, so if the Liberals are smart, they will put this issue behind them as fast as they can. While I won't exactly bust out crying if they don't, I will regret it for them. Immature ranting by any of our politicians, no matter their political stripe, does the democratic process no good at all.

chris from winnipeg said...

Copied directly from Hansard, Wednesday February 21, 2007

Right Hon. Stephen Harper (Prime Minister, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, obviously the Liberal Party opposes the change we have made, which is to give the police a voice in this process.

I am not surprised, given what I am reading in The Vancouver Sun today, when I read this how the Liberal Party makes decisions: “The Vancouver Sun has learned that the father-in-law of the member of Parliament for Mississauga—Brampton South--”.

Some hon. members: Oh, oh!

The Speaker:
Order, please. We are wasting a lot of time. The right hon. Prime Minister has the floor.

Right Hon. Stephen Harper:
Mr. Speaker, I am simply reading what The Vancouver Sun reported.

Some hon. members: Oh, oh!

The Speaker:
Order, please. We can go straight to the Bloc question if that is the preference. We are wasting time.

Some hon. members: Oh, oh!

The Speaker: The hon. member for Laurier—Sainte-Marie.

Where does he say anything that needs an apology?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Where does he say anything that needs an apology?

Exactly. And nobody has denied anything in the article.

Bains says he and Dion never discussed his father-in-law. Well, fine. Prove there is no debt here and allow a free vote, Stephane! And ask Bains to abstain due to possible conflict of interest.