Saturday, February 10, 2007

Kyoto Kops

From Canadian Press - "The legislation forces the government to submit its plan for perusal within 60 days by the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy.

The government would also need to set annual emissions targets, publish an annual climate-change progress report, and establish jail sentences or fines for people and business that break the law."

Meanwhile, the National Post is savaging Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez ("The Folly of Kyoto"):

Mr. Rodriguez's bill is naive in the extreme. It would consign us all to freezing together in the unemployed darkness. And despite all this sacrifice, it wouldn't even do any good against global warming...

The Liberals were in charge of the Kyoto file for over eight years. During that time, our greenhouse gas emissions went from 12% above 1990 levels to more than 30% above. From 1998 onward, the Liberals spent over $6-billion on environmental initiatives. But as former environment commissioner Johanne Gelinas said in her final report last fall, much of that money could not be accounted for, and none of the spending produced any measurable improvement in Canada's emissions. The Liberals -- including then-environment minister Stephane Dion -- could never figure out a way to reduce emissions, or even slow their growth...

Now for crass political gain, the opposition parties seem set to saddle the Tories with Pablo Rodriguez's pie-in-the-sky bill, and perhaps start a recession in the process. When the next election comes, voters should remember who set Canada down this road.

Sorry about the 'cut-and-paste' post today, but I'd sure love to hear your reaction to these two items.


Anonymous said...

Lets stop the insanity! The job of an opposition is to criticize the government but also to demonstrate that they are ready to form a superior government. When the liberals run down a course more extreme than the NDP and so obviously flawed they do a disservice to themselves and the country. I heard that Dione likes Monty Python. Maybe this legeslation is an ode to absurdist humour?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Maybe this legeslation is an ode to absurdist humour?

-or the makings of another Librano boondoggle?

biff said...

When some commented on Dion being a marxist/socialist awhile ago, people scoffed at the notion.

A lot less scoffing now.

biff said...

But hey, so socialism killed 30 million people through ecomomic strangulation in the U.S.S.R alone,

lets give it a shot here,

might be fun!

Anonymous said...

Is KYOTO really the only way to combat climate change? This is so patently ridiculous--it doesn't work people; it will reduce our economy to a 2nd word status--we will be sorry if the accord is implemented.

Swift said...

fdoqPerhaps the Consevatives should just make out a list of proposed cuts that exceed the Kyoto target and throw the ball back at the opposition by saying "You chose which ones to implement."

On the list could be such thngs as increased gas taxes at various levels, and the estimated reductions for each. Also a ban on heating with gas, oil, or propane.
A tax on electricity, this to enable the fossil fuel generating stations to be shut down. For the fishermen its back to the days of sail. For the farmers, start raising horses. Air conditioning will be banned. BBQ's have to use charcoal. Whole industries will be shut down if they use fossil fuels.

And those things that don't make the list this time, get top priority in the next round of cuts.
Can anybody say Conservative landslide?

Carolyn Gardner said...

What a tangled web we weave... when politicians are out to deceive!

Not only is Kyoto bad news for our economy, its bad news for the provinces. Because Kyoto is an international treaty, constitutionally it trumps the provinces jurisdiction over things like natural resources. I hope that the Premiers realize this and start bitching again about this Kyoto nonesense. Because I'm so sure they would love Ottawa telling them how to run their province which will be exactly what Kyoto does.

Tony said...

The Liberals are only using this bill for political purposes. They really do not care as much as they say on the environment, or they would have achieved the Kyoto target years ago.

They are only using this bill as a way of trying to force an early election, as they know that since their leader, Stephane Dion, is just a one issue pony, this is the only issue that they can fight the a federal election against the Conservatives on.

No matter what happens, the Liberals are once again taking the Canadian public as fools. If they did not, they would be telling them the true cost and implications of this accord to their daily lives.

Every time they are asked direct questions about the Kyoto accord, they dodge and weave and avoid giving a direct answer. This means that they either don’t have a plan, or are hiding what their plan is because they fear that the Canadian public will not buy it.

Once the Canadian public realizes the negative effect that implementing the Kyoto accord will have to their way of life, they will turn against it in droves.

Justinian said...

Hmmm, perhaps there is opportunity here? To pay for Kyoto the following government institutions will be eliminated:

1. CBC
2. Canadian Heritage
4. Health Canada
5. VIA Rail
6. Human Resources and Social Development

Anonymous said...

"Because I'm so sure they would love Ottawa telling them how to run their province which will be exactly what Kyoto does."

Actually it wouldn't even be Ottawa, more like the UN would be telling us how to run things.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I wonder if the Liberals will allow Kyoto Krimes to be served as house arrests, or will they finally then get with the program on mandatory minimum sentences...

Swift said...

Not believing the Liberal lies is the most serious crime of all.

Brian in Calgary said...

Justinian, I like your list, though I think we should keep #4 & #6. The rest can go as far as I am concerned.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

#1 should have been turfed a long time ago.