Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Kyoto Bill Lives

Tories fail to kill opposition Kyoto bill (CTV).

What next? If the government fails to act on this bill, which will likely pass with only the government opposing it, will there be a vote of non-confidence? How close are we to an election?

BTW, Buzz Hargrove is warning against the current Kyoto deadlines, especially in light of today's devastating news from Chrysler:

Buzz Hargrove, president of the Canadian Autoworkers Workers, does not expect any government to try to implement Kyoto according to current deadlines.

"It would be devastating for the whole community, anybody that signed on," he said. "It's not even a remote possibility. No prime minister in any one of the parties in the House of Commons is going to bring in any kind of regulation that says we have to do that. It would be suicidal for our economy.

"If somebody were to come out tomorrow and say you have to reach the objective that was laid out initially immediately you'd almost have to shut down every major industry in the country from oil and gas to the airlines to the auto industry and that just doesn't make sense."

Mr. Hargrove advocates a revision of Kyoto deadlines.

Is that an option?

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Update: Bill passes third reading.

Check out Robert Fife's link at the right hand side. He interviews Constitutional Expert Nelson Wiseman who says that it is 'virtually impossible to implement Kyoto.' He says that the government can no more do that than halt a blizzard.

BTW, Robert Fife does not seem to be a big fan of an unelected Senate. I like this guy!

New Update: We are 'very likely' going to be in an election soon.

Friday Update: John Ivison - Milliken refuses to show Tories the money. "...Speaker Peter Milliken, veered dangerously close to overt partisanship by letting the vote go ahead..."


PGP said...

Bring it on NOW!
Time to decide if this country is a socialists paradise or the true north strong and FREE!

Swift said...

Sure it's an option. Set the deadline at the year 2500. We will be out of fossil fuels by then, it will be cooler than it is now. Maybe much cooler, if the interglacial period ends before then, and we plunge back into the ice age. No CO2 level is high enough to stop the return of the ice to much of Canada.

ian said...

Surfing the Lib Blogs and no mention of the Kyoto vote? thats no mention, none, zero, nada zilch!

Red Tory said...

Ian -- They're still voting. Well out here on the left coast.

Ontario Lad said...

I say make it a confidence vote. If the Liberals are up to their own principles before politics, as they usually aren't, then they will vote to bring this Government down over this issue they "care" about so much. If they do, the Liberals are going to have to fight an election they aren't ready for. If they back down, they will be shown to be the hypocrits that they usually are. Either way, the Tories win.

Anonymous said...

If the Liberals bring the government down over this vote, their "bill" will backfire on them. Pablo Rodriguez (sp?) said that they didn't have a plan to implement the bill, that it was the government's job. Well, let's hear what their plan would be to implement this bill because that is what they would have to do during their election campaign.

The auto workers, the oilsands workers, their families, the general public, the industries are all waiting to hear what their plan is that won't involve losing jobs, freezing, not being able to drive to work (if they're lucky enough to have a job)....etc. Let's hear their plan that wouldn't destroy the economy.

anon #83

biff said...

Political Staples is passing on info that Harper has rented the busses,

the election's on.

Dion miscalculated big time.

Forcing an election on an economy destroying motion.

Anonymous said...

economy destroying motion

while we're on this topic, lets try to be a bit fair.

1. Was it not the Liberal party who took us out of "red" and gave us a robust economy once they took power in 1993?

2. Had Harper been the PM in 2003 - can you imagine how many billions we would have lost for a phoney war? (I mean, he did want to go)

3. Who cost companies and individuals Billions of dollars because of the income trust fumble?

Evidence Shows ITS HARPER whose gonna kill the economy...

anon 38

Swift said...

The Liberals, NDP, and the Green Party will trot out estimates of the cost that will be as accurate as the cost estimate of the gun registry.

biff said...

Anon 38,

by "fair" I take it you mean wildly delusional.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Why didn't the Liberals introduce this bill when they were in power???

Brian Lemon said...

Jo - posted this on Staples before I got to your earlier post:

So… Harper, given the burden of the bill tonight, presents a spending bill that calls for $100 Billion to be dedicated to allow the targets to be achieved. He explains how this expenditure will require a $10,000 tax attribution per household. He explains how 200,000 jobs will be lost. And how this bill will cripple Canada’s global productivity. He explains how his own party will vote against their own spending bill, because it is not of their volition but that of the opposition. Then we have a spending bill that will not pass, and he asks the GG to dissolve Parliament based upon this this inability for the government to govern.
I would run on this . . .

Red Tory said...

Joanne -- Why didn't the Conservatives? They complain now that the Liberals did nothing, well when the Cons were in Opposition they had their chance to get things moving, didn't they? Oh, wait... That was back when they thought it was a socialist plot to transfer wealth and when they didn't believe in climate change and when they thought greenhouse gas emissions were essential to life and when they were going to do everything they could to oppose doing anything on the environment. I forgot.

That must have been when they were drafting their alternative "Made in Canada" plan. I guess that's why it was ready to go right out of the gate... Oh, no. It wasn't. They're still re-drafting it now aren't they? One year later. During which time they've done NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING. No, wait... they did kill 15 initiatives from the Liberals' Action Plan that had been implemented. But then they brought them back in watered down form!

Yep, the Conservatives are doing a crackerjack job on this file.

biff said...

Brian, you clever monkey.

That's good.

biff said...

I guess the question still remains, Red, why they didn't do it when they were in power, including when they held a majority? Particularily if this is supposed to be the hallmark of the Liberal party.

Of course that's sort of rhetorical, we all know they didn't do it for the very reason the CPC opposes it now.

"We" as is every knowlageble Canadian.

Which is why this is gonna be a bad one for Dion. A real bad one.

Ontario Lad said...

They complain now that the Liberals did nothing, well when the Cons were in Opposition they had their chance to get things moving, didn't they?

With over a decade of Liberal majority rule? How do you figure?

Anonymous said...

450,000 unemployed for Kyoto according to the Liberals own study.

Mac said...

Does this mean Red and Joanne have put aside their differences for the sake of the country? Bless you both!!

Red, I still believe Kyoto is nothing more than a wealth redistribution scheme, nothing more. Climate change is a fact of life on the Earth. That's why the Earth has had ice ages and tropical ages in the past... and will have them in the future, with or without the assistance of humans.

I don't know what's taking the Conservatives so long to roll out their plan... other than the fact that their first kick at the cat got savaged by the Opposition because it didn't include the wealth redistribution scheme.

At the end of the day, I hope they come up with solid sustainable environmental policies and a plan which keeps Canada's cashflow in the country.

Red Tory said...

Mac -- Ironically, the "wealth distribution scheme" that you guys moan and keen about was included in Canada's Kyoto commitment at the insistence of the Alberta delegation. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

The half a million job loss was from the liberal's own study.

It's in the National Post's editorial today.

That's huge.

The real polluting countries aren't in or are exempt, and Canada will give up half a million jobs?????

Spread this fact around Blogging Tories, kyoto implemenation would be criminal.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Anon, could you please give me the headline on that editorial? The one I'm seeing talks about appointing judges. Thanks.

tori said...

it seems that SW Ontario is the swing area in elections- meaning if they support a party, chances are that party will be elected.

What's in SW ontario again?

Oh. That's right. Ford. Steel in Hamilton, and I'm sure there are other factories that will shut down due to Kyoto.

Oshawa, too- but not in SW.

There's a lot of people who work in the automotive industry that will be hit-dont think they will like kyoto all that much

Bring on the election.

Roy Eappen said...

Its actually from the national Post Feb 10, you can see it from here