Tuesday, February 27, 2007

9-11 Families speak out

Families of Canadians killed in the 9-11 terrorist attacks are adding their voices to those begging Stephane Dion to reconsider his position before today's vote (CNews), (CBC), (CTV)

Stephane's going to have a lot of people to answer to about this.

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Stephen Taylor provides some background: Held without charge? Some context.

Meanwhile, Stephane is already planning his MAJORITY GOVERNMENT!

Also please check out these Star stories (I hope the links work) - Tensions mount as anti-terrorism vote nears, and Liberals review legal options. Liberals are now demanding an apology from Pierre Poilievre!

When the sh*t hits the fan, throw it back even harder, I guess.


PGP said...

Majority Government eh?
Stupid AND delusional! What a great combination that is!
You'll note that this article from Reuters is intended for the world audience. You will note also that it provides precious little substance.

Anonymous said...

I want what Dion is drinking....just so that I can sip it if I ever need some drug after surgery or something.

WC aka Joe Calgary said...

Hell... I want to know what he is drinking so I can party with it this weekend.

I've been baked before, but Stephane, your hitting new highs in your lows dude.

molarmauler said...

Speaking of Dion,
where is that gutless weenie?
I'm watching QP and it's like the Liberals have no leader.

I've heard from Harper, Duceppe, Layton and ... Iggy.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Speaking of Dion,
where is that gutless weenie?

Molar, I saw him on CTV in Toronto trying to curry favour with His Blondess. Dion is going after that majority, and he knows he has to take Toronto.

Anonymous said...

I need some of Dion's juice now....Ryan Smyth has just been traded to the New York Islanders.

It's a dark day all around. Full moon???

Brian in Calgary said...

Dion actually thinks he has a shot at a majority? He'll need a net gain of about 50 seats from the last election. Where does he think they'll come from? I can't see too many (if any) coming from out west (what with Mark Holland shooting his mouth about the oilsands). I can't see him getting too many more from Ontario (with him likely being tarred, however unfairly, with a soft-on-terrorism brush) or Quebec (what with him wanting to let disgraced party members back in). The CPC only has about 10 seats to lose in the Atlantic provinces.

Anonymous said...

Dion, Layton and DuCeppe attended a fund raiser for a know supporter of Terrorism , on Feb 14th CAIR Canada hosted a "Victory"
dinner for the Arar's $$$$millions based on Alleged torture.
Dr.Elmasry and his ilk were there and CAIR boasts the Scholarship set-up in the name of the Arar's and it will be at the same Ottawa-U where the Muslim Teachers claimed Canadian troops abuse POW's in Afghan, plus Ottawa-U also has the same Dr.Marta Young
that attested to Arar's PTSD from his Torture in Syria.

Wake up folks, Justice O'Connor only concluded that the Arar's have never committed any crime in Canada and no evidence exists to link them to Terror Groups.
But Dr.Sheema Khan was at that Fund raiser dinner and she and Elmasry were crusading for "Sharia Law" in Canada , CAIR tried to silence David Frumm and a Canadian radio Station that exposed CAIR's ties to the Saudi funding and Whahabi islam being spread in canada.
Sheema Khan and CAIR stayed mute when a White/Christian was false jailed without charges by the Saudis and did get Tortured for 3 years as Bill Graham asserted himself.
CAIR will quickly change their stance if it's Mosques that start being bombed by foreigner or those US war deserters that want revenge , so lets see if CAIR defend the concept that you are Innocent until proven guilty.




Check out a Toronto Imam wanting Canada to be an Islamic State with Sharia law and execusion for Adulters.