Monday, February 26, 2007

More Self-Serving Political Machinations

Kudos to the National Post for today's hard-hitting editorial, "Don't let C-257 become law".

As anyone living in Ontario knows, gas shortages from the recent CN strike have seriously jeopardized business and transportation.

The Bloc's private member's bill to outlaw replacement workers would only serve to exacerbate this type of disruption. Our economy could be seriously affected to the point of driving even more manufacturing jobs out of Canada.

The Bloc has tried this trick before and failed nine of the previous times. However now that the Liberals have Sheriff Dion in town, they are placing political manoeuvring above the best interests of the country:

But now that their left wing is in charge of the party, and now that the Conservatives are in power, the Liberals favour the law because they reason it will embarrass the government while also permitting them to steal votes from the NDP.

Not even the Liberals, with all their political machinations, are prepared to back a law that would shut down essential services during a strike. But if they can persuade House Speaker Peter Milliken--himself a Liberal -- to permit amendments that would exempt emergency workers, the Liberals seem prepared to vote for a measure they rightly defeated nine times.

This is just one more illustration of what happens in a minority government situation when all oppostion parties join in an extremely irresponsible left-wing agenda to further their own partisan interests. It happened with the Kyoto bill, it is going to happen with the Anti-terror vote, and it looks as if it will be happening again with the National Economy held hostage.

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More at Dr. Roy.

Tuesday Update: CFIB opposes C-257 (not surprisingly). Check out BC Tory.


Roy Eappen said...

dion has abandoned all semblance of being a centist party. He is now in league with the NDP and Bloq. This is really bad legislation.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Roy, I agree. Dion's losing credibility with the voters in the centre for sure. It's bizarre. If he's trying to embarrass the government, it could come back to bite him in the next election.

Sandy said...

Message received loud and clear. I don't know that anyone can be completely nonpartisan, so it should be interesting. I will just be me, period.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Sandy, just being yourself is the best thing you can do. I'm sorry if some fellow BT's may have left some disparaging comments.

Some people (not you) take blogging far too seriously.

PGP said...

It seems to me that the MSM is playing this very softly. I wonder how CBC or CTV Bell GorbMedia would react to a strike by their employees under these rules.

I've noticed a distinct absence of your usual LIb defending commenters.
Do you think they've grown tired, bored or what?
Maybe some are finding this current abomination of the LPC's creation just too embarrassing!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I've noticed a distinct absence of your usual LIb defending commenters.

A bit puzzling for sure. Red attacks me on his own blog. Zac drops by from time to time. I always enjoy his input even though we usually disagree.

I'm not totally unhappy to just have a bit of peace and quiet.

Tony said...

Every day it is becoming harder to differentiate between the Federal Liberal Party and the NDP. With the election of Dion, the Liberal Party has completely been completely taken over by the socialist wing.

WC aka Joe Calgary said...

This is actually freaking me out more than the anti-terrorist extension.

Dion, being the idiot he is, is playing with fire on this Bloc motion, and Harper should pull the plug if only to prevent this stupid bill from even hitting the floor for a vote.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Joe Calgary, you're not the only one thinking that.

Tony said...

Radio host, Charles Adler had an interesting perspective on Stephane Dion's leadership in his blog. I have added a link to his Feb 25th entry below

Stephane Who?

liberal supporter said...

Charles who?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Tony, thanks. Great column by Adler.

L.S. obviously wasn't impressed.

Brian in Calgary said...

L.S. obviously wasn't impressed.

I hope you weren't expecting him to be.

Anonymous said...

I should hope that Lib Supporter's limpdick self-portrait in Red and White has little to do with his/her nom-de-guerre.

Though one must admit that the self-designated role of supporter of a Liberal-anything has the "sweet smell of success" about it that one would normally associate with an old supporter recently unearthed at the bottom of my locker at the arena.

The guess is that the absence of Lib input around here of late is due to the fact that they've been too pre-occupied with getting their resumes re-worked, trying to expunge any hint of association with the thieving thugs of the Dion Family.

Late (global warming) winter is also a great time for the re-stringing of snowshoes, the removeal of Kyoto-whelp droppings from around the property line, and being fitted out with the latest in designs of Statist-Far-Left aluminium helmets.

luv to all

anon Tango Juliette