Saturday, February 24, 2007

More mud-slinging

Ralph Goodale's return volley at Stephen Harper strikes me as being both desperate and disingenuous.

No doubt he is still smarting from his own self-perceived character defamation regarding the Quebec attack ads. I suspect he and his fellow Liberal caucus members are also using the opportunity to deflect attention from Dion's steadfast refusal to consider the extension of the controversial anti-terror clauses.

"We have seen here the disclosure of secret security information to personally smear a member of Parliament. Canadians need to know who in the government is responsible," Goodale (Wascana) said in question period.

That's a pretty serious allegation. He is not even just suggesting that it was a deliberate government leak; he is stating it.

The Winnipeg Free Press
states that "Goodale said that even if no one in government gave the Sun Saini's name and drew attention to his links with a Liberal MP, the RCMP answers to the government."

Ralphie is trying to cover all his bases here. So he is in effect saying that however the leak occurred, it is the government's fault. They are responsible because everyone answers to the government at the end of the day.

Too bad that as Finance Minister, he didn't apply this line of reasoning to his own department during the Income Trust debacle.


wilson61 said...

On Liblogs the 'conspiracy leak' was shown as false.
h/t liberal catnip
Don't Lib MPs read their own bloggers?

''I wrote the story and there was no leak. It was very apparent from sitting through 19 months of the Air India trial who would be the obvious choices for investigative hearings - all the names came out during the evidence at the trial. After the trial, I wrote my book on Air India, called "Loss of Faith: How the Air India Bombers Got Away With Murder" and reviewed documents related to the one Supreme Court challenge of the investigative hearing provision, launched and lost by Satnam Reyat - the wife of the only man convicted.

I have covered this story since 1985 so there are few mysteries or secrets. I first interviewed Darshan SINgh Saini back in 1988. I have a copy of parts of his police statement that came out during the Air India trial. The reason I wrote the story this week is because I just learned (through Sikh community contacts, not POLICE) that Saini was the father-in-law of Bains. I did not know that until very recently. I called up Saini and Bains and they confirmed it. I thought it was relevant.

So don't always look for a political conspiracy. In this case, there isn't one.

Kim Bolan | 02.23.07 - 2:17 am''

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Wow! Thanks. I'll have to check that out.

Anonymous said...


Wilson's catch is huge!

Seperate post worthy at a minimum.

It not only proves the original concerns about the story,

it also shows the Lib "it was top secret and no one could have known" meme, the Libs are resorting to was made up whole cloth.

They doth protest too much, and lie too much.

It's always the cover up that'll get ya!

Brian in Calgary said...

Ralph Goodale seems to be a very bitter, angry man. I feel sorry for him.

Roy Eappen said...

So the fiberals make false allegations. This just confirms they are fiberals.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Wilson's catch is huge!

Seperate post worthy at a minimum.


Mac said...

Anyone holding their breath for Ralph's apology to the PM? Anyone???

Brian in Calgary said...

Anyone holding their breath for Ralph's apology to the PM? Anyone???

Not me, mac.